Saturday, February 27, 2010


the kindness of humantiy often makes me want to scream out

and laugh and cry and many other exultations of joy

the 27th was the anniversary of my aunts death

and my mum got a call

someone, even after 48 years, remembered that little girl for the short two years that she had been alive

and had left anonymous flowers on her grave

it makes me want to smile so widely my face splits in two.

I am also convinced that my sister can fly

And throttle me at the same time

made thsi dress so long ago. It was sitting in my wardrobe calling to me 

Eve Wear Me Wear Me!

I'm thinking of possibly making more, then selling them. 

Watch'd y'all think?

As my mum has made it very apparent to me that I need to start saving for when I go to uni.

So I came up with the amazing idea of building a shed at the bottom of the garden and living in it. 

To which my dad replied


Living arrangements till I'm 60 


I found my old jeans in the back of my draw, and they just called ot me to transformed

I got them when I was 10, so I'm quite proud that after all the junk that I've eaten, I can still fit into them. But I was well fat in year 7, so maybe I'm being dissoluded.

Anywho, it had a massive crotchal rip (that's what he said) and I could no longer wear them for fear of flashing.

so I took a pair of scissors to them.

I had quite some explaining to do when my mum walk in on me. Scissors at had, poised for inscion. 

She told me that that would take a lot of explaining in A&E

And she used to work there. The funnest story she's every told me, was about some guy who came in with a traffic cone stuck up his ass. Te he, so funny.

te he, I'm to cheap to buy those Chanel transfers, so I'll just draw them on with pen. And then I'll turn 16 and be perfectly legal for inking.

Omg I might be going to T in the Park.

I will seriously wet my self if I get to go. 



If anyone else is going, hopefully I'll get to see y'all there.

Te He

xox Eve-Rei

your comments and lurve are like little biro hearts and peace signs on a faded pair jeans


  1. Is that the dress you talked about on your first or second post? It is really pretty :)

    I always cut up my old jeans, but I always cut them at different legs accidently or too short :S


  2. Yep, it can be interchanged for different degrees of strangulation. I had loads of red marks after wearing it. I might make a little video with me showing all the different possibilities, I have them all drawn down so I might post them too.

    I cheese grate my old ones. Its ver ver fun, but hurts so much when you accidently cheese grate your hands. It ain't pretty XD


  3. LOVE THE DRESS SO FREAKING MUCH. It's amazing, really.

    I admire you for even considering living at home until you're 60. I couldn't possibly, I'd either kill someone or myself, whichever came first.

    And, dare I ask about the traffic cone up the guys ass? Because it sounds amusing, hahaha. x)

  4. Love your shorts with the visible pockets! What does it say on it?
    You do love to jump in photos do't you ;) A very good jumper you are

  5. Ale thankyou te he
    Ahh well seeing as I can't save for fudge, so the shed is like the only option, but as soon as I can Im out of there and hopping over the pond!
    Te he I think it was after a footie match, nough said ;D

    Te he Vicki, it says Caravan girl in the most illedgable handwriting ever
    Jumping is like the only thing I can do, te he I used to be one of the top hurdles in Tolworth :)


  6. Lawl I was cutting jeans up before it was cool


    Tilly looks incredible in that picture for some reason, that colour really suits her

    OMG I LOVE THAT DRESS (jeez you don't hear me say THAT a lot)

    make me one pleeeeeassssse I will pay youuuuu

  7. te he, you probably were, my mum say I should cut some of mine up in year 9, I think it was, but it didn't go very well, so I didn't try again till now, and most of the work was already done, I just needed to carry on ripping :)

    Tilly does suit light blues, I think its cause she she's arian, the blonde, blue eyes and pale skin does suit lighter shades.

    OMGOSH really? yay! What colour do you want?


  8. OMG AWWWWWWWW, esme's so desperate for a dress! that's so cute. well done eve! esme has transformed! i forgot to add in my previous comment btw that the dress is incredibly proffessioal!

  9. te he, I feel magical! yay :) why thankyou vicki, I feel like doing a tutorial on all the different styles, but I'm not video friendly


  10. You could do differnt photos!

  11. That dress is beautiful. Nice work!

  12. Gorgeous dress! your talents astonish me.
    x s

  13. Okay, now Vicki I'm thinking of doing a whole hog photo shoot for it, I have to do that for my ghost costumes for my portfolio, so I'm going to richmond park for that, but I could drag along this one too.

    Aww april thankyou :)

    te he thanks, I feel really encouraged by everybody's lovely comment, I'll get my sewing cap on and make even more stuff te he


  14. love, love LOVE your blog! I'm really tempted to turn my old jeans into shorts now... :D Follow/visit my blog!!!


  15. Rae, firstly you have an amazing name, te he we can bee rae rei buddies!
    Ripping jeans is like one of the most liberating things ever, it feels so good, if you do you so have to post it on our blog, which I am now following, because it is UHH-MAZING!
    te he


  16. tilly looks like some insane cool ice queen there. what a pose.

  17. she is an insane ice queen

    I omitted the 'cool'

    because well, I'm blood

  18. your blog is beautiful my dear.x

  19. OMG WOW
    I LOVE the shorts and dress :O

    and tillys flying :P

    awesome :)

  20. love the jump shot pic of the two girls ;) nice DIY, the writing looks so nice!

  21. Thankyou Greer, Jodie and Kelly, te he my shorts feel very loved :)