Tuesday, May 18, 2010

long hair + tiny teeth = a world of pain

Typing this is extremely painful
like agonizing

my fingers hurts so so much

thanks to 40 pairs of tiny claws and 32 gummy little teeth

and the worst part is

I think my heart has melted all over my revision notes

Meme and Luella

our 8 week and 2 two day old kittens

bathe in the ridiculousness of their beauty

te he

Meme the tortie is too fast for my camera to catch her, and she has a weird obbsession with breakdancing on paper, and likes to eat flies, 

Luella the ginger ninja is a lot more docile than her sister, and has the bluest eyes ever, but I just call her crusty bake carpet cat due to the state of her rear end.
We've only had them for a week and a bit, but already they've taken over my heart

I'm sorry Vicki, Basia and Matt Smith things might be getting a little crowded in there now

I think they might be sleeping, the only way to really calm them down is to watch the Office or Lost

something about Michael Scott's voice or Sawyers hair, just mesmerizes them

As cute as they are they aren't what has been keeping me from blogging.

Because evil has a name

McShizzle Dizzle

As of this point I've had 8 of the drasted things. And I think I'm going crazy, 6 science exams and 3 english essays  will do that to a person. Especially as all Chemistry related exam people out there decided, 'oh no lets not give them a normal chemistry papers, not only will we make the hardest paper hard, we'll turn it into a feckin' history exam, mwhaha.' 
So my plans of possibly doing chemistry next year have gone down the drain, and because at Tiffin, you have to  have an A or A* to do a subject, I'm preparing to be a hobo by August.
but I finished my art exam. 10 hours of being holed up in a corner with only a sewing machiene and a sheeps head to talk to

here are the fruits of my labors
I think after making a horses rib cage, then painting a drowning mermaid and then printing hallucinogenic mushrooms, my art teacher thinks I'm a little weird.
My mum keeps on stepping around me like I have a forcefield of egg shells, I think she's surprised that I haven't had a total melt down from the stress of exams, which is nice, but slightly strange, because it makes me think why am I so calm. 
maybe because I'm constantly internally screaming several different profanities to the tune of 'The Final Countdown'
te he, but its good for me, seeing as now my mama and me are spending quite a lot of time together, she might be getting a little sick of me wearing the same jumper every day (it's Stella McCartney, of course I'm going to wear it everywhere!) but it has spurred her onto buy me some lovely clothing. 
'kay first up, is pre-mentioned McCartney jumper. Which okay is a boys jumper and okay is size 11-12, but fits like a charm, and has a gorgeous palette of colours. Sadly though her second collection for gap kids, isn't as good as the first. The first actually suited kids, and was what a rich kid would wear. Where as this, isn't designed for kids in mind, but mums with kids in mind. But on the other hand is perfect for flatchested boy fit 16 year olds! yay my lack of hips.
second is this lurvely blue summer dress. I found that the colour light blue suits me, anything electric washes me out, but babies and forget-me-nots hues actually suit my deathly pale. yay my anemia! Which actually I think might be worse due to my now meatless diet. I saw this disgusting picture, which totally put me off, and then I read this article on IHOP's chicken coop conditions. YUCK
moving on from the very bane of evil that resides within our fast food chains, mama bought me this really lovely white flower print bag, from Oxfam, it was £1.50 and perfect. It fits my purse and phone in just, but I'm not complaining. 
So this will probably be my last post until friday the 25th, which is the golden day where I get to spend 2.5 hours doing stats and then leave school High School Musical style, and never return!
Jokes I will, but not until September, hallelujah!
xox Eve-Rei
your comments and love are like tiny whiskered kisses, whispering the answers to my gcses in my ears. a God send.
p.s  Prom's a'coming, I can't find a dress and the sewing machine is practically glowing, sounds like a recipe to fuel my ackey breaky sewing needs!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

best birthday ever, until I fell down a flight of stairs

not kidding

I actually stacked it down a flight of stairs in the middle of London Bridge station.

Not that I really should be broadcasting to the world about how much of a ditz I am, but more as a warning

Do not wear wet clogs on slippy lino stairs

Knees will become grazed





Guess who's butt ugly face was on the teen vogue website yesterday?


I could have screamed when I found out. And on my birthday aswell

Thankyou everyone, you've all been dolls and thankyou for all your comments here, there and everywhere.

te he, that_british_girl, if you are reading this, yes 'rei' is actually my middle name, after Rei Kawakubo believe it or not

te he, y'all have made my day extra awesome

A day which I will have to tell from the very start.

So waking up in a not so disney fashion I lumbered out of bed and turned on my itouch

I'm surgically attached to that thing. 2 years old and battered, but never looking better

Any who that was the point at which I thought

'hmmm its awfully quiet'

Yes it would be awfully quiet at 5 bloody 30 in the morning

I couldn't be bothered to crawl back into bed so I slept on the floor.

And woke up 4 hours later with carpet face. Attractive

Imprint successfully rubbed out I jigged down the stairs to find some lovely little pressies sitting waiting for me

te he, well of course I opened them straight away, I am reduced to a five year old at the sight of wrapping paper.

And wrapping paper, with 'happy birthday' written all over it in garish colours is just asking for it.

Squealing at every tear I revealed several absolutely lovely presents, more than I could have ever asked for

Aren't they amazing?

lace gloves, a crazy llama necklace, mexican style bag, leather box bag, palette of 50 eyeshadows, a white stitch playsuit, and a cheetah print playsuit.

I screamed and squealed and giggled for about 5 minutes

But who wouldn't?

In my house we do things differently, so we have cake in the morning, so we can all eat it for breakfast

so as we were munching (well me stuffing) on tarte myrtille (my absolute favorite) my dad came in holding a little box.

It was heavy, square and slightly ominous, in a brightly wrapped kinda way.

and so I carefully opened it,

and my heart literally stopped

on my lap was sitting a Panasonic Lumix FZ38


I was reduced to puddle on the floor.

gahhhhhhhhhhhh its beautiful and like the size of my face.

It's tiny in comparison to our old one, and twice the megapixels!

I still have a smile plastered over my face

Spreading from ear to ear

Best Birthday Morning EVER

Made even better by trekking up to london.

So first we decided to go eat, so we went to Ping Pong, for food which is so delicious it can only be described by the sound 'nom nom nom'

Are you nom nom noming?

Te he

of course we then we went to Topshop, and I got lost again. Its so damn huge. Okay I go there quite a lot, but still every time!

You guys should be proud of me though, even though I saw beauties like above, I didn't buy anything

Well okay I lied, I bought two things

Some pink two toned tights with little hearts, and a vintage pearl necklace.

I think in Topshop they must have like a niceness interview, because seriously everyone who works there is lovely.

Even more lovely then a Comme des Garcons warehouse sale

Okay maybe not

80-70% off on EVERYTHING

I was touching +£1000 dresses, it was heaven

Everything there was more than £200, yet it was all reduced to about £40, how bloody amazing!

And then I saw them

lying there, draped over a bin, calling to me

A pair of Chloe Sevigny for opening ceremony pair of floral trousers.

£235 reduced to £47

pinch me

it was like a dream, until before my eyes they were snatched away by some woman who was already dragged several full bags.

In sneaky mode, me and Tilly stalked her through the aisles, lying in wait until she put them down.

She did so in the changing rooms, so Tilly snuck in, amongst the half dressed fashionistas and got them back

I could have kissed her, but I didn't rather refraining to a celebratory high five.

And that was my day, perfect until we were passing through London Bridge station and came to a set of stairs.

I was actually thinking, 'my luck has been so good today, I'm going to get home and the house has burnt down or something'

and then I face planted it down the stairs

for everyone to see

so I did the only thing I could have done in such a situation

pretended I had fainted.


But all my lumps, bumps, blisters and brusies were soothed away by Matt Smith

te he, can you actually get any more adorkable?

I think not

I didn't quite know what to make of the ending of 'Flesh and Stone', I won't spoil it for anyone how hasn't seen it, but I was quite bemused

Like I knew it was going to happen, I really wanted it to, it just wasn't the way I thought it was going to happen

is that nondescript enough?

te he

I finish this overly long post right now, te he

xox Eve-Rei

your comments and love, is like having my birthday all over again, completely and utterly delightful

p.s, Shout out to Joey, who saw me tottering round the Rotunda in my clogs, hellos should have been exchanged, but I'm too much of an airhead, actually you probably saw the fall I made there too :)