Saturday, February 27, 2010


the kindness of humantiy often makes me want to scream out

and laugh and cry and many other exultations of joy

the 27th was the anniversary of my aunts death

and my mum got a call

someone, even after 48 years, remembered that little girl for the short two years that she had been alive

and had left anonymous flowers on her grave

it makes me want to smile so widely my face splits in two.

I am also convinced that my sister can fly

And throttle me at the same time

made thsi dress so long ago. It was sitting in my wardrobe calling to me 

Eve Wear Me Wear Me!

I'm thinking of possibly making more, then selling them. 

Watch'd y'all think?

As my mum has made it very apparent to me that I need to start saving for when I go to uni.

So I came up with the amazing idea of building a shed at the bottom of the garden and living in it. 

To which my dad replied


Living arrangements till I'm 60 


I found my old jeans in the back of my draw, and they just called ot me to transformed

I got them when I was 10, so I'm quite proud that after all the junk that I've eaten, I can still fit into them. But I was well fat in year 7, so maybe I'm being dissoluded.

Anywho, it had a massive crotchal rip (that's what he said) and I could no longer wear them for fear of flashing.

so I took a pair of scissors to them.

I had quite some explaining to do when my mum walk in on me. Scissors at had, poised for inscion. 

She told me that that would take a lot of explaining in A&E

And she used to work there. The funnest story she's every told me, was about some guy who came in with a traffic cone stuck up his ass. Te he, so funny.

te he, I'm to cheap to buy those Chanel transfers, so I'll just draw them on with pen. And then I'll turn 16 and be perfectly legal for inking.

Omg I might be going to T in the Park.

I will seriously wet my self if I get to go. 



If anyone else is going, hopefully I'll get to see y'all there.

Te He

xox Eve-Rei

your comments and lurve are like little biro hearts and peace signs on a faded pair jeans

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Pokémon brings all the boys to the yard, they’re like you wanna trade cards?

damn right! i wanna trade cards! i can beat you, coz i got charizard!

did any one else have that obsession with pokemon?

Of course y'all did. 

You either fantasized about pokemon or didn't know what the hell they were.

And I was lucky enough to think I was named after one. 

eevee kicked 10ft-sad-catch-phrasing ass

and when I was little, a boy gave me his sparkly eevee card. 

It was my most prized possesion till I found out it was a fake

Story of my life

The 90's were speacial to me, prancing round in my jelly shoes 

And though I adore the 80's and I so dearly try to echo the styles of Molly Ringwald

American 70's beach culture, is where my heart belongs

And where it seems Topshop Unique has drawn their inspiration

hannah montana happy dance

sigh, its at times like these, that I find my self faltering, and almost falling in love with Topshop. Don't get me wrong, they have some gorgeous pieces, but the price you're paying is for exclusivity, but its not if everybody else is wearing it. I'll just stick to my Korean imported clothing.

spikey shorts. I've gone to a very painful heaven. Gorgeous but gosh try jogging in them. Wrist Rash!

Te he! I have glasses just like that. But sadly they make my nose look weird and large

Those shoes are laced up perfection. The dress makes me foam at the mouth

a spikey hoodie too? And if that's a maxi dress I can die happy

okay today did not go well. First I woke up at 7, which when you only got to bed at 3am is never good. 

Then I found out that I am one of those lucky idividuals who has an intorelrance to coffee. Dad's helpful genetics = a whole stomach of achey pains

Then I lost my maths stats coursework. And got yawn raped by GK, meh being an insomniac means that that happens multiple times

then I made a omlete, and all the eggs (being twelve in a carton) burst. Mum is yet to find out.

those were the days

But to cheer up my day I found the clogs which I'm going to buy on Monday

Mum though they were boring, but the only thing I can afford. To jazz them up, I'm going to paint them 

Yep I am going to paint a pair of £40 Topshop shoes. 

Te he tummy tums

xox Eve-Rei

your comments are like little grains of coffee which gives me tummy fuzzles and dear sustenance for the day

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

blueberry kisses

blueberries are my vice
I eat way too many, and with everything
In that way, they're also like mushrooms
So blueberry are now my morning mushrooms.
Yep this is how I have spent my holdiays. Watching Hannah Montana whilst suspended in the air. I do recomend it
Though due to alot of toe pointing and very bad landings, my calves have completely seize and I'm walk in a gait similar to House's.
So to remedy this my parents decided,
To walk 5 bloody miles along the thames
Okay 5 miles isn't at all bad, but when you're walking like your legs have been transformed into two chopsticks, it is extremely hard and painful. I do not recomend this.
yep 500 tiny little lcd eyes. watching you, following you, reading you
and where was such a horror
La Design Museum.
Ooo look a car. With emotions. Ooo
They were showing a video of Alexander McQueen, ss 2010 collection. 
Me and Tilly just spent the whole time watching it. It was on a loop so we must have seen it about 7 times. Consectutively. Giving our analysis (abit a little loudly) on everything from chicken legs to whether the alien/rabbit hair would inhibit speed.
Look sisterly love. An elbow to the ribs means I love you in our brash language.
xox Eve-Rei
p.s I got tumblr, becuase the phot qualtiy on blogspot is really quite rubbish. So I've uploaded most of my photgraphy there. 
your comments are liek the hugs my sister never gives.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

the McQueen is dead


Lee Alexander McQueen

The hole in my heart and my stitching hand will remember you forever.

You taught us all that fashion doesn't have limits 

No one will ever fill the space 

And I hope no-one does

McQueen is McQueen 


This means that the last of my three favourite McQueens is dead

Steven McQueen 

Alexander McQueen

And Steven McQueen the rat 

Valentines Day is going to be a sad, sad day. 

Overshadowed by the death of a legend 

And yes I went there, he's a bloody legend.

Rest in Peace babes

xox Eve-Rei

your comments are like those valentines card which sprinkle out little hand cut hearts

ooo and I got an early valentines card. Though it didn't give any clues, just...

'from ?'

Saturday, February 6, 2010

summer's breath

Coral Coloured Caravans


Louisiana is for when I'm 30, I'm moving to Santa Cruz in my twenties.

There I'm going to have a peach coloured house and a long green lawn

I'll skateboard to work and wear pastels everyday.

This summer better be hot

Its just going to be me, a middle parting, some new freckles and a skateboard 

I love the sounds of summer, the fairground, lawn mowers and lazy airplanes crossing the sky

And the smell of factor 50 sun cream

xox Eve-Rei

your comments are like little butterfly kisses and that feeling you get when a ladybird climbs up your finger.


Te He