Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a rose tinted introduction

Hi, new too all this blog stuff so bare with me. 

Ever since I was little I've been in love with fashion. From wearing ray bans at age 1, to wearing brogues at primary school, I've always loved clothing that was slightly kookie. And I guess that's I what I think fashion is all about, standing out because of what you wear. Of course I see my style through rose tinted glasses (I so badly what some, £3, so I have had most amazing disasters, but hopefully I'm better because of them, and yes I've learnt that a leopard print skirt, should not be a top (thank god I was only 5.) But fashion for me is an evolution, turning with the trends, but staying true to your own personal style.

I absolutely love to dress up and walk down the street, just for that one look from that one stranger, whether it be, what the hell is she wearing, at least they've thought about what I'm wearing. Street style is something that I draw all my inspiration from, because fashion in the flesh is so much better than on a glossy page. So I'm hoping to dedicate this blog to inspiring people with fashion on the streets. Fashion that may only be glanced by a few people, but hopefully with this blog be seen and celebrated by many more glances.  I'll also be putting up pictures of my own clothes, more than often, and I hope people will comment on everything, because fashion is all about what other people see.

xox Eve-Rei

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