Tuesday, December 8, 2009

dusted rose

I'm officially in love with Stella McCartney now. Fact.

Have you seen her range for Gap. I could have fainted when I was in the baby section (don't ask). There before me was the most pristine set of children's clothes ever. Ooh the monstrosity of their beauty. If I could have I would have screamed manically grabbed the rack and ran out of the store, a size 11 of each piece. Well in my head I would have, the woman at the counter was eyeing me suspiciously. Well that might have been because I was hugging one of the skirts and trying to bend down to the tiny tot sized mirror. But that's beyond the point.

Take a look at these beauties. They are the royalty of children's wear

Though I must say the fox stole the show for me. It might has been nice to see darling Mr Fox in a tulle skirt perhaps.

te he, there he is again. I also might have to steal that girls hair. Such a lovely colour. Man I wish I was brave enough to dye my hair. I wonder if I would need two sets, seeing as my hair reaches way down my back...

Ooo I could drool over that skirt. Good thing I can fit into a 10 years old's clothing, that skirt is mine. Well as soon as I raise £35. I was hugging it in the shop. It's so beautiful and delicate. I've seen a lot of skirts like that around. New Look does one, so does Zara and H&M and I'm sure Topshop does a version. But nearly all of them have bad stitch work. Okay I might be the only person in the world who goes round inspecting the stitch work, the hemlines and the state of the embroidery. But the construction of some of the skirts is very lazy.

But of course not this soft palleted baby. The stitching is impeccable. The length and state of the fabric is to die for. But of course it's Stella McCartney, so that's a given.

I'm not sure which colour I should go for. I'm liking the mint (silver coin). But yet that dull rose is my favourite colour.

c'est un grand problem pour moi.

xox Eve-Rei


  1. Simply adorable


  2. Oh MY GOD. The skull jackets! Oh my oh my, I love the mint one best. Although the pink one is pretty too.

  3. the rose skirt defooooo the best by far! so cute and loving the colour too! lovelyyy. the girl in the third photo will be a stunner when she's older and i think you should die your hair ginge, two packs indeed.

  4. oh and i don't like the fox :/ it looks scary and dead!

  5. Ooo such a choice. I think I'm going to go for the green one, seeing as I don't have much of that colour in my wardrobe, and I've got to start getting ready for spring, which I have decided is going to be pisacio and pastels, combined with reds. So I guess the green is a must.

  6. And the fox is fantastic, he's fantastic mr fox! just look at those eyes and that cheeky grin. I bet he's a very good dancer!

  7. I was just looking back at this because you were talking about the skirt in your most recent post. And i noticed that the fox is in exactly the same position the close up photo and the first photo with all the children!

    Maybe he is dead :S

  8. oh yeah, and that last comment was from Laura.

    Meh I hate being anonymous :(

  9. then get a blog! or at least a google account