Friday, January 29, 2010

play suit me

increasingly lately, I've been getting more and more static

like I can now move my hair with my hands, without contact.

I touched a wall and got a spark

and I can no longer hold or stroke my cats becuase I just give them electric stocks

And today, we had a power cut down our street. (it meant doing my hair was complete guesswork, and brushing my teeth too! so rude!) 

so if I no longer post anymore you'll know why

my super powers will have fully emerged

 and I'm off fighting crime, one elbow-patch wearing teacher at a time

and of course I would need an ass kicking outfit to boot.

behold the 'Playsuit' 

finally completed for your entertainment

yep I really need to clean my mirror. all spoldgy. balaah

do guys like my llama light switch? of course. who doesn't love a llama with the power to turn on and off light?

and tell me, who else's brother bathes their pigs in jelly?

yep, I guess I'm the only lucky individual

lucky, lucky, lucky

Okay I'll stop soon. but first here the skirt I also made tonight. Fridays end early, so I had lots for time on my hands, just me and my baby overlocker.

I don't think you can see but there's a double pleat in the side and it has an asymetrical hem.


see vampires can be seen in mirrors! we've been having lies planted in our ears. Justin Russo, you were wrong!

see y'all later. My sister's having a party at ours this weekend, fun. Well me and mama jo are going to London, double fun.

Am I coming off sarcastic to you?


love and comments make my world spin that little bit faster. Them and Hannah Montana. Ooo and Chase too

te he tummy tums

xox Eve-Rei


  1. te he, I'm very much tempted to wear it to the school birthday, but sadly it is not green, go watson. woot woot!

  2. lol your so funny, I love your posts :)

    awesome skirt and playsuit! very crafty :)


  3. what the hell is that pig??

    umm,,i like ur DIY skirt!

    it's so nice..


  4. I love the playsuit and the skirt!!!
    Haha those pigs in jelly, I showed my brother and now he's making some jelly! Oh god...


    Have fun in London

  5. Sara Lynn - te he, why thankyou, I love my playsuit now, I jump around in it and dance to Hannah Montana, it's my crime fighting suit.

    Mariska - they're my computer decorations. I have to decorate everything, so they sit up and around my computer along with my northern lizards. te he he

    Anjelica -Thanks, OMGosh if you put toys and stuff in jelly,it makes it all the more tasty, but you have to boil them first, that what Inigo did, now my piggies are roast piggies.


  6. lovely post as per usual. Do you do textiles at school?
    and by the way pigs in jelly = best thing in the world. some how I will have to incorporate this into my food tech course : )
    x s

  7. love the playsuit! :)

  8. The playsuit is gorgeous!
    And indeed I like the llama light switch!

  9. s - no, sadly I've never had the joy of doing textiles at school :( I learnt how to use the sewing machine from watching my mama Jo using it. She used to be a fashion scarf designer. Te he, OMGosh you so should! post pictures when you do, together we can start the pigs in jelly craze which will rock the world.

    Ilka - te he thankies >∆<

    Bianca - gosh I could just flick that switch all day long....

  10. PSH, watson.
    schofield are the way.
    but gah, no shorts this school birthday. -_-

  11. No way josé! Watson rules, okay we are yet to get any headway in the house points, but we are a dark horse, A DARK HORSE I tell you!
    Seriously I'm thinking of leaving for Esher if they make any more stupid dress code rules

    meh! I despair about our school


  12. O M G
    the playsuits uhh-mazinggg :O
    im likign the jelly pigs :P ha ha Inigo :P


  13. Its so fun to run around it, though if its cold outside, it doesn't give the best coverage, te he jelly pigs are set to revolutionize the planet.


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