Friday, December 25, 2009

throwing some shapes

Givenchy's Spring RTW
I think I might start taking an interest in maths
Seeing as  Givenchy's Spring RTW collection is a geometric marvel.
Surly hues contrast in the most simplest of forms. Black and white stripes litter the jackets, panelling  collars and selves. Strong forms are thrown with strong blazers.
Angular shapes and flat shoulders, straight trousers and cutting stilettos.

The intensity of the collection isn't lost at any . This is some powerful stuff.
Pow Pow Pow
the soft rippling fabric show a softer side to angular. 
ooo the details are scrumpicous. Piles on piles of tulle in the softest of shades, just like a cream cake. But a very geometric cream cake. 
and then the hyponosis sets in 
my eyes have been razzle dazzled
I wish there was an animal with this pattern as their fur. They could hyponotise everyone into doing strange things, like acting like zebras or doing crazy dancing. 
must obey givenchy's flowing opitcal illusions 
must obey
xox Eve-Rei

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