Sunday, December 13, 2009

the stars are alight tonight

sparkly hosiery always makes me giggle. te he he

But seriously, Miu Miu's crystal stocking are no laughing matter. These stockings don't laugh heartily. They giggle in a tinkling crystal fashion. They flash their pearly whites and make polite conversation on the current economy. These pale pink beauties are there to entertain and attract everyones eyes. You could wear the most hideous orange jumper, and still their black knitted bodies would still flush away all the badness in your choice of attire. They trained professionals in the art of making everything beautiful.

They are the details that make other details cry at night.

are your socks blubbering yet?

I really love the nudes that their paired with. They aren't trying to hard. They are what they are, and in that, their shear elegance is beautiful. And though the socks are fantastic and so wonderfully bejewelled, the clothes are still so perfectly tailored. Their shapes are clean cut, yet the matte fabric softens the whole collection.

I really lovely the bra showing through, allowing for the vast expance of the collar and sternum to be visible. It's not saucy but ver ver chic. The bra, and it's postioning, makes it look almost like a dickie bow. And the cut of the shirt, and it's non-exsistant neck line is so simple, yet so refined. But you'd probably get very cold in that.

Oh my gosh
That skirt is pure delight.

I have died and gone to heaven. And let me tell you Heaven is a truly sparkly place.
I could die right now. Those details make me shudder, and not because it's -3 outside and I'm ill. Because of their pure beauty.
I think I'm crying now.

I fell asleep on the bus today (and in 3 out of 5 of my lessons, mainly because I slept for only 2 and a half hours.) If I had had the stockings on I would have surely woken up. Their reflective beauty would have mirrored the christmas lights of k-town and woken me straight up.

Too bad I wasn't, because I then went on to miss my stop.

xox Eve-Rei


  1. totally agree! the detailed embrodiery is delicious enough to eat! except for i would waste the beauty in my poo... which is not very effective.

    also, lizzy wants to join us in thje charity rounds in surbiton after mocks! i went to some cahrity shops in rmond an d they are actually pretty good!

  2. te he he glittery poo, lovely, it would be kinda painful too with those big jewels...

    omg surbiton is amazing, its even been in some magazine, citing it as charity central, when ever my mum with younger she got some burberry macs in a jumble sale there.