Friday, January 21, 2011


I think you can gather that I love circles. Adore them in fact.

I've found a way to cure my bad blog related organizational skills. Whilst I'll still do full length posts on my multi coloured hair, how I'm further plunging myself into debt and my brewing insanity, I'll intersperse the time it takes me to find blog-worthy content with my life in photographs. Circular photographs. 

As a certain Meerkat would say. 'Simples'

There's a happy little dog featured quite a lot in these circular contraptions. In art we're building up to our final piece, a textiles piece which will then inspire an installation, within the themes of Memory, Family and Desire.

I desire a dog. And a horse. Thus my piece in all probability will feature some crazy hybrid mash-up of the two.


xox Eve-Rei

p.s I found a heat press in the DT rooms. I literally had a mental explosion. I'm so elated right now.

Well until my dad dumped all my dirty plates and cups on my bed. Thanks dad.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Oh Noes, my hair has turned a tropical green, what is the meaning of this?

Means I finally got my ass round to dip dying it again. Vicki chose the colour, which I think was an incredibly wise choice, seeing as it pretty much matches everything.

So, as my face is steadily getting more and more troll like (the green hair is not helping.) And it would be like a certified 15 rating to post that kind of ugliness on the web, I've reverted back to old school style, and have put pen to paper, and started to doodle my outfits, as a form of sound procrastination and anger at the seasonal lack of light.

outfit one

pink cropped jumper Cos

white maxi Topshop / £10

golden belt Fabric Land / cheap as a sheep

outfit two

velvet strip bolero Topshop / £35

lace dress Vila

black body con H&M

Should I carry on drawing my outfits, or do you all prefer photos?

Christmas was well, Christmas like. I think the only upset of the day was that my mum forgot the peas, so I did not succeed in making a vegetated mash mountain. And I lost miserably at scrabble. Though it was my sister who tried to sneak the word 'wom' in. 

And New Years included pina coldas and a good helping of Ben Barnes, so I went into 2011 a very happy bunny.

For the past few weeks the only things I've been able to concentrate the small amount of creative brain cells I have upon, is my art coursework and the second issue of FRINGE magazine. 

But when ever I do get stressed and bored from painting transvestite ghost horses, I splurge.

So here are the first of my splurgences.

001. Electric Blue Tea Dress; Asos

gorgeously lurid hue + peter pan collar + lace = the most beautiful dress in the world.

cue bird song and angel choir, I have found my new go to dress.

How could you not fall for such a delectably coloured dress? My poor photography really does it no justice. The colour is like electricity itself. And electricity feels damn good.

Ignore my last sentence. I've lost my mind over the dress.


002. Navy Stripe Velvet Shirt; Topshop; £35

I bought this sadly presale for the christmas party,which was prematurely canceled. I then daringly ducked my head into the Topshop sale, and found it had been reduced in price quite a bit.

Well c'est la vie. I tried to comfort my self by saying they didn't have my size. That sort of worked. Not.


I've been taking heaps of photos of all the cats, since the kittens have disappeared for their surgeries. 

Ryuu, was just being as bad-ass as ever and hanging out on my sisters bed. Sadly he did not see the glasses and think, 'ooo I'll just pop em on'

Because that would be too insanely cool. Or ridonkulous, which is my new favorite word.


003. Floral Corduroys; Topshop; £20

I'm not really a trousers person. That's not to say I don't like the clothing clad comfort of the lack of a gentle breeze, but I do find jeans and trousers in general so fiddly and annoying. But I saw these floral beauties for £20 and in my size. I practically screamed, as I'd had my eye on them since they first came out. I always say that 'oh its too expensive, I'll wait until the sale' and finally I've been able to  speak the truth. 

They're corduroy as well. I swear I'm going to marry a geography teacher when I'm older. Elbow patches + corduroy trousers = my kind of man.


004. Cosmic Print Body-con; Asos; £11

Whenever I wear it, suddenly the robot unicorn attack music comes on in my head, and I'm thrown back to a crystal coloured world. Which I'm not complaining about. Its very short too, though my short legs make it look pretty long


005. Face Necklace; Lazy Oaf; £14

I really do adore Lazy Oaf. All of their stock is just so adorkable.

This necklace is my new favourite piece of jewelry. Its so lovely, and just puts me in a good mood, even that frowny face. Also can you see my sneaky photoshopping skills there, one necklace, both sides. I do admit to being a little chuffed at that. Even though I took me a while to work out how to do it.


I've actually been asked to feature some designs in a fashion show, so that will occupy me for the next few months. So exciting!

I have to leave to babysit the kittens. They've just got back from the snip and can't walk straight. Lulu's still drugged up and Meme's just going manic and has scratched my eye.

Though perfect opportunity for me to invest in some funky doodle eye patches. I'm feeling a little nautical... But don't we all around this time of year?


xox Eve-Rei

your comments and love and are like precious little pirates, heart-shaped eye patches and all