Wednesday, February 17, 2010

blueberry kisses

blueberries are my vice
I eat way too many, and with everything
In that way, they're also like mushrooms
So blueberry are now my morning mushrooms.
Yep this is how I have spent my holdiays. Watching Hannah Montana whilst suspended in the air. I do recomend it
Though due to alot of toe pointing and very bad landings, my calves have completely seize and I'm walk in a gait similar to House's.
So to remedy this my parents decided,
To walk 5 bloody miles along the thames
Okay 5 miles isn't at all bad, but when you're walking like your legs have been transformed into two chopsticks, it is extremely hard and painful. I do not recomend this.
yep 500 tiny little lcd eyes. watching you, following you, reading you
and where was such a horror
La Design Museum.
Ooo look a car. With emotions. Ooo
They were showing a video of Alexander McQueen, ss 2010 collection. 
Me and Tilly just spent the whole time watching it. It was on a loop so we must have seen it about 7 times. Consectutively. Giving our analysis (abit a little loudly) on everything from chicken legs to whether the alien/rabbit hair would inhibit speed.
Look sisterly love. An elbow to the ribs means I love you in our brash language.
xox Eve-Rei
p.s I got tumblr, becuase the phot qualtiy on blogspot is really quite rubbish. So I've uploaded most of my photgraphy there. 
your comments are liek the hugs my sister never gives.


  1. Damn you, you are too stunning!
    I love all your photos, you should be a photographer on the side of your fashion design, directing etc.

    Your playsuit is lovely too :)

    I must disagree about blueberries and mushrooms though, yuck :S


  2. i'm not a fan of blueberries. i'm not really a fan of anything. except for chocolate. and vitamins.
    i the last jumping picture. i seize up if i do anything REMOTELY active. it's embarrassing.
    and aw, you and tilly. i wish i had a sister. two youngers brothers, not fun.

  3. Totally agree with the Blueberries....they're one of the best fruits. We have a bush, and I love it when they're in bloom. I ADORE the playsuit.....did you make it?? I've been meaning to make one myself. Yes--blogger photos are crap--I use photo bucket, which works well. My CAMERA is the piece of crap. Love your blog. Still.

  4. Oh--oops. And you and your sister are cute. I have 4 sisters, and 2 brothers. Thankfully I'm one of the oldest though.....

  5. lovely photoes

    where are your charming shoes from ?

  6. Why thankyou Laura. I'm thinking that if I get like massively better, I could do it on like the side to earn money. I need to start saving soon cause living coats quite a lot.
    I lurve my playsuit, jumping around in it is supah supah fun

    Through the lens, how can you hate blueberries, they're gorgeous and so so sweet. Same with me. I think it is of years of never doing any sport except from running for the bus has turned my 'muscles' into stone. Sisters are phooey. Brothers are too, but only when they are older. Younger ones are too cute. Well sometimes


  7. Mermaid you have good taste in fruit! Omg if I had a blue berry bush I would just uproot and build my house around it! I have a plum and an apple tree. But the apples are very sour and about the size of a child head. And they rot on the tree. Something to do with foxes peeing on the roots.

    Yep, the top I didn't make, cause it was part of an old dress. But I sniped it all up and made it from the bust (or there lack of) downwards.
    Oo I'm the oldest too. But my families very close to all our cousins, so if you count them I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers too.

    Te he Anonymous, I found them in an office sale, going for only a fiver. They're hell to walk in but really flexible so you can really prance around in them if you so wish it


  8. M'dear Eve, you have great taste in food. Blueberries and mushrooms are the one.

  9. Mmmh blueberries, personally I prefer raspberries but blueberries are great too!

    Oh and btw I'm :

    welcome to tumblr :D

  10. Jasmine thankyou, it is extremely flowy round the top, I kept on needing to hoist it up, goodness me, all that jumping could have caused a flash

    Vicki true dat! The two are amazing, though separately, never together. Now that would be disgusting.


  11. Ooo Anjelica I'm following you, wow its so addictive! I've hearted like 500 posts. And I love your tumblr, its amazing, all the picture are gorgeous, so heavenly.


  12. awww tilly never hugs you!?

    I like your lookbook and blog :P

    x x x

  13. I love how you reply to comments. You're seem very personable. I"ll have to send you some pictures of my garden in the spring--My dad LOVES to garden, so we have quite a few fruit trees. Our biggest one is peach. (YUM)

    Check it out:

  14. Nope Jodie, mainly cause last time I did I poked her in the eye. We decided that hugging was hazardous to our health, so we've opted for a mere slap round the head, it's a lot less dangerous

    Oo I love comments! You must send me them, I love fruit trees they're so pretty, but my parents have neglected our garden, one of the formalities of them being architects. So sad

  15. that last photograph is soo lovely, smashing grain! xx

  16. Why thankyou Barbara, loving your blog by the way


  17. evie youre so damn beautiful, is that the playsuit that you made?
    ive started a blog, so check it out if you would (:

    love habin xx

  18. Te he, I think I look like superman, I have a very manly jaw and my dad's nose.
    Ooo I lurve my playsuit, the crotch was so hard to overlock! urg
    I;m following you now, te he, now all you need to do is post like crazy!


  19. that playsuit is gorgeous-i wish i could sew like you can- and that kast picture of you and your sister is so cute, and i totally agree about mushrooms, cant say the same for blueberries though!


  20. Caity, awww thanks, though I cannot hand stitch to save my life, I just turn it into a big ball o'messy nothingness, thank goodness for overlockers and sewing machines!

    Te he thankyou, its one of those split second moments, Tilly was in the process of elbowing me, with 'love' of course :)

    Mushrooms are luuurvely, and blueberries are so good, they are the only thing I can eat for breakfast.


  21. The photos of you suspended in the air are fantastic. I want to try it, I just love capturing someone/thing mid-motion.

  22. Its so fun, but most of them my face is all scrunched up, te he, but you should definitely try it, it so fun flicking through all the photos, its like your flying through the air, like you're superman flying up up and away :)


  23. you look lovely, your jumping pictures remind me of the lacoste campaign :)

    love, jazzabelle. x