Saturday, December 5, 2009

feathered heights

Anna Sui has lifted head-wear to new heights with her Fall 2009 read to wear. Her feather and stone headdresses were practically flying as the the models bobbed along the runway in their  tasseled boots. Her dresses were gorgeous. Blacks splashed in with swirling patterns of saffron and jewel purple. Whilst the whole collection could almost be called sombre, but the flashes of colour, kept the set vibrant and boudoir.

Usually its the colour schemes like Alexander McQueen, that almost make my eyes water. Yet Sui has managed to burn her dresses permanently into my retinas. Which is not a bad thing. These dresses are beautifully constructed, flowing but not freely. The colours clamor for your attention, inviting the eyes to look everywhere, from the perfectly printed tights to the beautiful bows, encrusted with jewels.
Yet it was the Headdresses that lifted the outfits up, up and away. The large feathers gave the models that extra extra height, even though they were wearing flats. 
Do I want those tights. Hells yes!

Usually, I don't like beanie hats, seeing as my head shape really doesn't look right. Yet Sui has created the ultimate beanie hat for me. With massive feathers. Even though the whole scheme of colours in this collection are very autumnal, vibrate and bejeweled but still the hues suited to the colours of leaves. Yet these feathers are almost exotic. Well exotic home county hunting.

Man, if I could go out in one of those, my head would be extremely happy indeed! I might develop the ability to fly. I would fly up up into the sky and play patty cakes with the constellations. Which may require a change of headdress. Sui you have already predicted my needs.

and a dress to boot? Yes please

xox Eve-Rei

twinkle twinkle little star


  1. sasha pivovavrova looks so scary in the close up! don't like the star head piece :/ looks a bit tacky.

  2. aww man I love that head piece. Especially when combined with the dress and the necklace. They're like little star fish, you know, how star fish are all bumpy.
    She's so beautiful though, a little scary, her look kinda reminds me of laura, pale skin, blue eyes, blond hair. Or Dakota Fanning

  3. yeah i do love her, she's a great model! omg dakota fanning is stunnnnnning! and she's our age as well, it's not fair!

  4. I prefer elle fanning, because she is way cuter