Tuesday, June 29, 2010

♥ prom ♥


I have wanted, correction needed to go to prom ever since I was little,

The joy brough with prancing around in a floaty dress or the prospect of feeling like a princess, has always filled me with an unbridalled joy, 

Well that was until I realised that shopping for a dress is impossible and the constant wearing of highheels will lead you to having to popping your own blisters

Very un-princess like

So as soon as the idea of prom went out my mum pressed me to make my own dress, which I thought, with my amatuer skills will be a joke, but decided to take up the challenge.

prom 1

Dress 1

This first design is my Carrie Bradshaw tribute, a white bodied, fitted dress with a large corsage giving an asymetrical shape. I would also make smaller flowers to descend down the boobal area, giving some coverage whilst still showing off the collar bone, which in my eyes is my best feature. Also with an aysmetrical hem, created using a hot wire to make a petal cut edge. Avec Peaches oh fo'shizzle.

Te he of course in pink because its one of my favourite colours, and what prom dress isn't pink? Okay fine a lot. 

prom 2
Dress 2
Second one is inspired by Miu Miu's use of shape and how flesh is revealed and where. Showing but hiding collarbones and building up the clothing up on the shoulders. Stars would be made with white dupion backed with bondaweb to give them rigidity but not make them cardboard stiff. Then braided dupion to give a waist and a shape to the dress, and allow for the fabric upon the hips to flare out. The braids basically counteract the 'pregnant' effect, by resting on the waist synching it in and reducing a bump in the stomach
Te he, the faces on the shows are of course a must 
prom 3
Dress 3
This one was my favourite design, mainly cause I love flowers especially gardenias. Based on Luella's 2009 spring rtw, with floral patterns and sheer fabric. Sheer is great, it covers yet reveals, and placed in the right postition is right on trend, i.e sleeves and waist cut notches with out being slaggy. Basically I adore sheer fabric, its a wonder to sew and falls beautifully.
The body of the dress would have a tulle underskirt to give is shape and then long petals stitched on by hand with tiny white beads and also similar shaped cuts into the actually skirt, hehe
So I was prepared to make my dress, found the fabric, had decided on the design, and then mum turned round to me and said 'no way are you making your dress'. So I was like 'Say wha?' 
Exactly, crazy days, so on the weekend before prom, repeat, three day before she was like we're going to find a dress and you are not going anywhere near that sewing machiene.
So after much dress searching, shop trawling, and rack raking our feet were aching, we were in desperate need of Starbucks and the humidity was playing with our heads. 
And then I had an epiphany
and I don't mean the sweet savoury desert, I mean this
The dress
and I mean THE dress. THE dress you see and suddenly a holy light appears and you hear a chorus of angels singing.
THE perfect dress.
And my mother, my beautiful, sweet, lovely, kind charming mother bought it for me. I adore her so so so so so so much. To the moon and back times a million trillion gazillion.
te he, and here we all are, please excuse the hairy peach eye sore in the middle and cast your gaze to the 8 beauties surrounding me. 
Esme, Laura, Vicki, Baisa, Yuck, Kassy, Gk, Lizzy and Aashna
te he
so, my lovelies, any Prom stories, what you wore and how you wore it? Mishaps or Miracles? Or just want to comment on my general worminess? Tehe
xox Eve-Rei
your comments and love are like a chorus of angels singing Florence and heavenly tracks in my ear, te he spectacular
p.s, may I just say all of the central illustrations are mine, but all other pictures are from Style.com, Fashiongonerogue.com and other sources which are not my own. But that does not mean you can steal my drawings, noway josé, if you want to use em, ask. Its just polite.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Freedom At Last

My face has melted off

literally the heat is unbearable

but the sweet breeze of freedom is here


you do not know how wonderful the feeling is. 7 weeks of exams. OVER

it was like bloody labour. 

he he 

So summer is here finally, and I've resolved to not waste this one on endless lie-ins and pointless daydreaming. It has to be wonderful.

So here's my list of things to do, which I will do, or I'll have to live in a box.

1. Learn to cook.I burn cornflakes, and with the ominous looming of getting my own place, I've got to sort that out. I've saved loads of recipies over the years, so I'm going to try em out this summer. Yum! Which might be hard, as I only have a microwave.

2. Blog more. Because you my gorgeous followers deserve better. So that means more posts, shorter posts, and a hell of a lot more pictures. 

3. Earn more. I'm going to tutor Inigo, take yaya swimming and do a job for pineapple studios, so hopefully I'll be swimming in the green stuff. Well that's the plan. 

So the sales are upon us, and when I see a price reduction, I go wild. And where else to go wild, other than the Oxford street Topshop sale? Jeans £20, accessories  half price and all manner of lingerie for under £8. Yes please! 

Look at the beauties I bought! Nude pink body £7, Baby blue anklets £1 all from the shop of top, and Ladyhawke cat print tee, £15, from urban outfitters. 

Lovely jubley :D

te he 

Okay so I assure you all that I have actually been wearing clothing over the past few weeks. And to make up for lack of evidence, I'm giving ya a double wammie. 

emerald print bolero  vintage, £10

elephant broch  vintage
rabbit dress  yesstyle.com
 llama necklace  accessorize
various bracelets  various sibilings
ollie clogs topshop, £65

okay do you know how much a love my mama
to the moon and back 
for everything 
and for giving me Peaches

yes I named my £160 Kurt Geiger clogs, Peaches, te he, my other wooden babes are called Priscilla.

fuchsia print vest  zara
    khaki body con skirt  topshop - £25
 llama necklace  accessorize
bracelets  as above
Kurt Geiger clogs Bentals, £160, to £60

well I will return to my LOST marathon/sleepover/takeaway pig out avec ma mere
I have another post lined up for y'all at the end of this week end, oo get me, already ticking off number 2. 
te he 
have a wonderful weekend my lovelies 

xox Eve-Rei
your comments and love are like a lovely summer breeze in this sweltering heat. Welcomed and utterly loved.