Friday, June 18, 2010

Freedom At Last

My face has melted off

literally the heat is unbearable

but the sweet breeze of freedom is here


you do not know how wonderful the feeling is. 7 weeks of exams. OVER

it was like bloody labour. 

he he 

So summer is here finally, and I've resolved to not waste this one on endless lie-ins and pointless daydreaming. It has to be wonderful.

So here's my list of things to do, which I will do, or I'll have to live in a box.

1. Learn to cook.I burn cornflakes, and with the ominous looming of getting my own place, I've got to sort that out. I've saved loads of recipies over the years, so I'm going to try em out this summer. Yum! Which might be hard, as I only have a microwave.

2. Blog more. Because you my gorgeous followers deserve better. So that means more posts, shorter posts, and a hell of a lot more pictures. 

3. Earn more. I'm going to tutor Inigo, take yaya swimming and do a job for pineapple studios, so hopefully I'll be swimming in the green stuff. Well that's the plan. 

So the sales are upon us, and when I see a price reduction, I go wild. And where else to go wild, other than the Oxford street Topshop sale? Jeans £20, accessories  half price and all manner of lingerie for under £8. Yes please! 

Look at the beauties I bought! Nude pink body £7, Baby blue anklets £1 all from the shop of top, and Ladyhawke cat print tee, £15, from urban outfitters. 

Lovely jubley :D

te he 

Okay so I assure you all that I have actually been wearing clothing over the past few weeks. And to make up for lack of evidence, I'm giving ya a double wammie. 

emerald print bolero  vintage, £10

elephant broch  vintage
rabbit dress
 llama necklace  accessorize
various bracelets  various sibilings
ollie clogs topshop, £65

okay do you know how much a love my mama
to the moon and back 
for everything 
and for giving me Peaches

yes I named my £160 Kurt Geiger clogs, Peaches, te he, my other wooden babes are called Priscilla.

fuchsia print vest  zara
    khaki body con skirt  topshop - £25
 llama necklace  accessorize
bracelets  as above
Kurt Geiger clogs Bentals, £160, to £60

well I will return to my LOST marathon/sleepover/takeaway pig out avec ma mere
I have another post lined up for y'all at the end of this week end, oo get me, already ticking off number 2. 
te he 
have a wonderful weekend my lovelies 

xox Eve-Rei
your comments and love are like a lovely summer breeze in this sweltering heat. Welcomed and utterly loved. 


  1. teehee, like priscilla queen of the desert :) Dress post , please :))))

  2. i love both outfits, gorgeous.
    and i love your new blog header, tehe, so cute :D

  3. Very glad, for you, that you are now free :) It must be great! Enjoy your long summber whilst I suffer with 5 weeks... Sniff...
    Great sale buys! I need to get up to London for sales. Stupid school obstructs me :(
    Love your two outits! Looove your clogs (ofc) and the way you've done your hair.
    UO x

  4. Wow I absolutely adore your first outfit ! Very cute :-)

  5. glad the blog is no longer dormant!
    ladyhawke tee is fantastic and Peaches isn't too bad looking either! haha

  6. You're pictures are amazing as usual. And I LOVE your hair. I look forward to more posts, (but please, not too much shorter.) and good luck on the cooking!! Summer jobs are nice. Mine's rather gross, but it works.

  7. both outfits are just so so cute!! :D
    enjoy your vacation!

    Animated Confessions

  8. Aashna I'm doing a dress post tomorrow, I've got it all written out but mama says I should show my dress until the last minute possible, lol. Te he exactly like Priscilla queen of the desert :D

    THL my mum doesn't like it ;( I made it and was tres proud of my little rabbit, and her pitch perfect 'te he' and she went I preferred the other! meh, but thankyou :)

    yay I'm free! Tilly has the exact same thing, I get to wave her off to school now still in my p.jayjays. You have to go to the urban outfitters or topshop ones soon! the stock going and it's really cheap prices! Te he my clogs are aaamazing :D


  9. Thankyou pixie <3

    Te he I'm glad to Barbara! Peaches is looking fineee! But Ladyhawke keeps causing me to flash! Its so low, but I continue to love her.

    Thanks Mermaid :) I'll try not the keep them too short, but if I like take some of the content and then put it in a another post it means more posts yay! but I tend to ramble so it'll probably never happen. Eww I hope its not too bad, I've hopefully got a job stacking beer as well!

    I hope you have a lovely vacation too libys11 and thankyou for your comment :)


  10. Your clogs are adorable! I name my prized posessions too - my new shoes are called Georgia and my new bag is called Ava, tehe.
    Great photos btw - looking forward to more posts!

  11. Naming my most precious clothing is a must, it gives them a personality! Oo My great grandma was called Ava, or maybe it was Eva, I don't know, but I do remember that in every photo she had some massive chunky bling around her neck :D
    Te he and thankyou, one is already lined up for tomorrow!


  12. i'm so excited that you will be updating more regularly, eve-rei! you deserve an internet high five too! hehe :)

    ahh the weather has been lovely, i'm not a summer dresser but yesterday i thought i had the most perfect outfit; a wonderful tie dye maxi dress i picked up in my local charity shop for £3! luckily, i don't sunburn, just tan, though to be honest sometimes i wish i was paler, certain outfits just suit paler people better! ahh, i hope you sunburn goes down before prom. when is it? i didn't go to mine.

    i'm so glad you like my artwork, as i said the colours are slightly different due to my editing but it totally adds to the effect. i think i'm going to pass, well let's wait till wednesday!

    hey, you're going tiffin sixth form, right?maybe we might cross paths on my way to college. that would be rather funny, hehe.

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  13. you are so good at working colors and prints! thanks for sharing your outfits. :) and best of luck with your jobs! they sound like a lot of fun. :) i like your summer goals! sounds similar to me, except i have to do college researching in america. :)

    anyway, lovely blog!
    erin :)

  14. Te he thankyou Jazzabelle, I'll post my reply on yours to make it easier for ya :)

    Aww you're too kind Erin, though I'm not really a print person, I'll go for floral, but there are so many out there I choose to avoid them, but I saw the fuchsia vest in zara kids and just had to get it, the print detail is gorgeous, and a really beautiful design detail.
    Ooo college research? in america? sounds exciting! I once applied for a new york theatre school but sadly nothing came of it.
    Te he so I hope you are able to complete all of your summer goals :)


  15. Oooo nice buys! And im so jealous of the clogs you're wearing! I try to look for nice ones, but all i ever find are those big bulky clogs :/
    oh well, ill keepy trying! haha

  16. well i hope you have a wonderful time at prom, make sure you do an outfit post! ahh thank-you :) i hope i do! i mean, i think i will pass so know it's whether i will get a pass, merit or distinction. i actually go to the richmond road site, so maybe that's opposite to where you live? it's about a two minute walk from kingston station and is opposite sainsburys. but as you know i can often be found in the bentalls starbucks or nosing around the vintage shop, hehe :)

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  17. Ooo Tariro if you check out Topshop's ollie clogs, they have some different colours, and are like mine, Topshop do some other nice wooden heels, or you could try for Kurt Geiger, as they're currently in they're sale and most of them have at least £100 off of original price, hope that helps!


  18. I LOVE the Clogs and both of your outfits are fantastic! Can't wait for more posts :D

  19. oh my, i hope you didn't see me today, i looked like a right mess! my hair was beyond frizzy, my makeup had melted off and i was carrying all of my old artwork home! thai restaurant, i can't think whereabout one is in kingston. maybe it wasn't me? just check out my lastest post so you can confirm whether the outfits where the same! hehe :) the high street starbucks just seems too busy, plus i prefer the atomsphere in the bentalls one, it's more dim and gloomy. yes! pie is ridiculously expensive, though i to always admire the clothes in the window display. i'm looking forward to your outfit post! and goodness, i really need to catch up, i can't actually walk in heels unless i'm drunk. i so need to practice! :) xxx

  20. well, i refuse to believe it was me! hehe, i can't even think what thai resturant you're on about. next time just shout or throw something at me to get my attention! :) xxx