Saturday, December 5, 2009

blurry hemlines

Roland Mouret's Galaxy dress in 2005, was ionic in its design, so when I found out that he was launching a new collection of minidresses, I was, wow, over the moon.
I would drool over these dresses, but I wouldn't want to ruin them. 
They are a-mazing. These dresses are so fresh and sleek, and from high hemline up they are perfection in cocktail form. 
Nowadays, with so many different styles and trend flying about it is hard to just find the dress. You know that one that you just fall head over heels in love with and want to eat it you love it so much. 
Actually I had that with a dress a few years ago. It was sea green with a velvet bodice and then a crepe skirt in emerald green. And I did love it so much that I wanted to eat it and store it in my tummy forever. To bad my sister beat me to the punch, literally.
Anyhow deterring from my strange childhood. Have you seen these dresses? The rainbow has been redefined and transformed in to an astronomically beautiful set of dresses.
My favourite has to be the blue, which originally I though was grey, but, te he, that's just my eyes going funny. Or maybe the navy or the saffron. ahhh I can't decide they're all beautiful.
I looked up all the details on the net-a-porter site, and wow. The construction of all of the dresses is almost architectural. The necklines, especially on the saffron dress is like origami, the tiniest little pleat in the centre.
I would squeal, but of course that would be so out of character of me. Not. I want to though. All these details, make me shiver. Some of the most perfect cocktail dresses have been created, thankyou Roland Mouret thankyou so much.
xox Eve-Rei
r a i n b o w


  1. ooooh the dark blue and yellow ones :)

  2. I think those two are my favorites. so elegant.

  3. this reminds me of american apparel.
    i love the shape of the orange one! too bad it isn't in another colour though :/

  4. aah I think that colour's alright and it's a lovely shape

  5. I love the navy one! So puuuurtty

  6. its folded panels are such a gorgeous detail on the front, ooo I love it!

  7. You went on net-a-porter! Yeah it's great, but too true the prices fit only the rich and famous, but we still love to obsess over them!!! We find the site quite addictive actualy.
    Another site (blog) you may like, who is an Aussie-
    It's almost Christmas!! Can't wait! It probably snows where you are, I think today it was like 33 degrees or something. Not to bad though becuase it's only like a 10 min drive from where we live to the beach!

    XOX Your #1 Aussie fans

  8. Omg it's like the site of the gods. Umm I love it. I especially like the way you can see all the details, not many sites do that.
    Oo I've seen her blog, she is soooo pretty. Meh
    Lol it's near to snowing here. So cold, which doesn't help because I'm ill.

  9. I know don't you hate those damn lucky people with incredible genes? Also, incredibly jealous of her lucky finds in thrift shops! I hate being sick, hopefully you start to feel better. ps I was so close to purchasing the shoes off Topshop, but realised that they were black not the dark choclate brown they had appeared...they lost there appeal after I realised, but I have decided that I'm going to save the money in an attempt to buy a piece of heaven aka the devine born shoes at net-a-porter. I'm going to be sooo broke...but I did relentlesly search the sight and there where some shoes there that were something like $380 Australian, which is pretty good considering they are designer and are so unique, not to mention unbelievably gorgeous! Check out the shoes under Miu Miu- studded ankle boots, aah love at first sight! I can't decide whether I prefer the brown ones or the black ones?

    XOX you Aussie fans

  10. I love thrift stores, actually that reminds me I'm going to wear my vintage jumper to baby sitting today.
    Ahhh dark brown isn't that bad, I just guess you have to be careful what you wear it with I guess. That happened with me and my Paul's boutique bag. I buy one each year, and this year I set my eyes on this pink beauty. Now it looked pastel pink in the photo, but it turned out to be neon. I almost cried, but then I went and bought it in black.
    Being sick is disgusting, I was sick down the toilet twice, and then the rest of the times it was in my mouth. Really really disgusting, I thought I was going to faint in my exam today.
    And when i doubt always go for black, they make a statement and are rocking with any outfit.

  11. Mmm I love, love, love, loovvee vintage! My bestie and I can't wait till uni even though we'll be poor, were looking forward to the amazing thrift shops they have down there. You can find some realy unique pieces, god it's fun! Hope you feel better soon :)

    XOX your #1 Aussie fans

  12. Ooo thrift shops make me giggle. They're all little gems. Especially brick lane. That is heaven! So many gorgeous shops, and Surbiton too. Te he he I love charity shops to much.
    Aww thanks, I'm getting better, but I have to be by monday. Crucible performance.

  13. Oh, sending our good luck!
    XOX your #1 Aussie fans