Tuesday, December 29, 2009

stay golden

A careless bird is complicated
An empty nest still leaves a space

I felt like a bird today.

Standing in the madness of the Topshop sale.

Standing there

in a massive

black feather coat

I was Big Bird, but his raven cousin, from shepard's bush.

I was going to buy it. But it was £90. reduced from £200. 

I weep.

So anyway I went to Westfields today. 

Almost fainted

Got some cute hotpants (pictures a'coming)

And fell in love. In Miu Miu. O' fo'shizzle

lace dress ♥ vila - £16
peach under-dress ♥ vintage
wonder woman belt ♥ french connection

omg that dress annoyed me all day long. So rude! the under-dress kept realvelings itself to the whole of Westfields. I hate it when you have to keep fiddling with your clothes. Meh. I wore it with my denimn jackets and boots to rock it up a bit. Sorry for no pictures, but I didn't have a camera at the time.

Anyhow later I roped my mum into taking that shot and others. As soon as my mum is faced with the prospect of shooting in poor light she'll go on full power trying to find 'the light'. It was very funny.

Find the light Eve! Find the Light.

So here's some of the shots. 

did I find the light?
pout girl pout. 
I'm like  mermaid with all that hair. It's always so static. Does anyone else get that. Really static hair. I need to meaure my hair, I think it might be nearing 2 foot. It's at my waist, just about. I love long hair, it's like a princess, I always wish I had long hair when I was little. I had a bob and frindge instead. Thanks mum. 
hellz yer Tilly, keeping it really real with that middle parting. I might upload the rest of these photos, they are actually really funny. 

any favourite pictures?

probably not, I look like a drowning fish

xox Eve-Rei


  1. Aaah, the days of the bob. My fringe was always wonky :|

    Your hair is so pretty!

  2. Mine was identical to my teachers so you could have imagined my embarrassment

    thankyou, but it is so knotty I might give up taming it and just develop dreadlocks.

  3. cool pics, love your hair! Mine will NOT grow. I feel more like a peasant than a princess ;]

  4. Great pictures! I want to have your hair. I know what you mean, I can't stay indifferent near Topshop sale ;).

  5. Meghan - thanks, te he. Awww no! I'm sure its not and I bet you have the hair of royalty. te he, mine is like some crazy bush in the morning, so much brushing!

    Michalina - Topshop sales can be good, bad and very ugly. Especially in Westfields!