Wednesday, December 2, 2009

pink percy pigs

I have my french oral examination tomorrow. Gosh, my mum went and banned me from speaking French at home because that all I'm speaking in right now. So rude! I'm even dreaming in French. Apparently that's a sign that you can speak the language when you start dreaming about it. But I really doubt being able to speak a language to the extent that I can talk about the effect of alcohol on young people's livers, is really speaking that language.

J'apprends le francais depuis huit ans mais je ne parle pas bien le langue.

Oo I was flicking through the evening standard (yes I read free papers because my sister stole my money. £11.25! I could buy some delicious hair-clips from accessorize with that! So rude!) And I spied the cutest thing ever! (well currently in my mind, mostly it's all just fashionable rabbits speaking French in there) It was what appeared to be a very stylish looking pig.

On further inquiring on the internet, I finally found my fashionable little farm animal on the browns fashion blog.

Isn't she darling! Her jewel encrusted dress probably costs more than I have in all of my savings (which okay when you're a shopaholic like me, isn't too much.) Her boots are so cute and delicate, If only my size three feet were even smaller so I might slip into those perfect booties! She looks like the perfect shopping partner, she defiantly would not object to my ramblings on the perfection of the sound of an overlocker, how it vibrates the table, giving me perfect edges....
Oh how perfect it would be to dress her!

But her god-like creator, Kazumi Hiruma has already filled that role (well of course) and has supplied her and all the other animal related jewelry fanatics like me, with an entourage of petite silver-skinned girls, cats, mice, rabbits and dogs.

Take a look and squeal with pleasure

ooh the joys I could have with these beauties around my necks...

x x x

xox Eve-Rei


  1. They are sooo cute!
    Oh Eve, Im in such a dilema I've just met the shoes of my dreams in Topshop...but I have no idea what UK size I would be! Aaarrh. I'm hoping you would be able to help me out. I have a pretty big foot- size 9 sometimes 10 depending on the brand, Australian size. I was thinking maybe size 39 or 40 UK size, after checking with the unreliable internet, but there are so many website conversions that all say different things...oh this sucks!...Sorry I'm not usualy this stalkerish,

    XOX your desperate in need of help #1 Aussie fans

  2. Oh goodness these are beautiful! I love the little mouse! <3

  3. Ooh topshop does often have dream shoes, they have a very lovely range!
    I think you would be a size 6 or 7 in english sizes. I think, cause I'm a 36 which is a 3.
    I used the office and the topshop websites, so that should be right

  4. Hi darling, your blog is jolie, following you, follow moi too! ;)


  5. Thankyou sooo much Eve!!! Once we get our blog up I'll introduce you to the dream shoes...Good luck with your oral (I hate the darn things!)French...bloody hell, we only got the choice of Indonesian! Thank god it was only compulsory for a year! Selamat pagi! (I think that means Goodmorning, I would say thankyou in Indonesia but sadly have lost all recollection of what I learnt that year)

    XOX your Aussie fans

  6. Oh my gosh, we just stumbled across an amazing online shop, or whatever you call these heavenly things it's titled drool worthy alright, although it breaks our hearts becuase like all heavenly devine born things, they also bring a hefty price tag...damn...well one day when where rich......

    XOX #1 Aussie fans

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  8. Hello! i really like you blog! you have a really lovely writing style :) x Z

  9. Thankyou guys, te he
    net-a-porter is loooooovely, though too expensive for my shallow pockets