Saturday, December 26, 2009

blue moon

Boxing Day
I'm so fat. I've eaten so much stuff it's not real. 
Ooo I opened up my presents from my yaya (Greek for grandma) today. I got the Stella McCartney skirt I've been pining for. A Howling Wolf dress and a new bag. My bag is cool, but a secret from all you guys. All I'm saying is that it is the new Holy bag
Anyhow today I felt like a space cadet, so I tried to dress appropriately
glasses ♥ asos
 necklaces ♥ vintage and accessorize
dress ♥ topshop
belt ♥ french connection
leggings ♥ primark
shoes ♥ vintage

lonely wolves cry at night 
and space cadets die of fright

xox Eve-Rei


  1. he he he it's a nighty, so it's all see-through at the back!

  2. So pretty!
    I love wolves :D

  3. Te he there's tiny little wolves in the background