Friday, December 18, 2009

glitter babies

its glittery eyes are watching you
are you watching back?
Well you should be. Erin Fetherston's fall collection has completely revamped the  workings of animal masks, the likes of which would usually be seen in a Venice carnival. 
Complemented with crimped hair, these beauties were carried down the runway, skewed on the sides of the models heads. The masks projected the heads of little tiny bejeweled animals.
Grinning mice and foxes with a fantastical smiles.
champagne stars and grizzly greys
ooo they make me quiver in their farm animal forms. If only I could have that glittered rabbit perched upon my head, i would be a truly happy bunny indeed.

who knew sheep could smile. Abet, a little sheepishly. Te he he I'm a glittery sheep.
xox Eve Rei


  1. beautiful! the heels on the last pic remind me of john galliano!

  2. ooo agreed. And they're such a lovely colour of grey. Drab is beautiful, especially when glittery

  3. those colours and the dresses and the masks and the models are so beautiful!
    The model wearing the sheep mask is stunning!
    Laura :)

  4. She is, she is, but I'm sorry but that sheep steals the show. He sparkles for luba's sake!