Sunday, December 27, 2009

get a clue nancy drew

I decided not to return my horse dress but instead said goodbye to my Stella McCartney skirt. 

bye bye my silver coin beauty. to bad you weren't made for hips.

not that I have any. well atually seeing from the multiple mackie d meals and chocolate creams I have consumed over the past three days I should be the size of a house.


Anyhow goodbye Stella, hello brand new Booties. 

I saw them

I craved them

I bought them

for only £75! Bargin

well not...


So as I had decided not to part with philip my horse dress (yes I named it philip seeing as that name means lover of horses) I decided to wear him today.

And seeing as I was on an adventure today, battling trough the mad hordes of post-christmas shoppers to get to my beautiful booties. I decided to go for a 'Nancy Drew eat your heart out' look. 

take a peak

waist jacket ♥ vintage
 elephant broach ♥ vintage
horse dress ♥ topshop - £18
bag ♥ asos  - £20 
socks ♥ yestyle
boots ♥dune - £75

te he I love my bag. It's all brassy and sharp. Great for clearing crowds in sales.

Me and my sister got a little exposure happy later.

lol pretending to be our mum with our death glares. We see into your very soul

that pose is for you Rosa

xox Eve-Rei


  1. Which skirt did you return?
    Lush boots I must say although gold links would have made them even more perfect. <3
    And also, loving your bag.
    Phillip the horse from Narnia!

  2. Was it the gap skirt? That collection is beautiful :)
    But your horse dress is lovely, I want the horse jumper from topshop :D

  3. That Stella McCartney skirt I blogged about eariler. Though I have enough to buy it back, so I might do that seeing as I haven't returned it yet. Hmmm... I see a plan a'formin'

  4. Though vicki I think white still works better. Gold can be a bit over rated at time, too much is too bling

  5. Oh! You should have kept that skirt and returned the horse one. Although isn't the Stella McCartney one similar to the H&M one?
    Noo! Gold always works best a mon avis!

  6. but the horse dress is such a lovely shape and length. The skirt is too big for me too, I can't wear a belt with it because it just bunches up too much. The waist is just too big. Which is sad.
    Silver is better than gold, it's all futuristic and angelic.
    It's got a bigger body than the h&m one and is a nicer colour

  7. great shoes! I also want this: D bag is also great, she has a cool design.
    I think you have a sense of style;)
    I invite you to my blog next time.
    sorry for mistakes

  8. ahhhh! u have soooo fantastic style! Love ur blog!

    Can I know how old r u?
    come to me

  9. Luka thankyou so much. I checked out your blog and I love your clothes! Sorry I can't read it, but I'll follow you cause I love your pictures!

    Silvestre thankyou! I'm 15. Yep


  10. I want those boots!! lol and those pics of you and your sister are awesome btw. PS, cute blog!

  11. sara lynn you have great taste in boots! I haven't taken them off in three days. I have blisters all over my feet, but I love them so much!

    te he, those were the between shots, all the ones where we relaxed and made silly faces. Before it was just me in the shots and then Tilly did her big entrance as she does with every shoot. We're like chalk and cheese.

    and thankyou, I shall check out yours too!


  12. Hi there!!! ^^
    Thx for dropping by and leaving your lovely comment!! And to be mentioned, your blog rocks! ..especially all the vintage-style pics are great!! I should follow yours too ;) xoxo

  13. Ms Lady thankyou ver ver much, your blog is so lovely to read, I enjoy reading it very much

    xox Eve-Rei