Wednesday, December 8, 2010

snow shaped stars


What is this strange phenomenon?

Eve Rei, back on the interweb?

What is the world coming too?

I feel like such a bad person for not posting in ages, but my internet has been a bitch and refused to upload any pictures

And I can't have a post with out pictures

It would just look naked!

The atrocity!

So I'm back, and hopefully my renewed romance with my bandwith will last the test of time.

Fingers crossed.


I actually had to relocate partially to Surbiton, due to my house been further transformed into a void of inhospitable modern poop, meaning that my bus route passed all my favourite charity shops.

See there is always a silver lining to every cloud.

Though the silver lining is a spend thrift.

001. The Kick-ass Massive Sweater, as my sister has dubbed it. I have a feeling though, that KMS doesn't actually stand for that. It could be Kiss My Strudel, or Koala Mash Sausages. The possibilities are endless.


002. I found this lovely maxi skirt in the Princess Alice Hospice. Ironically, afterwards I went into Waitrose to do the shopping and a lady was wearing the same thing, hehe.


003. I don't know what happened, but every single charity shop in Surbiton is heavily shocked up on tartan. Its crazy, like a giant Vivienne Westwood came to town and threw up, and of course VW is so bloody cool that she actually chucks up beautifully crafted kilts.


004. I found this beauty in the Kingston Antique Market. A little pricer at £24, but well worth it. She's so silky smooth. What I wish my legs could be like...


005. I love Chihuahuas, like an astronomically large amount, so how could I not buy this cutie from Accessorize? And there were matching earrings too!

006. My prancing horse neckylace is from Asos, and goes with practically everything. Its quite a lot bigger than most of my jewelry, but I was in need of some equestrian bling.


007. The first, the quilted Mary Poppins bag was found in the Cancer Research shop, and is so big! It fits in so much stuff. After a lot of my possessions went missing I found that it actually has a secret compartment at the bottom, ooo sneaky, tehe.

008. The second, I found in Oxfam, and is so cute, and the wine colour is divine, I literally want to drink the bag and have it live its lovely heritage styled life in my tummy.


009. I found this nail polish in Florence and it is so cute, my nails are completely bedazzled now, hehe, I get starstruck from just glancing at them. Now that is what a girl looks for in a polish.


010. Finally, I found these lovely postcards in Florence, all dated pretty close to the start of the 20th century. I had my matey Esme translate them from french, and they're all really sweet messages about christmas, how topical? tehe


And so ends my shopping rampage. Though I did just find £40, hidden in my room, which I think was past me trying to stop other past me from spending and then forgot where it was hid. Ha, sometimes I do have clever brainwaves, though spradically.

K-town now has like a foot of snow in places, so I'm off to play, and then I have to go to work, which will be empty seeing as everyone in Surbiton is too old to survive such Arctic conditions.

I'm on Christmas holidays now, YAY, so I'm going to try and post a lot more, and seeing as I'll probably be snowed in, the internet shall be my only solace.

tehe and toodlepip

xox Eve-Rei

your love and comments are like tiny snowflake stars, spectacular and extremely cool, hehe


  1. You always find the most lovely things! The oxfam bag is wonderful. Agree about the tartan, it's on a crazy happy rampage across the shops of Surrey hehe :)

  2. These are some nice founds!
    I've got similar postcards.

  3. I love your wine bag!!! and the tartan, makes me feel all Scottish :D

  4. heehee, love seeing a blogger call Kingston K-town. :)
    your horse bling is crazily beautiful xx

  5. Tehe Anna I really don't know where its all come from, like seriously in the Princess Alice Hospice there is literally a rainbow of tartan, crazy days!

    Why thankyou Pashupati <3

    Indeed I did Snow Child, I bought even more today, oops :D

    I do feel that little more Scottish everytime I don my kilt, though I am yet to fully embrace that eighth of my genetic code and go the whole knickerless hog.

    Horse bling is the best bling! Haha Joey, I'm just hoping one day that someone might read it and think that maybe I actually live in Jamaica...


  6. I love your horse necklace:D
    COme into my blog if you want ;)