Thursday, December 31, 2009

brighton lights

I went to Brighton Yesterday.

So fun! I love Brighton. My cousins live there, so we visit sort of often. Kinda. 

te he

Okay so first we to the Pier, which is actually addictive. We won so much stuff though, which is weird. Inigo must be lucky. He is the king of slot machines and ruler of the Star Trek game. 

Seriously his face just lit up as soon as we got in. 

look he's practically glowing. But who wouldn't in this place?

this is heaven on earth. Lurid lights, a place to lose your already unstable income, and as many chocolate covered waffles as you like. I could live here. Maybe they'd let me sleep in the hello kitty machine, with all the plushies. Possibly maybe.

Spock! I never thought I would find you here of all places. Te he I love that movie. I saw it I think about 4 or 5 times in the Cinema. First day with my parents and then with mes amis after. And then I got it on blue ray... I'm sorry but if you had Chris Pine in high definition would you not watch as much as possible?

her coat was so cool up close. Brighton fashion. Tip Top

And those dogs, hella cute! And they look so much better in the rain then I do

I really need to decide what colour my hair is. It changes daily. It not red, blonde or brown. Meh, thanks mum and dad for mixed up genetics.

The lanes. Are Beautiful.

So many Vintage shops, its beautiful. Truly gorgeous.

the above shop was lovely. It smelt so nice. You know the smell of vintage shops? Like sense sticks and musty clothes all mixed into one. Those dresses in there were so lovely. In pristine condition and each and everyone was lovely.

There was this lovely sequined number in black with tropical coloured sequins dotted all over it in leaf shapes fronds. And then this other shawl made other of black feathers. Much like the Kate Moss feathered jacket.

I fell in love with this outlet that sold Vivienne Westwood. Look at those booties!

Red rubber anklets with golden stud buttons. I'm in love. And I can buy love for only £75. 

OMGosh they are so so so nice. And they have that rubber smell, their perfect. I need them so badly.

I will return my love as soon as I have saved.

big bow and my Cos hot pants. Tonight is going to be a good good night

Me, some Shandy fuel and the Mark Ronson  'Here Comes the Fuzz' album 

that's how we celebrate New Years Archers style

have a good one

xox Eve-Rei

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

stay golden

A careless bird is complicated
An empty nest still leaves a space

I felt like a bird today.

Standing in the madness of the Topshop sale.

Standing there

in a massive

black feather coat

I was Big Bird, but his raven cousin, from shepard's bush.

I was going to buy it. But it was £90. reduced from £200. 

I weep.

So anyway I went to Westfields today. 

Almost fainted

Got some cute hotpants (pictures a'coming)

And fell in love. In Miu Miu. O' fo'shizzle

lace dress ♥ vila - £16
peach under-dress ♥ vintage
wonder woman belt ♥ french connection

omg that dress annoyed me all day long. So rude! the under-dress kept realvelings itself to the whole of Westfields. I hate it when you have to keep fiddling with your clothes. Meh. I wore it with my denimn jackets and boots to rock it up a bit. Sorry for no pictures, but I didn't have a camera at the time.

Anyhow later I roped my mum into taking that shot and others. As soon as my mum is faced with the prospect of shooting in poor light she'll go on full power trying to find 'the light'. It was very funny.

Find the light Eve! Find the Light.

So here's some of the shots. 

did I find the light?
pout girl pout. 
I'm like  mermaid with all that hair. It's always so static. Does anyone else get that. Really static hair. I need to meaure my hair, I think it might be nearing 2 foot. It's at my waist, just about. I love long hair, it's like a princess, I always wish I had long hair when I was little. I had a bob and frindge instead. Thanks mum. 
hellz yer Tilly, keeping it really real with that middle parting. I might upload the rest of these photos, they are actually really funny. 

any favourite pictures?

probably not, I look like a drowning fish

xox Eve-Rei

Sunday, December 27, 2009

get a clue nancy drew

I decided not to return my horse dress but instead said goodbye to my Stella McCartney skirt. 

bye bye my silver coin beauty. to bad you weren't made for hips.

not that I have any. well atually seeing from the multiple mackie d meals and chocolate creams I have consumed over the past three days I should be the size of a house.


Anyhow goodbye Stella, hello brand new Booties. 

I saw them

I craved them

I bought them

for only £75! Bargin

well not...


So as I had decided not to part with philip my horse dress (yes I named it philip seeing as that name means lover of horses) I decided to wear him today.

And seeing as I was on an adventure today, battling trough the mad hordes of post-christmas shoppers to get to my beautiful booties. I decided to go for a 'Nancy Drew eat your heart out' look. 

take a peak

waist jacket ♥ vintage
 elephant broach ♥ vintage
horse dress ♥ topshop - £18
bag ♥ asos  - £20 
socks ♥ yestyle
boots ♥dune - £75

te he I love my bag. It's all brassy and sharp. Great for clearing crowds in sales.

Me and my sister got a little exposure happy later.

lol pretending to be our mum with our death glares. We see into your very soul

that pose is for you Rosa

xox Eve-Rei

Saturday, December 26, 2009

blue moon

Boxing Day
I'm so fat. I've eaten so much stuff it's not real. 
Ooo I opened up my presents from my yaya (Greek for grandma) today. I got the Stella McCartney skirt I've been pining for. A Howling Wolf dress and a new bag. My bag is cool, but a secret from all you guys. All I'm saying is that it is the new Holy bag
Anyhow today I felt like a space cadet, so I tried to dress appropriately
glasses ♥ asos
 necklaces ♥ vintage and accessorize
dress ♥ topshop
belt ♥ french connection
leggings ♥ primark
shoes ♥ vintage

lonely wolves cry at night 
and space cadets die of fright

xox Eve-Rei

Friday, December 25, 2009

throwing some shapes

Givenchy's Spring RTW
I think I might start taking an interest in maths
Seeing as  Givenchy's Spring RTW collection is a geometric marvel.
Surly hues contrast in the most simplest of forms. Black and white stripes litter the jackets, panelling  collars and selves. Strong forms are thrown with strong blazers.
Angular shapes and flat shoulders, straight trousers and cutting stilettos.

The intensity of the collection isn't lost at any . This is some powerful stuff.
Pow Pow Pow
the soft rippling fabric show a softer side to angular. 
ooo the details are scrumpicous. Piles on piles of tulle in the softest of shades, just like a cream cake. But a very geometric cream cake. 
and then the hyponosis sets in 
my eyes have been razzle dazzled
I wish there was an animal with this pattern as their fur. They could hyponotise everyone into doing strange things, like acting like zebras or doing crazy dancing. 
must obey givenchy's flowing opitcal illusions 
must obey
xox Eve-Rei

 ♥ christmas ♥

okay so on this day of joy and happiness I'm wearing pink. Yep no christmas hand knitted jumpers for me
hairband ♥ asos
 necklaces ♥ festival and acsessorize
top ♥ vintage
belt ♥ vinatge
skirt ♥ asos
tights ♥ acsessorize
shoes ♥ M&Co

and on Christmas Eve I wore this 
glasses ♥ iMax
 necklaces ♥ festival and acsessorize
waistcoat ♥ vintage
broach ♥ vinatge
top ♥
shorts ♥ zara kids
socks  ♥primark

xox Eve-Rei