Sunday, January 31, 2010

disney owns my soul

now tell me that you still love him
well at least Kevin still does
Te he he, oh the Jonas Brothers do make me giggle!
Well not as much as Max Russo, but that's another story...
Guess where I went today, again
 ♥ London
Me and mama jo travelled all the way up there
strode up to the manificant doors of Liberty 
to find their oakeyness shut.
Yep, tip here guys, most a London doesn't open till 12, well prbably just the one shop that we wanted to go to...
So we went to Cos!
I LVE that shop.
If I could have one shop which was the only shop I could shop in (and this is hypothecical, so in this life I have unlimited money and am married to Olly Murs) it would be Cos.
just look at those sleak shoulders!
I want that jacket! So Bad. I tried it on, but it was a size 14. :( I weep 
so to stop ma tears I bought this little beaut
te he okay last thing. Look at my most amazing Hotdog
three dogs in one bun! am I good or what?
te he he eh
Disney owns the souls of Jonas and their faces
Cos is owned by geniuses (geni), and if I could, me 
your comments are like tiny little Cos clothed sausage dog kisses
xox Eve-Rei

Friday, January 29, 2010

play suit me

increasingly lately, I've been getting more and more static

like I can now move my hair with my hands, without contact.

I touched a wall and got a spark

and I can no longer hold or stroke my cats becuase I just give them electric stocks

And today, we had a power cut down our street. (it meant doing my hair was complete guesswork, and brushing my teeth too! so rude!) 

so if I no longer post anymore you'll know why

my super powers will have fully emerged

 and I'm off fighting crime, one elbow-patch wearing teacher at a time

and of course I would need an ass kicking outfit to boot.

behold the 'Playsuit' 

finally completed for your entertainment

yep I really need to clean my mirror. all spoldgy. balaah

do guys like my llama light switch? of course. who doesn't love a llama with the power to turn on and off light?

and tell me, who else's brother bathes their pigs in jelly?

yep, I guess I'm the only lucky individual

lucky, lucky, lucky

Okay I'll stop soon. but first here the skirt I also made tonight. Fridays end early, so I had lots for time on my hands, just me and my baby overlocker.

I don't think you can see but there's a double pleat in the side and it has an asymetrical hem.


see vampires can be seen in mirrors! we've been having lies planted in our ears. Justin Russo, you were wrong!

see y'all later. My sister's having a party at ours this weekend, fun. Well me and mama jo are going to London, double fun.

Am I coming off sarcastic to you?


love and comments make my world spin that little bit faster. Them and Hannah Montana. Ooo and Chase too

te he tummy tums

xox Eve-Rei

Monday, January 25, 2010

where the wool things are

te he guess where I went yesterday?

yay. It was Tilly's birthday so we went up to London so we could get lost in Topshop.
Fun... She tried on 18 things, only got three. 

One of a kind. One of a kind
We didn't even get to go to any vintage shops because Tilly's scared of them.
Flubber Nuggets!
I really loved the waistcoat I tried on. But really £28? Mum just looked at it and said 'make it instead'. And so I will

Oooh I made a playsuit this weekend. Te he I love prancing around in it. I'll upload pictures when I'm completely happy with it. But the crotchal area just needs a little bit more attention. To the seems. Not anything else you naughty people.

I could live in Liberty's. I could learn the harp and play it eternally in their delicates section
That would be cool. But not as cool as this bejeweled duck!

Yep that is some hard core duckage. Te he look what was in my drink

lalala food. yom yom yom.

te he I love my Yaya. She's so cool. She also has dementia,  so we have the same conversation three times. But each time it gets that little bit more interesting. She has a very wicked sence of humor. Not like cranky old 'in my day we had skirts down to our ankles' person. More 'when I was younger I wore an oatmeal crop-top, how'd you like me now?' kinda thing

She also has very  cluttered closets if you'd like to know. So I took it upon myself to help her organize her wardrobe. Deluge through the crap. And find her amazing collection of vintage pieces.

I could squeal I'm so happy. I now have three jackets, several shirts, a skirt, a couple of cardigans, two belts and a pair of braces sitting snugly in my wardrobe. All vintage. Hellz bloody yes.

here is what I wore yesterday. Curtsey of Yaya

checked coat *squeal 80's*  vintage 
yellow scarf vintage
skinny jeans  topshop - £35
rabbit tee
braces  vintage 

I could go squeal some more but I have some tailoring to do, a playsuit crotchal area to finish and a nouveau surprise to finish


xox Eve-Rei

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I got tagged by the ver ver stylish Vicki 

who's tagging requires me to give a top 10 list of the things that makes you happy

so I'll do eight cause I'm lazy

1. Dancing so much I get dizzy and a headache.

2.  rabbits are my favourite, they make my heart flutter, in the same way a fox makes theirs flutter too.

3. The sweeter side to life, those little things that just make your heart skip. Like an old couple still giving warm glances.

4. my family, we row a lot, but I know that when we go to bed and wake up again, everything is refreshed. thats something I don't have in any of my other relationships. Also we're slightly like the wizards of waverly place. that makes me giggle 

5. clothes are an outlet. weither you saying **** the world, or hello there. your still saying something silently. I respect that greatly

6. my friends are there for me. everyone is different, we are all so different, but so similar too, its nice to converse

7. having a good nights sleep. seeing as that's so rare, its greatly apreciated 

8. cutting up paper, don't ask

can I tag people later?

I got two awards, and that means a hell of a lot of tagging

and I'm having a pastel obbsession

lace dress primark - £6
skinny jeans
topshop - £35
zara kids - £7
my brother


my two favourtie girls, sitting in proximity to each other.

how bloody fantastic


xox Eve-Rei

Saturday, January 16, 2010

going gaga

All I ever did with my Barbies was cut off all their hair. Not like the tomboy 'I hate Barbies' way. No, I just wanted to subject them to the same barbaric hair cut as me. The 'I'm so cool' block fringe.
You know how Misty from Pokémon had a short side bunchy? Well in one episode she  it out and she has very long flowing hair. 
I didn't quite understand it wasn't real life. 
So I cut off all of my Barbie's hair
Tied it back up
And let it out
Yep you can imagen how much I cried. 
Ooh Ooh!
I finally plucked up the courage to use my art nouveau vintage fabric. 
My yaya gave me some lovely fabric with has floral nouveau prints on and I've finally decided to put it to good use.
I've drawn out the pattern so I'm going to pin it all up tomorrow. 
Ooo pictures will be a'coming soon. 
I have so much stuff that I've made an haven't put up or worn. I really really should.
When it comes to arty stuff I'm too much of a perfectionist.
I'm not saying that in a 'oo how good am I, I'm a perefectionist' way, its just see fault in everything I do.
So I never want to wear my stuff in case I spot something wrong or people hate it
So please don't hate the Nouveau. 
te he, I using a lot of, in a 'blah blah blah' way today.
xox Eve-Rei
comments and lurve make my erratic heart thump those few more beeming beats

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

wedding bell whites

Exams will be the death of me
I have like 13 left to go 
I hate mocks so so so much
OMGosh, my brother threw up in his exams 
And then swallowed it back down 
And then told the joke that Tilly taught him in his interview
What do you call a zoo with no animals?
A Shitzoo
Jokes Inigo Jokes

Anyhow , I was searching for my wedding dress, as one does at 10 o'clock at night. But to tell you the truth that kinda thing is therapeutic for my insomnia, so bear with me. Just to put it straight I'm not getting married, I just need to have this in place for my life plan. If someone suddenly says, would you like to get married, and I'll buy you any dress you want, I have to be prepared!

Of course I got drawn back into the Alexander McQueen runway archive and found all these little beauties

This dress is so delicately fine. Did Mcqueen get a hoard of tiny skilled spiders to create that web of gorgeous detail. Seriously, when did human hands get so good that they could create such utter beauty. The neckline is so beautifully undulating, nothing to bold, but softly complimenting the contours of the natural collar bone. 

I can't stop staring at that detail, it's like a tattoo. Okay I think I may have just been tempted to get one like that, must resist.

Don't get me started on the skirt. I would dutifully allow that hem to wrap around me and create a wonderful chrysalis around me. I could be ready to wear pupa by spring time

oops and sorry model for cutting you in half. I wish I was a proper magician.

I have died and gone to a floral heaven. Oh I wish I could become moss and snuggle up in those shoulders. Or better yet become one of those precious flowers in its glorious gardenia colour scheme

bra? nah. my flowers have been carefully maneuvered to my needs!

scrap the bouquet, I'm wearing it on my head. Wait that may prove a little hard to throw into the crowd of adoring singles... way to precious.

Balenciaga, McQueen

Oh Vegas, I hurry towards your lurid lights

xox Eve-Rei

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 a tad late

instead of listing my new years resolutions in list order, I am rather, going to tell tell mine in the lyrical form of a story.

Once Upon A Time

There was a little gamine heightened girl. She wished she could be 5'6", but decided that rather than waste her time wistful thinking, she would accept her faulty genes, and focus on the other rubbish genetics that had been passed on to her. Instead of incessant moaning she would accept that she was small, and focus on the fact that she was petite (may I just interrupt to point out that I am so throughly annoyed when people call me petite, and also when people say they are petite and aren't, petite is when you are short, so clothes are fitted to your height proportions.)

She had also been given a gymnastic frame by her mother so she decided to buck up her ideas and think of thinking of finding some ballet lessons before she got arthritis and her clumsiness confided her to a bubble. As she was growing up, and taking into account her height, she was buying many more pairs of high healed shoes, she set upon the task of actually learning how to walk in those cloud heightened shoes that she had splurged on, no matter how much altitude sickness they gave her.

Her exams were nearing at a frightening pace, and though she had revised, she still needed to go the extract mile, and actually give up procrastinating. She needed to realize that though she was dreaming of going to Central Saint Martins (I will go, I will!) she still needed proof that she could add 2 and 2 together, in the form of a gcse. If she truly wanted to achieve her dream of being a fashion designer she needed to be making many many more clothes than what she was already doing. She also had to get her butt round to contacting Aquascutum.

The young girl was slightly over whelmed by all this, so then decided to revert back to normality


You enjoy that?
Of course, I hope

Okay instead of a list of things I want to be I decided to do a list of things that I already am. 7 facticles about me

♥ I'm named after the one and only Rei Kawakubo, though for her architecture, but still Comme de Garçons is kick-ass

♥ I like to have my coffee extremely sweet. I have seven sugars and then a spoon of hot chocolate. I invest a lot in toothpaste.

♥ I made a horse's rib-cage for my art project, everyone else made flowers.

♥ I usually don't sleep. I get about 4 hours a night, mainly due to the fact that I have a strange erratic heart which once went 190 whilst walking. My body just can't truly relax, which is sad because it means I have a sleep debt of about 2 weeks. Saying that I can only properly sleep on buses and sitting up.

♥ When I was little I was going to call my children Snow White and Cinderella. I wanted to be a good princess so much that I had my mum pick me up by the feet and shake me, so all the bad things would fall out of me.

♥ My Yaya, taught me how to lie and how to gamble. At age 6.

♥ I have to many dreams. Each star in the sky is another one of my fantasies. I'm going to reach them all. If not I'll work in a vintage tea shop and dress like a princess everyday.

xox Eve-Rei