Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Pokémon brings all the boys to the yard, they’re like you wanna trade cards?

damn right! i wanna trade cards! i can beat you, coz i got charizard!

did any one else have that obsession with pokemon?

Of course y'all did. 

You either fantasized about pokemon or didn't know what the hell they were.

And I was lucky enough to think I was named after one. 

eevee kicked 10ft-sad-catch-phrasing ass

and when I was little, a boy gave me his sparkly eevee card. 

It was my most prized possesion till I found out it was a fake

Story of my life

The 90's were speacial to me, prancing round in my jelly shoes 

And though I adore the 80's and I so dearly try to echo the styles of Molly Ringwald

American 70's beach culture, is where my heart belongs

And where it seems Topshop Unique has drawn their inspiration

hannah montana happy dance

sigh, its at times like these, that I find my self faltering, and almost falling in love with Topshop. Don't get me wrong, they have some gorgeous pieces, but the price you're paying is for exclusivity, but its not if everybody else is wearing it. I'll just stick to my Korean imported clothing.

spikey shorts. I've gone to a very painful heaven. Gorgeous but gosh try jogging in them. Wrist Rash!

Te he! I have glasses just like that. But sadly they make my nose look weird and large

Those shoes are laced up perfection. The dress makes me foam at the mouth

a spikey hoodie too? And if that's a maxi dress I can die happy

okay today did not go well. First I woke up at 7, which when you only got to bed at 3am is never good. 

Then I found out that I am one of those lucky idividuals who has an intorelrance to coffee. Dad's helpful genetics = a whole stomach of achey pains

Then I lost my maths stats coursework. And got yawn raped by GK, meh being an insomniac means that that happens multiple times

then I made a omlete, and all the eggs (being twelve in a carton) burst. Mum is yet to find out.

those were the days

But to cheer up my day I found the clogs which I'm going to buy on Monday

Mum though they were boring, but the only thing I can afford. To jazz them up, I'm going to paint them 

Yep I am going to paint a pair of £40 Topshop shoes. 

Te he tummy tums

xox Eve-Rei

your comments are like little grains of coffee which gives me tummy fuzzles and dear sustenance for the day


  1. That Pokémon remix was hilarious!!
    & I adore the dress on the 5th photo :)

  2. OMG! I LOOOVE YOUR CLOGS! I am like properly obsessde with clogs and am trying to find THE RIGHT pair. Considering my price range, that ain't gooin' 'appen :(

  3. Okay--so your blog is still so funny. And don't you just LOVE old pictures? I'm gonna have a 70's disco party for my 16th that'll be pretty sweet. =D I don't like the clogs now...but I'll give them a chance, once you paint them.

  4. Oh, Bianca the hilarity of facebook groups! I don't know how people can come up with such funny things. Of course the 'damn right! I wanna trade cards, go pika, use electric charge' comes second best to charizard.


  5. The KG peach clogs are the love of my life. <3 I intend to get them but if not, then the Topshop ones are for me :)

    Pokemon! Gotta catch em all. I used to collect the cards and get the McD toys.

  6. Olivia there are so so many to chose from. If the world was kinda to me and granted me £200 then I might be able to buy some peach KG beauties, but sadly I'm limited in my money so my sad little savings will have to do, and I'll just have to customize them. Like everything.

    Mermaid why ever not, clogs are amazing! My grandma has some but they're to big for my tiny size 3 feet. Omg 70's party would be so cool. I might do a Smirnoff type party in the middle of a park for my 16th. I'm helping my friend organize a mermaid themed house party.
    Old pictures are so cool, those pictures are actually old tapes, which I feed through my old tv and then photographed.


  7. Oo Vicki, aren't those KG ones just wooden heaven! I go to sleep every night looking up at those beauties
    I was obsessed with pokémon, I had every single bit of merchandizing available to man. I saw every movie too. I was in love with those little virtual babies.


    things were so much simpler then. you had Steps CDS and everything was all amazing. and now we're all technology and crap. I think by the twenties we're going to be robots.

  9. haha I used to collect pokemon cards, at least i tried to. I only had about ten in my collection :(
    My friend had about 5 of those big filders filled with them, made me look like a bit of a faliure :S

    OMG Jelly Shoes!!!! I had so many pairs of them, sparkly blue, sparkly pink, purple, light blue, green :D

  10. Through the Lens - the 90's were pretty cool, i didn't get to listen to steps, only at the school disco (which I must say was the social event of the year) my mum just made me listen to blondie and adam and the ants.
    Sadly you are very true, we are turning into robots, but we are wannabe robots which created the wonder which is the ps3, dun dun dun, I bathe in its gloryness.

    Te he I had a whole folder, I was just that cool. But I was only allowed one, so each of the pockets had about three of teh same card roughly stuffed into them. Jelly shoes always cut into my feet but I loved them, I had pink ones, and they were amazing. I also had little princess kitten heels, a bit like Suri Cruise, but sadly after seeing a picture of her with smudged lipstick, her coolness has dropped.


  11. OMG ! this post made me so HAPPY don't feel alone about my past pokemon obsession any more :)

  12. Ooo, well if it made you feel happy then I'm doing my job right! Childhood obbsessions are something that we should all look back on with pride, though I don't think I'll include my avril lagvigne obbsession in that category :)


  13. Haha, I agree I am not proud of my "Avril Lavigne-phase "

  14. I utterly despise her now, I admit that her music used to be good, (te he it would have to be for me to learn every single song off by heart and sing them non-song) but now she's all too, look at me blahahaha
    and that is why I do not look upon my old obsession fondly.


  15. I DO like clogs...just not that pair.....=D Have you painted them yet? I had blueberries for breakfast....made me think of you. =D

    My childhood obsessions we always fairies, and mermaids, and elves and such. I STILL to this day love those things....(hence the blog name.)

    Leave a comment:http:

  16. Te he, I would try and get a pair of KG clogs, but sadly I don't have enough money to facilitate that, but I may get the pink style clogs from office. Pastel pink suits my skin tone a lot more than the navy, so finding a pink pair which are cheap would be great, seeing as about 76% of my wardrobe is pink :D
    OO blueberries, I had that for breakfast too! But I also had some frozen sponge cake, which is my favourite, but when every I get hungry I just eat some blueberries, they are like the best diet I've ever been on.

    I always had an obsession with witches and moomins, I watched Charmed religiously when I was younger and me and my mum would always watch moomins in the mornings


  17. Thank you for the sweet comment. It made my day !

  18. Yay, well you've just made day, te he, your blog is lovely and deserves lots of internet huggles :D