Saturday, February 13, 2010

the McQueen is dead


Lee Alexander McQueen

The hole in my heart and my stitching hand will remember you forever.

You taught us all that fashion doesn't have limits 

No one will ever fill the space 

And I hope no-one does

McQueen is McQueen 


This means that the last of my three favourite McQueens is dead

Steven McQueen 

Alexander McQueen

And Steven McQueen the rat 

Valentines Day is going to be a sad, sad day. 

Overshadowed by the death of a legend 

And yes I went there, he's a bloody legend.

Rest in Peace babes

xox Eve-Rei

your comments are like those valentines card which sprinkle out little hand cut hearts

ooo and I got an early valentines card. Though it didn't give any clues, just...

'from ?'


  1. You're so funny. Happy valentines day!! I do love valentines day cards from an unknown person.....

    Post a comment!

  2. RIP. That video of Kate Moss is beautiful. <3

  3. Mermaid, te he that is very kind, though usually I fall flat on my face when it comes to humor. Though unknown valentines pick me right back up.

    Anjelica, he was and will always be

    And Vicki, it is, the dress is amazing, its a hologram I think, I want my wedding dress to be like that, and I'd get married on a windy day, so I'd get the same effect.


  4. Valentines is a sad day either way...

  5. Avy, it can be. especially when your brother is a wannabe stud and got 6 different cards. it so so definitely can be.