Sunday, November 29, 2009

watering saffron

10ft flower gowns avec fresh fruit! Now I think this officially proves that Kerzner Mazagan Beach Resort knows how to throw a party
xox Eve-Rei

dusty peacocks

I can actually die happy now. Mai Lamore has officially created the shoes of the gods. Fact

Gods who have an unearthly etherial fashion sence (and no more of those toga robes)

These shoes are not shoes. They are works of art which bless people's appendeges with feathered bliss. They are truly amazing. So much that I what to marry them and have little feathered babies who have stilettoes for legs and peacock feathers for hair.

She puts it much better    'A shoe, more than any other clothing item, is an object that already exists before even being worn; shoes do not generally fold up or fall lifeless as most clothing items do when not worn. This 'object' quality has a certain mystery to it, akin to a sculpture with a life of its own. A high luxury shoe should look as stunning on the foot as it would in a vitrine.'

te he he, would anyone like to lend me about £50k so I can buy my future feathered spouse? And maybe some little Alexander McQueen 10 inch bad boys to keep it company.


xox Eve-Rei


out there mushroom fawns

I got invited to, by the wonderfully fashionable and street savvy Vicki 
Te he he, it's so addictive, it's madness.
I'm right here 
I love it there. So fast and fresh. I never really realized how many different forms and styles of fashion there really is in other countries. And Sweden and Norway I am impressed, you're both so damn fashionable. If I could list every single countries that has impressed me, then there would be a very long list before your eyes.

Awww fashion makes me happy. My insides are smiles, a goofy toothy smile. Spleen say cheese.

But it is so sad that all street fashion is not like that. You go out on the streets and I fear people don't really go for it anymore. Okay I live in suburbia, but here we have access to the most amazing charity shops around, which are cheaper that high street brands. 
I'm most upset with the teen age generation. We are meant to set the preset for the fashion of our decade. The fashion that will make a come back in the autumn collections of 2032. Which will grace the covers of Vogue in 17 years, the style being deconstructed and injected into the high street brands. 

And yet all we have really is shorts and tights. And okay those shorts may be river island and absolutely gorgeous. But there's no justice in pairing them with modest black tights. 
Black tights are there for contrast, and not comfort. At least try berry colours, which are always so gorgeous in comparison to the tumbling leaves of autumn.

Hopefully the trend is over, for winter at least. Though I still spy a saddening number of 10 denier lycra clad legs.

Okay I will not offend the tights and shorts look any longer. Because i do admit to combining shorts and tight occasionally. But only if the shorts are a acid washed pair in the pinkest pastel. 

mmm, hotpants

xox Eve-Rei

grey hearts and other swirling masses

Thank you girls for wearing my designs. You are the best ghosts ever.
All designs  © Eve Archer 2009
Please do not steal, reproduce or alter them, or these pictures with out my written permission

Hope you like

xox Eve-Rei

blazing pinks

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been silently freaking out about my french oral exams, which are on thursday. It's so weird how I'm freaking about those 10 insignificant minutes more than anything else before. 
Well actually I lie. I've had worst panic attacks before. I get very nervous about so many things.
Like with any performance I do, I totally freak about before hand.
That that is a good nervous, because then it turns into the euphoria of being on stage. Of acting. Now that is the best feeling the the whole world.

Talking of drama, I have to thank the seven most amazing girls in the world. Sorry this is a bit late, but the girls who all played the ghosts in a mother's voice, were amazing. Their acting was superb and flawless.
But also they all wore my designs for the school play, and thank you girls for putting up with me, 8m long scarves are very hard to wear, and I'm sorry. 

Te he he, I felt on top of the world when I was mentioned at the end, I went as red as a tomato. Everyone clapping, I thought I would cry.

Apparently I've now been labeled as 'that girl who did those costumes' at school. I had a girl come up to me on the bus, whilst her friends lay on my feet. Don't ask, I think she was tired.

And then it hit me, that's what I'm going to do for the rest of my life. Put my heart and soul into something I love and strive for that applause. Even if I only get that once more in my life. Wether it's after a fashion show, amongst the models. Or on the red carpet, my name in bright, white lights. Or after a final performance on the stage. My heart beating so fast it's almost in failure. 

I think I'm going in a little to deep for a sunday morning

Mais, j'ai beaucoup de reves de jeune fille, mais j'ai l'intention d'y arrive. 

xox Eve-Rei

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

electric blues

Hey, I guess not many of you will know but I am an aspiring, amongst other dreams, fashion designer. With fashion being all about being 'out there' publishing here I guess will be a perfect point at which to start.

Originally designed for my school play, I've taken the original concept and made a dress, which is a little less theatre and a little more fashion, hopefully. 

all dresses and their designs are © to me, so no stealing!
Excuse my face and legs, I'm no model, but I can't really put them on my brother, and my plastic model is way to busty.
I hope to be producing more, and because of the way they're made they can be put on in a number of different ways.
More pictures will be a'coming your way.
xox Eve -Rei

a rose tinted introduction

Hi, new too all this blog stuff so bare with me. 

Ever since I was little I've been in love with fashion. From wearing ray bans at age 1, to wearing brogues at primary school, I've always loved clothing that was slightly kookie. And I guess that's I what I think fashion is all about, standing out because of what you wear. Of course I see my style through rose tinted glasses (I so badly what some, £3, so I have had most amazing disasters, but hopefully I'm better because of them, and yes I've learnt that a leopard print skirt, should not be a top (thank god I was only 5.) But fashion for me is an evolution, turning with the trends, but staying true to your own personal style.

I absolutely love to dress up and walk down the street, just for that one look from that one stranger, whether it be, what the hell is she wearing, at least they've thought about what I'm wearing. Street style is something that I draw all my inspiration from, because fashion in the flesh is so much better than on a glossy page. So I'm hoping to dedicate this blog to inspiring people with fashion on the streets. Fashion that may only be glanced by a few people, but hopefully with this blog be seen and celebrated by many more glances.  I'll also be putting up pictures of my own clothes, more than often, and I hope people will comment on everything, because fashion is all about what other people see.

xox Eve-Rei