Tuesday, May 18, 2010

long hair + tiny teeth = a world of pain

Typing this is extremely painful
like agonizing

my fingers hurts so so much

thanks to 40 pairs of tiny claws and 32 gummy little teeth

and the worst part is

I think my heart has melted all over my revision notes

Meme and Luella

our 8 week and 2 two day old kittens

bathe in the ridiculousness of their beauty

te he

Meme the tortie is too fast for my camera to catch her, and she has a weird obbsession with breakdancing on paper, and likes to eat flies, 

Luella the ginger ninja is a lot more docile than her sister, and has the bluest eyes ever, but I just call her crusty bake carpet cat due to the state of her rear end.
We've only had them for a week and a bit, but already they've taken over my heart

I'm sorry Vicki, Basia and Matt Smith things might be getting a little crowded in there now

I think they might be sleeping, the only way to really calm them down is to watch the Office or Lost

something about Michael Scott's voice or Sawyers hair, just mesmerizes them

As cute as they are they aren't what has been keeping me from blogging.

Because evil has a name

McShizzle Dizzle

As of this point I've had 8 of the drasted things. And I think I'm going crazy, 6 science exams and 3 english essays  will do that to a person. Especially as all Chemistry related exam people out there decided, 'oh no lets not give them a normal chemistry papers, not only will we make the hardest paper hard, we'll turn it into a feckin' history exam, mwhaha.' 
So my plans of possibly doing chemistry next year have gone down the drain, and because at Tiffin, you have to  have an A or A* to do a subject, I'm preparing to be a hobo by August.
but I finished my art exam. 10 hours of being holed up in a corner with only a sewing machiene and a sheeps head to talk to

here are the fruits of my labors
I think after making a horses rib cage, then painting a drowning mermaid and then printing hallucinogenic mushrooms, my art teacher thinks I'm a little weird.
My mum keeps on stepping around me like I have a forcefield of egg shells, I think she's surprised that I haven't had a total melt down from the stress of exams, which is nice, but slightly strange, because it makes me think why am I so calm. 
maybe because I'm constantly internally screaming several different profanities to the tune of 'The Final Countdown'
te he, but its good for me, seeing as now my mama and me are spending quite a lot of time together, she might be getting a little sick of me wearing the same jumper every day (it's Stella McCartney, of course I'm going to wear it everywhere!) but it has spurred her onto buy me some lovely clothing. 
'kay first up, is pre-mentioned McCartney jumper. Which okay is a boys jumper and okay is size 11-12, but fits like a charm, and has a gorgeous palette of colours. Sadly though her second collection for gap kids, isn't as good as the first. The first actually suited kids, and was what a rich kid would wear. Where as this, isn't designed for kids in mind, but mums with kids in mind. But on the other hand is perfect for flatchested boy fit 16 year olds! yay my lack of hips.
second is this lurvely blue summer dress. I found that the colour light blue suits me, anything electric washes me out, but babies and forget-me-nots hues actually suit my deathly pale. yay my anemia! Which actually I think might be worse due to my now meatless diet. I saw this disgusting picture, which totally put me off, and then I read this article on IHOP's chicken coop conditions. YUCK
moving on from the very bane of evil that resides within our fast food chains, mama bought me this really lovely white flower print bag, from Oxfam, it was £1.50 and perfect. It fits my purse and phone in just, but I'm not complaining. 
So this will probably be my last post until friday the 25th, which is the golden day where I get to spend 2.5 hours doing stats and then leave school High School Musical style, and never return!
Jokes I will, but not until September, hallelujah!
xox Eve-Rei
your comments and love are like tiny whiskered kisses, whispering the answers to my gcses in my ears. a God send.
p.s  Prom's a'coming, I can't find a dress and the sewing machine is practically glowing, sounds like a recipe to fuel my ackey breaky sewing needs!


  1. Your kittens are adorable! I love the bag so much. it's classy.


  2. ahh, what cute kittens you have! and what sweet names also.

    good luck with your gcses, lovely. ohh, you go to tiffin? my friend used to go there, it seems like a good school, though it also sounds rather strict. i go to kingston art college around the corner, tomorrow i'll be starting to put up my artwork for my second year exhibition. your art piece looks amazing, i'd love to know the inspiration behind it :)

    i've got the floral primark dress, it's so pretty, though i've only worn it once since i bought it a couple of months ago, i just don't know what to team it with!

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  3. Aww thankyou Jazzabelle. It's pretty strict, but really competitive. It gets a bit scary at times. Oh My Gosh, I practically live next to the College, I go past it everyday on my way to school, small world! Maybe I might see you around some day, oo when are you having your exhibition? I'd love to see it :)
    Primark is actually brilliant for dresses, though I always have the same problem, which has inevitably lead to me buying way to many necklaces.


  4. meh eve i am too so in love with your georgous kittens. i hope you're hands are still in one piece, and your hair is ok, and that you're not bald yet :/

    but i certainly hope there is still a tiny bit of space in there for me ;) (and vicki ofc)

    and dont worry about GCSE's we'll all do fine, and you WILL be doing chemistry with me next year :P or so help me.

    and thanks for the blog :) something else to read as an excuse for not doing revision!
    it also feels like we havent seen each other is aaaaages. hey ho I will see you on tuesday!

  5. Your kittens are beautiful (:
    I like the way they think, Sawyer's hair mesmerizes me too,
    Love your blog,
    Good luck in your exams!

  6. mm, those names are perfect! I love their little faces, they are as cute as a button, and your art exam looks incredible :)xx

  7. You are soo talented, I wish I could sew like that I barely managed to make some sort of pants after like 12 hours so Anyways your kittens are adorable & I agree with the sawyer thing Lost had all the hotties to bad the seasons over ... tear. :)

  8. your kittens <3 <3 you can't squeeze me and basia of your little love fest!
    can't wait for prom, it'll be so memorable even if it is bad which i hope isn't.
    love your art piece as you know <3
    and omg that bag <3 <3 <3
    basically, this post is full of vicki love

  9. Te he I'm glad I could be of distraction to you Basia. I am probably be bald by the end of this week, they've worked out that if they jump high enough they can catch the bottom of my hair and then yank.
    Of course there's space for you guys! I have some what of a small heart but there's plenty of room, I could get an extension so y'all could have more space :D

    Ella Jasmine your taste in men is supreme! And thankyou, fingers crossed I will!

    And thankyou Joey too, they are just so adorable! But very smelly, like smellier than all my previous cats put together! Gosh I've had 7 cats now, weird!

  10. OMGosh I cried so much in the Lost finale too Lizzy! My mum thought I was going mad, sitting there at 5 in the morning weeping, but Sawyer is so damn hot! And thanks that very sweet of you to say :)

    Te he Vicki I'm sure you guys wouldn't mind squeezing up against my kitty kats, you guys can have a ventrical each!
    PROM Oh My Gosh I am so so so excited, I might do a whole blog post on just prom. Though I think the dress I have in mind is a little too Madonna.
    Yay I love Vicki love te he <3

  11. Wow your kittens are adorable! Luella, hehe, after the designer? Also, I was just curious as to what sewing machine you use? I'm buying one soon and I was wondering what you recommended :)

  12. the kittens are so cute!!! i actually love the colour of luellas eyes. they're so pretty. i really want a pet but my mum and sister hates animals :/ good luck with exams!

  13. Aren't they just? Te he, yes after the designer, I was going to call her Stella, after Stella McCartney, but my mum went to school with her and didn't like her sadly.
    I use a brother machine, but I don't think they make my model any more, and they are also hideously expensive. If you are going to splash out, I would recommend a Brother model, they are very good, but if your looking for something cheap and with a single forward and reverse stitch, John Lewis have a lovely pastel coloured range for £40, but they don't last long.

    Aww thanks Mary, her eyes are actually mesmerizing, its scary. You should totally get a kitten, they aren't any hassle and melt everyones hearts!


  14. oh my gosh, your kittens are just beyond cuteness omnomnomnomnom <3

  15. omg theyre so beautiful, love luella- a ginger kitten with sapphire eyes, never seen or could invisage something cuter! bagg is adorable, wheres the dress from? got a prom dress yet? or will you be putting your talents to the job (:

  16. Te he Anjelica I think you have basically summed up my feelings towards them: omnomnomnom! seriously every time I see them, I start babbling in some weird language, and then start meowing, lol sometimes I have to stop myself from doing it, the need is just to great!

    Dress is from Primark, cheapest of cheap. I'm thinking of possibly making it, but I have so little time I'd rather buy one, or else it'll come out well crappy. I have my eye on this structured lace number from asos, but I might go vintage.


  17. hehe, really? a few other bloggers i follow also go to tiffin. maybe i have actually seen you without even realizing! how weird :) you're staying on at their sixth form, right? i should hopefully be staying on for a third year so i can study a foundation in art and design :)

    the exhibition starts next wednesday, i'll probably post details on my blog next week.

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  18. te he I probably know most of them, and I'm sure a few are in my class, like Vicki and Habin, there seems to have been a bit a of a blogging craze at our school.
    He he, probably, I know a few other bloggers have seen me trotting around looking like some crazy hobo lady in clogs :D
    Hopefully if I get in, touch wood, the pass grades are really high I have to get like 4 A-A* and the rest above C, which is way to much stress!
    Are you thinking of going to Kingston Uni? I hope to do art foundation there if I get in, hopefully.

    Oo sounds cool, I'm going to go see it with my mum possibly on friday, and also go to the Uni to check out their stuff too, might see you around :)


  19. Great photos - especially the first one. That cats eye is immensely blue!
    I'm anaemic too - I stopped eating
    meat on and off since I was 13 after seeing a video of a cow getting slaughtered. It's horrific!

    That Oxfam bag is amazing! Such a bargain :) Good luck with your final gcse exams!


  20. Awesome post - your kittens are absolutely adorable, your art is fantastic and the jumper, dress and bag are all gorgeous!

  21. Hehe thankyou Spence, they're turning more hazel now sadly, I think it might be the baby blue fading, so now she's almost ginger all over!
    Urg I just can't look at chicken now with out feeling disgusted, though I think my mum might be sneaking bits of meat into my food now XD Trying to force feed me iron tablets lol.
    Fingers crossed for good grades, so hopefully I can go wild in my local antiques market.

    My heart melts every time I look at them Paige, but they've learnt how to climb up my legs, clothed to not, to catch my hair. Te he I taught meme how to hold onto it whilst I pick her up, its quite useful :D


  22. Oh my I love that antiques market! I wish I could just go in there with this trolley and gather it all up :) But most of the time I just go in there to try all the hats on and giggle (sadly on my own as my friends consider antique shops a place full of 'dead people's stuff'...I think the unique history of each object adds to it's charm ;) ) Ahh, I stopped eating meat when I was about 9 or 10 as well. I made a deal with my mum that I would eat one slice of salami on bread, once a year (I never did hehe). It's okay because I don't like meat, but I do tend to get a craving for marshmallows!
    Thank-you for the advice on the sewing machines, It's been really helpful.

  23. Hey, I remembered that a while ago you were craving those red vivienne westwood booties... well I just saw on the VW' website that they're 30% if you're still interested? :)



  24. OhMyGosh thankyou Spence! That's actually amazing, thankyou! Hopefully I'll be able to purchase them after a few weeks of teaching my yaya to swim! Cutie Booties here I come!


  25. Beautiful kittens, need to see them!
    Wow, your exam piece is divine and I am sure you will do well in your chemistry exam!
    lucky girl with all those gorgeous clothes bought for you!
    UO x