Friday, December 25, 2009

christ is born

Happy Christmas Babes

Ooo I love Christmas! I got up at 6 today to open up presents. But then fell asleep in my sister's bed watching Jonas. Joe's tousled hair was a lovely sight to wake up to on Christmas morning.
I love opening presents, though it wasn't dark this morning like it usually is. When I was little we always opened up our presents in the dark. But that is becuase I was a vampire. I still am. Jokes.
Anyhow, Inigo screamed at every present he opened, it was quite funny. So I did a little screaming too, in the name of Christmas of course. 
Okay so to start off with I got some lovely Fairisle Boots
My pigs approve, that's because they have great taste in footwear. Well the soft fluffy kind.
Next up, my glasses ! Yay, some that fit my face. I got two more pairs of the iMax ones, and painted them. Gosh I could smell the brain cells dying from the fumes.
Then I got my wonder woman belt. Ooo I feel like a super hero when I put it on! It's a little big for me, but if I sit it on my waist it's perfect. Well I think that's where it's meant to sit, seeing as the label that came with it had WAISTED writtin in big red letters. Or maybe that's a indication as to what I should do today....
And then I got my new phone. Well, I opened it up a few days before because my contact ran out so Vodaphone offered me a new one. 
Its a vast improvement on my old brick.
then I got some lovely tees. The top is a funky dunky cow print vest. And then on the bottom is a running horse dress. I must say his mane looks fabulous. The pigs agree.
From my sister I got a really cute 'E' necklace. 
Oo so much stuff. And then I got this hairband. So cool! and this petal skirt. But I'm wearing those, so pictures of my outfit are a'coming
xox Eve-Rei
many christmassy kisses


  1. Oooh Merry Christmas! My brother woke me up at 4.00am

    I am one tired girl

  2. Tehehe, I only got to sleep at 2, and then Tilly and Inigo got me up at 5:30

    It was one drowsy christmas