Tuesday, December 21, 2010

llamas // the south-american ally of the camel


my title speaks the truth

a scary horrifying truth

the llamas are indeed the allys of the camels

a little festive horror to celebrate the three days until Christmas

why such misery Eve?

because my Christmas party got canceled. 

Thanks London Metropolitan Police


To cure such winter blues, I, of course went shopping on all my Christmas Sale Savings, clever. 

Commence Shopping Rampage.


001. Multi Colour Print Jacket; £7.99; Children's Society

First up, the coat I have been drooling over for the past few weeks. I saw the sleeve poking out from the rack at my charity shop and I spent the past few weeks hiding it. He's just so lovely (it is a he on account of the manly colours.)
After I saved my Yaya and the whole of her apartment building from getting blown up (no joke, she'd left the gas on the silly little sausage) my mum said Yaya would compensate me with this. Real heroes I know don't accept rewards, but I'm broke and this coat is feckin' fabulous.


002. Henry VIII's Secret Daughter; £6; Antique Market / Pronunciation Dictionary; £1; Antique Market

The dictionary is where I lifted my shocking title from. Its literally so funny and blunt. Like a contortionist is 'a man who twists his arms in a freaky manner'
And Henry VIII's Secret Daughter suggests that Jane Seymour actually gave birth to Jane Grey and Edward was the child of Henry's mistress, swapped at birth. And that young Edward was obsessed with marriage and that Mary was secretly all glitter and rainbows and smiling on the inside. 
In all seriousness as well. It's quite a gripping read. Quite.


003. Pink Crochet Belt; £3; Primark / Black Bow Belt; £1.50; Fara / Red Chain Belt; £3.99; Children's Society

I say you can never have enough belts. When I saw the black bow belt, I though it might be Topshop, but I wasn't sure, but at £1.50 I wasn't really going to mind. And the red belt fits perfectly. Usually I have to punch a few extra holes in with my mum's antique surgical instruments, I know, so hygienic. But that red little lovely is a charm.


004. Black Embellished Jacket; £10; Kingston Antique Market

So spangly, how could I resist? Though really quite itchy. I do admit to being quite a magpie. When I see shiny things I just get entranced and can't stop thinking about them. I got magpie in my veins. Maybe I was one in my past life. I had a palm reading once and they told me I was once a showgirl, called Lola. I have a funny feeling that that thought wasn't entirely their own...


005. Gold Embellished Vest; Belfast

You can imagine my hybrid feelings of shear joy and ecstatic happiness when I opened up this parcel/present/bundle of love sent from my Yaya. I did indeed dance like a loon. Seriously my Yaya has some amazing super talents at being awesome as well as finding vintage pieces. She told me that a huge new vintage store just opened up in Belfast, and she went exploring and found me this. I love her an extra truck load for this.


Before I unveil my final purchases, I believe this an apt moment to mention the conversation I had in Gap the other day.
So I quite innocently popped into Gap to buy my brother a toy monkey for his present. I then found that there were only two left in the whole store. So I picked up both, cause you know, I can't just leave one to be alone and without conversation.
So I trundled up to the counter, and handed over the monkey to which the guy then said:

Guy - Ah ha, two knitted monkeys
Me - Indeed, do you do student discounts?
Guy - Sadly not, only on full priced monkeys
Me - Shizzle. Okay then
[Guy turns to the guy next to him and brandishes monkey in face]
[turns back to me]
Guy - Feisty critters. I must warn you, these monkeys have been raised in the wild, tell the person they're for to take great care
[gives me lazer 'I-know-who-these-are-truly-for' stare]
Me - Shall do...

I think he thought I was buying them for my self...

Which sadly, is very, very feasible.


Okay now, I recommend you brace your selves, okey dokey?

006. Vintage Dior Dress; £20; Children's Society

Oh My Gosh

I literally wanted to combust, throw-up, dance crazily when I found this in my charity shop. £20?! Seriously for Dior? Okay Dior Juniors, but still DIOR????
Naturally I set my alarm the next day for 6:30, got ready and walked up to Surbiton in the snow and hung out in Nero until the shop opened so I could dash in and buy it.

It was worth it.

She is beautiful. Her colour is sumptuous and she fits like a charm.

I'm in love


Seriously I would recommend the charity shop I work in highly. They get such wonderful pieces, like my lovely above. A lot of Jaeger and Ralph Lauren and vintage theater costumes. We had a phantom of the opera cape come in which literally engulfed me.
Its actually painful to work there, I just want to have every thing so so badly. 
So you know, if your in Surbiton, on a Saturday, between 2 til 5, pop on down and you can share my wonderful little cornucopia of vintage love.

Now my shameless self advertisement is over, onwards.

007. Bloc Party - Intimacy; £4.99 / Maximo Park - Quicken the Heart; £15; both Banquet Records / Tartan Tie; £3.99; Children's Society

My dad is a hard one to buy for. Though I see the man most evenings I have no idea what he likes. Like present wise. So when we were watching 'Have I Got News For You' he said 'Oh I like Jack Dee's tartan tie.' I sat up like a meerkat and literally shouted ' Do you like it like it?'  To which he nodded and to which I jumped up, I ran out the house and hopped on a bus.


I went to Banquet Records avec my siblings to get his other presents, and on the counter has a very cheery picture of the Queen, to which such conversation

Inigo - Oh my gee, is that the queen yo?

Tilly- No way silly, there ain't no Queen, you just made that up

Inigo - Yeah there is stupid!

Me - [indignantly] Tilly shut up, you can never ever 'make up' the Queen!

which was a hideously bad joke about the Queen on my part, but the guy behind the counter started laughing out-loud and then suddenly stopped when I gave him my startled rabbit look. 

He gave me another (my seventh) loyalty card whilst still chuckling

I might go back to that shop tomorrow


xox Eve-Rei

your love and comments are like knitted monkeys; lovely, warm and oh so feistly wonderful. So wonderful, I had to make up a word for them. Tehe.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

snow shaped stars


What is this strange phenomenon?

Eve Rei, back on the interweb?

What is the world coming too?

I feel like such a bad person for not posting in ages, but my internet has been a bitch and refused to upload any pictures

And I can't have a post with out pictures

It would just look naked!

The atrocity!

So I'm back, and hopefully my renewed romance with my bandwith will last the test of time.

Fingers crossed.


I actually had to relocate partially to Surbiton, due to my house been further transformed into a void of inhospitable modern poop, meaning that my bus route passed all my favourite charity shops.

See there is always a silver lining to every cloud.

Though the silver lining is a spend thrift.

001. The Kick-ass Massive Sweater, as my sister has dubbed it. I have a feeling though, that KMS doesn't actually stand for that. It could be Kiss My Strudel, or Koala Mash Sausages. The possibilities are endless.


002. I found this lovely maxi skirt in the Princess Alice Hospice. Ironically, afterwards I went into Waitrose to do the shopping and a lady was wearing the same thing, hehe.


003. I don't know what happened, but every single charity shop in Surbiton is heavily shocked up on tartan. Its crazy, like a giant Vivienne Westwood came to town and threw up, and of course VW is so bloody cool that she actually chucks up beautifully crafted kilts.


004. I found this beauty in the Kingston Antique Market. A little pricer at £24, but well worth it. She's so silky smooth. What I wish my legs could be like...


005. I love Chihuahuas, like an astronomically large amount, so how could I not buy this cutie from Accessorize? And there were matching earrings too!

006. My prancing horse neckylace is from Asos, and goes with practically everything. Its quite a lot bigger than most of my jewelry, but I was in need of some equestrian bling.


007. The first, the quilted Mary Poppins bag was found in the Cancer Research shop, and is so big! It fits in so much stuff. After a lot of my possessions went missing I found that it actually has a secret compartment at the bottom, ooo sneaky, tehe.

008. The second, I found in Oxfam, and is so cute, and the wine colour is divine, I literally want to drink the bag and have it live its lovely heritage styled life in my tummy.


009. I found this nail polish in Florence and it is so cute, my nails are completely bedazzled now, hehe, I get starstruck from just glancing at them. Now that is what a girl looks for in a polish.


010. Finally, I found these lovely postcards in Florence, all dated pretty close to the start of the 20th century. I had my matey Esme translate them from french, and they're all really sweet messages about christmas, how topical? tehe


And so ends my shopping rampage. Though I did just find £40, hidden in my room, which I think was past me trying to stop other past me from spending and then forgot where it was hid. Ha, sometimes I do have clever brainwaves, though spradically.

K-town now has like a foot of snow in places, so I'm off to play, and then I have to go to work, which will be empty seeing as everyone in Surbiton is too old to survive such Arctic conditions.

I'm on Christmas holidays now, YAY, so I'm going to try and post a lot more, and seeing as I'll probably be snowed in, the internet shall be my only solace.

tehe and toodlepip

xox Eve-Rei

your love and comments are like tiny snowflake stars, spectacular and extremely cool, hehe