Thursday, March 25, 2010



that's mine and Esme's new swear word 

Its diabolical

Doncha think?

Te he 

Yep I'm back

After three weeks of solid anixety and sleep loss

Okay, so me and my drama group worked like 4 weeks or more steadily on this piece. 

30 bloody minutes.

Every lunch time, after schools,weekends and holidays

And then our teacher watches it and says 'Girls its Crap' 


with only two days till the show case.

So we had to redo, retouch and reorder our whole piece in 8 hours. 

I thought I was going to eat my hand

Which is actually my only party trick 

so my one thought was


but it's over and old news.

And I got to freak half of my year by twisting my arm right back at the start and emboding sin in a very grotesque and gymnastic style


Okay so here's something to make me think lovely thoughts again

Those who have been blessed by page 64 of the lastest Vogue, would have seen the ticklish treat of  Tom Binns' Jewellery Collection.

I could carry tea around my neck! Though those tiny little holes and titchy cracks might prove hazardous to my plan! Damn!

How devishly goregous are they

Tiny delights on golden chains

Tiny little instruments of absolute adoration

Poised to ensnare

golden plated biscuit anyone?

Dont mind if I do

Watching that vinaigrette lovely along to Laura Marling's 'I speak because I can' is pure heaven

Her voice is actually haunting.

I'm so annoyed that I missed her perfromance at Banquet Records the other day. Stupid GCSE exams!

I've been in love with her every since I heard her 'My Manic and I' in 2007. 

And then I found out that she used to go shopping in Kingston. 

Which made me extremely happy.

Just like Goldfrapp's fifth and almost finest album 'Head First'

not as good as Black Cherry, but definetlely some serious bedroom dancing funkey junkey here.

Alison Goldfrapp and Debbie Harry?

My life now makes sence! I am complete!

xox Eve-Rei

your comments and love are like little piggys giving me tiny snuffly kisses

Sunday, March 7, 2010

my dino ate my face

te he, I spent the whole day just speaking french and being filmed eating chocolate bunnies. 

My mum bought a ping pong net 

so now I'm a master

at smashing light fitting and chucking pingpong bats at walls. 

And I learnt several things today
One. Phone your Grandma before you visit. She may be naked. And you may be scarred
Two. Epidurals make everything better, and too much air and gas, causes you to be completely off your face
Three. I will never ever drink again. Beause it causes dementia. And then you scar your grandchildren
Four. Giles ss10 rtw has caputered my heart
For ever and ever

dinos for satchels? What a beautiful monstrosity. I could put my lipstick in their tummies! And let my lunch be digested by their little cotton enzymes, te he

Its like my world finally makes sence! 

She's like a pastel pink space cadet. And I love space cadets.

Like Spock, but he's not really a cadet, more like a holy master of all things glorious and is condemded to being badly replicated by Robbie Ray Stewart.

hoopla! hoopla!

Okay usually, I hate 'a little bit of flesh' but here, I feel like tearing up all my clothes just to try and get that silhoette! Its so damn beautiful.

And never before would I say that I would very much like a spider the crawl its way along my neck line, or wander its way through the tuelle.

that's what she said


okay Office Spoilers 

PB + J = Very Very Cute Baby!

Never before did I think I would stay up a whole night just to find out the name of a fictious baby

I love 'The Office' way too much.

Yep I cried at their wedding. Y'all have to watch it!

I so so so badly want this Ashish sequined top. It's like finding nemo mixed mixed in with the beach boys! 

For only like, £405, yeh cause I have that much money! Especially after my parents stopped my allowence. 

meh meh

To all residents fo the British Isles, check out '5 days' on BBC iplayer. Of course not for the faint hearted, but it is such a beatifully exuctued drama, one of Britian's finest

Only 5 epsiodes, and I heartily recomenned all of them. Go on watch em, I garanty that you'll be hooked in 10 minutes.

xox Eve-Rei

your comments are all like little blessed sequined stars falling from up above. te he delightful