Sunday, January 31, 2010

disney owns my soul

now tell me that you still love him
well at least Kevin still does
Te he he, oh the Jonas Brothers do make me giggle!
Well not as much as Max Russo, but that's another story...
Guess where I went today, again
 ♥ London
Me and mama jo travelled all the way up there
strode up to the manificant doors of Liberty 
to find their oakeyness shut.
Yep, tip here guys, most a London doesn't open till 12, well prbably just the one shop that we wanted to go to...
So we went to Cos!
I LVE that shop.
If I could have one shop which was the only shop I could shop in (and this is hypothecical, so in this life I have unlimited money and am married to Olly Murs) it would be Cos.
just look at those sleak shoulders!
I want that jacket! So Bad. I tried it on, but it was a size 14. :( I weep 
so to stop ma tears I bought this little beaut
te he okay last thing. Look at my most amazing Hotdog
three dogs in one bun! am I good or what?
te he he eh
Disney owns the souls of Jonas and their faces
Cos is owned by geniuses (geni), and if I could, me 
your comments are like tiny little Cos clothed sausage dog kisses
xox Eve-Rei


  1. i adore crop tops, and it looks so good on you. and i can also proudly say i watch disney channel; jonas is awesome.

  2. Why thankyou, you're too kind to me!
    Well I have to say im more of a Hannah Montana/WoWW girl, but Jonas is pretty damn cool


  3. I don't like the Jonas brothers. And those hotdogs look amazing. I like how you say "tehe" all the time!! <3

  4. Aaah that crop to is really nice, THAT JACKET IS AMAZINGUJHAJDHASKD. *craves*

  5. Mermaid - OMG not even Kevin? That hot dog was so so nice! Te he thankyou

    Anjelica - it exposes my belly so funny, te he I felt like Batman in that jacket, man I should have got it!


  6. in looove with your new crop-jumper.
    and jonas brothers- peh.
    i have to put up all day with my friend jabbering about joe.
    aaah, hotdog that blows minds.

  7. Joe? He's for little girls, pah, Kevin's the man choice! Anyway Oliver Oaken beats them all
    The crop jumper is now offical hotdog eating clothing, and the choice of champions!


  8. i absolutely adore Liberty. i remember wanting to buy everything there. xo

  9. Liberty is some godly place which one day will rise above the pavement and join the clouds in heaven.
    Its just too amazing there, I go into shock as soon as I step through the door.


  10. oh thank you for following! and yes, i know what you mean. such a piece of retail heaven. xo

  11. no problem, I've been reading you blog back, oo so interesting, I'm lovin' it!

    te he it certainly is a wonderful place, I wonder if I could make a home in between the mannequins and their world famous displays. A girl can dream


  12. Oh--and I ADORE your skirt. Can I steal it? I wish I could meet you.

  13. oh my, perhaps the loveliest thing i've seen all day! your outfit is just darling! oh and those hotdogs are making me salivate. a bun that holds three hotdogs-genius! xx

  14. I love the outfits&garments! tehe, HOTDOGS!!! love it. Thanks so much for reading, commenting, and following my blog!


  15. Mermaid - te he such a cool user name, I love mermaids, fail tails? so cool! Haha sorry but i cannot have people stealing from my wardrobe, or I'll have nothing left but my poor holey socks and that turtleneck my yaya got me two years ago. So sad XD

    Ella - oo yay! I love my crop jumper, of course it was Cos to come up with such a genus design and colour, my photos really don't do it justice! I know same, the ketchup in that picture is practically calling me!

    Mila - hotdogs are just too cool for school. Te he, I lurve your blog, its so cool, and your so young too! though you probably hear that a lot!

    te he


  16. The hotdog looks yummyyyy! :p
    That waisted length sweater is so chic!