Tuesday, June 29, 2010

♥ prom ♥


I have wanted, correction needed to go to prom ever since I was little,

The joy brough with prancing around in a floaty dress or the prospect of feeling like a princess, has always filled me with an unbridalled joy, 

Well that was until I realised that shopping for a dress is impossible and the constant wearing of highheels will lead you to having to popping your own blisters

Very un-princess like

So as soon as the idea of prom went out my mum pressed me to make my own dress, which I thought, with my amatuer skills will be a joke, but decided to take up the challenge.

prom 1

Dress 1

This first design is my Carrie Bradshaw tribute, a white bodied, fitted dress with a large corsage giving an asymetrical shape. I would also make smaller flowers to descend down the boobal area, giving some coverage whilst still showing off the collar bone, which in my eyes is my best feature. Also with an aysmetrical hem, created using a hot wire to make a petal cut edge. Avec Peaches oh fo'shizzle.

Te he of course in pink because its one of my favourite colours, and what prom dress isn't pink? Okay fine a lot. 

prom 2
Dress 2
Second one is inspired by Miu Miu's use of shape and how flesh is revealed and where. Showing but hiding collarbones and building up the clothing up on the shoulders. Stars would be made with white dupion backed with bondaweb to give them rigidity but not make them cardboard stiff. Then braided dupion to give a waist and a shape to the dress, and allow for the fabric upon the hips to flare out. The braids basically counteract the 'pregnant' effect, by resting on the waist synching it in and reducing a bump in the stomach
Te he, the faces on the shows are of course a must 
prom 3
Dress 3
This one was my favourite design, mainly cause I love flowers especially gardenias. Based on Luella's 2009 spring rtw, with floral patterns and sheer fabric. Sheer is great, it covers yet reveals, and placed in the right postition is right on trend, i.e sleeves and waist cut notches with out being slaggy. Basically I adore sheer fabric, its a wonder to sew and falls beautifully.
The body of the dress would have a tulle underskirt to give is shape and then long petals stitched on by hand with tiny white beads and also similar shaped cuts into the actually skirt, hehe
So I was prepared to make my dress, found the fabric, had decided on the design, and then mum turned round to me and said 'no way are you making your dress'. So I was like 'Say wha?' 
Exactly, crazy days, so on the weekend before prom, repeat, three day before she was like we're going to find a dress and you are not going anywhere near that sewing machiene.
So after much dress searching, shop trawling, and rack raking our feet were aching, we were in desperate need of Starbucks and the humidity was playing with our heads. 
And then I had an epiphany
and I don't mean the sweet savoury desert, I mean this
The dress
and I mean THE dress. THE dress you see and suddenly a holy light appears and you hear a chorus of angels singing.
THE perfect dress.
And my mother, my beautiful, sweet, lovely, kind charming mother bought it for me. I adore her so so so so so so much. To the moon and back times a million trillion gazillion.
te he, and here we all are, please excuse the hairy peach eye sore in the middle and cast your gaze to the 8 beauties surrounding me. 
Esme, Laura, Vicki, Baisa, Yuck, Kassy, Gk, Lizzy and Aashna
te he
so, my lovelies, any Prom stories, what you wore and how you wore it? Mishaps or Miracles? Or just want to comment on my general worminess? Tehe
xox Eve-Rei
your comments and love are like a chorus of angels singing Florence and heavenly tracks in my ear, te he spectacular
p.s, may I just say all of the central illustrations are mine, but all other pictures are from Style.com, Fashiongonerogue.com and other sources which are not my own. But that does not mean you can steal my drawings, noway josé, if you want to use em, ask. Its just polite.


  1. omg i just wrote a massive long comment and it didn't upload ¬¬
    so summary:
    first dress i love so much, dres 3 is also amazing, you should have gone for it!
    love this post in general, love all the collages etc.
    you know tahti has tumblr now, she uploaded a poem and someone stole it for their english hwk! go to her formspring, so rude!

  2. omg those drawings are blooming amazing!! i wish i could draw as good as you. i really really love the dress, it's so nice and it suits you a lot :) you all looked amazing :)

  3. Omgosh Vicki that happens to me all the time, so annoying! I'm thinking of making them this summer, so I can wear one for prize giving :) And collages are so fun to make, I might do more.
    Omgosh I just read it, the git! Seriously being dyslexic does not mean you can just steal other peoples work, being dyslexia does stop one from trying and achieving and is giving dyslexia an unfair and bad name. Oops sorry I'm ranting.

    Aww thankyou Mary, but really they're just scribblings. And thankyou for your comment, you're really sweet :)


  4. You're soo talented - those dress designs are absolutely stunning (great inspiration too ;)
    Hope you had a fab night!

    I bought a prom dress 6months in advance but changed my mind a week before prom, cuz it didn't seem quite right... I was losing hope, then suddenly I came across the most glorious champagne sequin dress in the window of a vintage thrift store, and in that instant, I fell in love :')
    Ahh the power of the prom dress, tehe.

  5. you all looked very pretty (: "boobal area" love you haha. it wasnt very prommy but it was a good night! great designs, so talented.

  6. Spence you're too kind, and thankyou it was an amazing night.
    Wow that dress really sounds like a dream, sequins, champagne, oo delightful! I'm glad you got your perfect dress in the end! Tehe you're right the power of the prom is an amazing force!

    Te he Habin, I could have gone with chesticals, but boobal suited more. It was very fun, I would have liked it if the air con was on, so when ever a song finished everyone didn't have to rush out to cool down, but it really was more than I expected and a lovely night.


  7. You are amazing at drawing. wow!
    I love your prom dress and by Pie, do you mean the shop?
    You got the KG clogs! i am so jealous..
    You all look lovely. Hope you had an amazing time :)

  8. Thankyou Phoebe, and yes Pie the shop, its lovely in there, yet so expensive, I always have to buy from the sale, but the clothing is always such high quality. Te he Peaches is very enviable, I also find myself being jealous of her peachy complexion.


  9. oh your hair looks lovely, and so does the dress! You're making me definitely excited for my prom next year! it's a shame you didn't make those dresses though- the designs are yummy :)

  10. Thankyou Joey :) hehe I seriously suggest finding a dress like now, it will save a lot of pain and heartbreak, it's actually impossible to find just a 'prom' dress'! I'm going to make them this summer to satisfy my needs, so hopefully sometime this summer we'll see em come to life :)


  11. 'boobal area' - ily evie. Teehee, the desgins/ mood board things are great - after all that effort, you didn't get to make one :( How about Yr13 prom?

  12. what's funny is that your mum told ME she didn't want you making a dress 'cuz you'd make a mess and all XD

    I need you to send me my photo because my mum wants it btw ¬¬

  13. You're fully talented and I am jealous (:

  14. Te he I just love saying that word, 'boobal' haha Tilly made it up. I'm going to make them over this summer as soon as I fix my sewing machine, I'm glad I got my dress because mum just told me that its broken, something about me jamming the string and bobbin, sesh. I found this gorgeous fabric in Libertys that looks like some rust sneezed on fabric, lol its a lot nicer than my description.

    Well Esme, that is true though I try to hide the slob that I truly am from the blogosphere, I'm sure that if I showed the true mess that is my room, you'd all run a mile.
    Te he, I'll send em soon

    Mi thankyou very much, but girl, looking at your blog, seriously you're the talented one, I love your designs, and the dress you've made are gorgeous!


  15. eveeee i must say, each blog never lets me down :3 and I love reading them as your mind is buzzing with very bizzare thoughts
    BUT I am extremely disappointed. you spelt my name wrong =.= lol jk, I'm sure it was just a typo :P
    i loved (and still do) you're prom dress, but it would have been awesome if you made one! there you go, challenge for U6 prom, you have 2 years after all! :D

  16. Omgosh sorry! I've just noticed that, lol my spellings bad, but not that bad, I'll change it now, hehe.
    Lol I'm glad you like my mind :D Tehe aww I will try my very bestest to carry on supplying you with eclectic evie thoughts
    I'll make two for U6, and wear em both at the same time! That could be interesting :D


  17. You look stunning my dear, you did infact get the perfect dress. :D

  18. Wow, you are really talented!
    Love the clogs, very jealous,
    You look great!

    Ella xo

  19. you are the most beautiful, sweetest, talented girl, eve-rei! i have to admit that i am rather jealous of you! your collages are simply wonderful. and your illustrations? amazing!

    you look so pretty in your prom dress. your hair is gorgeous, you look like a mermaid, hehe. so, you see prom, was it just for your year or was it for the sixth formers as well?

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  20. Wow, so so talented..
    Really like this blog :) Check mine out...

  21. you have such an amazing blog, and your dress was so gorgeous that i couldn't stop staring at it! it has such a beautiful cream colour. congratz on finally graduating. i've got a few more years ahead of me :P


  22. May I know which software you use for the illustrations?

  23. You look so beautiful and that dress compliments you so well! I could never pull it off! I absolutely LOVE the peachy tones.

  24. great blog ;0

    come to upworld soon :)
    and u can follow if you like.love


  25. I love the dress so much!
    I too stare longingly through the shop window of Pie :)


  26. Eve you are actually amazing! And you do not have amateur skills, all of these designs are amazing, I love the first one best and I also love what you wore to prom!

  27. Sara Lynn you're too kind :) Though I did have to get it dry cleaned afterwards, sitting on concrete steps leaves marks as I found out afterwards.

    Tehe, Ella Jasmine, aren't they amazing, I feel great in them, they're my ultimate uplifting shoes, in more wards than one hehe. And y'all are making me blush like crazy with all these lovely comments!

    Jazzabelle, you're making my head swell! You really are so kind, but really you have nothing to be jealous of, you girl are the talented one, and make me look like vinegar in comparison to your kindness!
    Oo a mermaid! Oo I love mermaids, so thankyou! I always wanted to be Ariel when I was younger, she was my favourite disney princess.
    It was just for my year, but had others from other schools, mainly our brother school Tiffin Boys, though we did have one couple that wasn't from either, so I guess it was just for everyone with a ticket :D


  28. I wore a black maxi from french connection with a slit back and tiny metal beads around the slits and neckline. I wore it with knotted gold clip-ons, smoky eyes, red lipstick and black and gold sandals that my dad got me.

    I love your dress and your hair looks really nice! It would have been SO COOL if you went in one of your own dresses!!!

  29. Te he, thankyou youdidwhaaat, you're very kind <3

    And you too, Fashionate Girl, gosh I felt like a million dollars in that dress, which has never happened before. I hope when you graduate too, you'll get that feeling too dear.

    bleuchemise, first they were hand drawn, then scanned in and the lines edited using iPhoto to gain clarity and remove smudges. I then uploaded them into Adobe Photoshop CS2, where I redrew the lines and coloured using my Wacom tablet.

    Oh Ella you're such a lovely person, thankyou very much, going to prom wearing that dress was a wonderful experience, but getting all these gorgeous comments made it even more amazing.


  30. Kyla you have such a wonderful blog, lovely photo shoots! I am so definitely a'following!

    Pie is just amazing isn't it Natya? Gosh sometimes I just get a Starbucks so I can pass by its store front. The women in there are so lovely, when I was trying on the dress the lady was just so kind, and she gave me a discount too, hehe!

    Oh Lucy I do have amateur skills, but thankyou, te he I might make it this summer, I have lots of time on my hands, so I might filled them with making all three.

    Ooo Killersfreak, that sounds exquisite! You should post a picture on your blog, I would love to see it. I wish I suited smokey eyes and red lips, but I'm just too pale, though I've tried the safari smokey eye and that seems to work :D