Thursday, December 31, 2009

brighton lights

I went to Brighton Yesterday.

So fun! I love Brighton. My cousins live there, so we visit sort of often. Kinda. 

te he

Okay so first we to the Pier, which is actually addictive. We won so much stuff though, which is weird. Inigo must be lucky. He is the king of slot machines and ruler of the Star Trek game. 

Seriously his face just lit up as soon as we got in. 

look he's practically glowing. But who wouldn't in this place?

this is heaven on earth. Lurid lights, a place to lose your already unstable income, and as many chocolate covered waffles as you like. I could live here. Maybe they'd let me sleep in the hello kitty machine, with all the plushies. Possibly maybe.

Spock! I never thought I would find you here of all places. Te he I love that movie. I saw it I think about 4 or 5 times in the Cinema. First day with my parents and then with mes amis after. And then I got it on blue ray... I'm sorry but if you had Chris Pine in high definition would you not watch as much as possible?

her coat was so cool up close. Brighton fashion. Tip Top

And those dogs, hella cute! And they look so much better in the rain then I do

I really need to decide what colour my hair is. It changes daily. It not red, blonde or brown. Meh, thanks mum and dad for mixed up genetics.

The lanes. Are Beautiful.

So many Vintage shops, its beautiful. Truly gorgeous.

the above shop was lovely. It smelt so nice. You know the smell of vintage shops? Like sense sticks and musty clothes all mixed into one. Those dresses in there were so lovely. In pristine condition and each and everyone was lovely.

There was this lovely sequined number in black with tropical coloured sequins dotted all over it in leaf shapes fronds. And then this other shawl made other of black feathers. Much like the Kate Moss feathered jacket.

I fell in love with this outlet that sold Vivienne Westwood. Look at those booties!

Red rubber anklets with golden stud buttons. I'm in love. And I can buy love for only £75. 

OMGosh they are so so so nice. And they have that rubber smell, their perfect. I need them so badly.

I will return my love as soon as I have saved.

big bow and my Cos hot pants. Tonight is going to be a good good night

Me, some Shandy fuel and the Mark Ronson  'Here Comes the Fuzz' album 

that's how we celebrate New Years Archers style

have a good one

xox Eve-Rei


  1. Great boots! Those pictures are so sweet, and Spock is the shit. :)

    Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. They do those boots in blue and black aswell! They're super awesome cuteness!

  3. I'm saving up for them, as of now, and in 2 months I should have £100. So with extra jobs, I should be able to get them in about a month.
    Oo I'm so excited, I so badly want them

    They do look very nice in blue and black, but I need a little bit more red in my wardrobe. And red and gold is da bomb

    Sara Lynn, yet again you have very good taste, Spock is a genius in pointy eared form

  4. I love how you mix everything together it makes everything so interesting :) I love it! :)

  5. te he thanks ML, mum calls me eclectic, but she also says she wishes I wasn't like that. But thankyou, ooo so nice, te he :)

  6. Those boots are pretty!
    I love Spok, but he is too mean to Chris Pine :(
    Maybe you hair is copper blonde? Meh even if it keeps changing colours, I still want to steal it :K
    My hair keeps falling out :S


  7. amazing pics!!!
    thanks so much for the comment dear!!!
    your blog is really good!!!
    lot of kisses,M&E.

  8. haha, I think those genetics turned out really well... your hair is gorgeous:)!

  9. Looks cold, but kind of pretty.

  10. Laura - te he mine keeps falling out too, after I wash my hair, it's like the baths grown a coat! Chris Pine is gorgeous, I love him so much, nearly as much as Jude Law

    Margherita & Eleonora - why thankyou, I love your blog, te he so fun to read.

    Ellen - Thankyou! I love your blog too, it's so sad that I can't read it, but I lurve the pictures

    thanks y'all you make my day

    te he

    xox Eve-Rei

  11. those boots.
    i just died and went to gorgeous heaven.
    ah. shortness of breath.

  12. those boots are heaven in a plastic form
    red + gold + pvc = luurve

  13. I have been looking for those boots for too long! But I have finally found them I <3 asos. I'm getting blue :D

  14. OMGosh you found them! They are actually amazing. Te he when I get the red ones we can be bootie buddies. Ooh actually I think I'm going to travel to Brighton to get them, just so I can have the satisfaction from the transaction. te he