Saturday, March 19, 2011

success if it outlasts milk


Crazy days my life is now over

But in a good way, a very very good way

The fashion show was the other night, and words can literally not describe my happiness right now

I might actually explode in a shower of glitter, tea and chiffon

But photos and a video will come very soon, seeing as I now have nothing else to do with my time

Except make tents and fill them with unicorns and rotting plants

You know, the usual


There is an explanation for the rotting vegetation.

I've just always loved sheet forts, a tiny tent of comfort for the sleep depraved. It's a small, warm bubble away from all the dark to sit in and pass away those small hours, as the star projector burns golden freckles upon my skin and I feel so warm and settled inside as the world outside is still.

After my art coursework, which has, finally after 7 months of life consumption, been handed in, we got to put on an installation in our school. So I made a tent. With rotting vegetation. And a unicorn.

It was actually pretty surreal sitting in a tent for nearly four hours, with only a small star projector and a stream of people coming and sitting and having a chat.

I enjoy conversing with people in the dark, its a hobby of mine, so it was an intriguing task trying to piece together who was sitting in front of me from just the sound of their voice.


It's a curious feeling holding a belt worth £180 in your hands and seeing a price tag with an explosion-worthy price of £1.99

I felt like a thief, standing there in the Children's Society, handing over my two pound coins

I had to resist the urge to dance

My mum thought it was a fake but all the numbers and 'made in Italy's are all the same as those on the internet


I don't think I'll ever want to stop working in that shop, it such an unbelievable joy to be surrounded by such lovely clothing

So if anyone's in Surbiton at 2pm on a saturday, come have a chat in the Children's Society. I love talking to costumers, though except that one guy who bought a zombie movie and lectured me on robots and the end of the world.

I've been trying to get ready for summer too, by cutting down on the amount of cake I eat and replacing it with water, because I'm determined to actually look nice in a swimsuit this year. Seriously though, I'm pretty sure if you cut into me you'd find cake.


Okay so I've finally found the cable connecting my camcorder to the computer, so I'll get my video editing cap on.

So in the mean while as I wallow in my technological incompetence, here are some little teaser pictures of my pieces from the fashion show.



xox Eve-Rei