Wednesday, November 18, 2009

electric blues

Hey, I guess not many of you will know but I am an aspiring, amongst other dreams, fashion designer. With fashion being all about being 'out there' publishing here I guess will be a perfect point at which to start.

Originally designed for my school play, I've taken the original concept and made a dress, which is a little less theatre and a little more fashion, hopefully. 

all dresses and their designs are © to me, so no stealing!
Excuse my face and legs, I'm no model, but I can't really put them on my brother, and my plastic model is way to busty.
I hope to be producing more, and because of the way they're made they can be put on in a number of different ways.
More pictures will be a'coming your way.
xox Eve -Rei


  1. Wow. Don't apologise! You look like a bloody model! aaahh so jealous! Love your look, and your 15!? Wow again. I reckon you should post your outfits on your blog from lookbook too, thier so inspirational, just my thought anyway. I love the dress, did you realy make it? I really wanted to get into sewing but gave up far too soon, its so hard! I think I'd rather just be in awe at other people's work, like your own! Me and my bestie are starting a blog, where from Australia aka downunder, we'll send you the address once we get it up, and if you have time I'd love you to have a peek! Can't wait to see more!

    oh by the way, some of the writing on your blog is really tiny, just a hint to help.

    :) big smiles your Aussie fans!

  2. Aww thanks that means so much to me. Te he yes I'm 15, I'm getting old, 14 was a much better age. and I'm no where near pretty enough to be a model, and I'm 5'2".
    I am going to start putting up my looks, and more photos from those shoots, so lol watch this space.
    Thank for telling me about the text. The thing is, that size is fine for my eyesight but I do need to think of others, so thanks for the heads up.
    xox Eve-Rei

  3. lol, you're hilarious! You sound really down to earth too! I was watching the new (to Aus at least)Harry Potter movie last night (Ron is so cute!)and you remind me a little of Luna Lovegood! In that your so damn pretty!But I reckon that you definently have the upper hand. Perhaps the height thing would not work, but you still have the the stunning face of a model! Like before- aaahh so damn jealous!!! I only found the text under the heading 'blazing pinks' difficult, if that helps. Awesome, can't wait! Ps my bestie and I are also incredibly jealous that topshop and other drool worthy shops are in reach for you! We can only order online, sigh, the girls from the bush just ain't that rich enough...we can always dream though!

    Sending our fashion love, your #1 Aussie fans! xox

  4. Sorry that didn't really make sense about the text, the text size under the heading 'blazing pinks' I find difficult, which is the same text size you use in other posts.
    ps I'm real sorry if I come across pushy, or someting like that. It was just a thought- I can still read it, it's just more difficult than if the text was larger. Man it is sooo hot today in Aus, I think it's something like 38 degrees today- sweat is so gross. Especially on the bus. Our bus is so dodgy, they have actually glued shut all the windows (in order to stop people throwing stuff out), and then they cram us all on! What's worse is when there's some guy who's standing in the aisle next to you and he puts his arm up to hold onto those handle things, and you get a full hit of B.O Yeah, gross... Ha,ha, sorry for like complaining. You may have guessed but my bestie and I just got off the bus...

    xox your #1 Aussie fans