Sunday, November 29, 2009

out there mushroom fawns

I got invited to, by the wonderfully fashionable and street savvy Vicki 
Te he he, it's so addictive, it's madness.
I'm right here 
I love it there. So fast and fresh. I never really realized how many different forms and styles of fashion there really is in other countries. And Sweden and Norway I am impressed, you're both so damn fashionable. If I could list every single countries that has impressed me, then there would be a very long list before your eyes.

Awww fashion makes me happy. My insides are smiles, a goofy toothy smile. Spleen say cheese.

But it is so sad that all street fashion is not like that. You go out on the streets and I fear people don't really go for it anymore. Okay I live in suburbia, but here we have access to the most amazing charity shops around, which are cheaper that high street brands. 
I'm most upset with the teen age generation. We are meant to set the preset for the fashion of our decade. The fashion that will make a come back in the autumn collections of 2032. Which will grace the covers of Vogue in 17 years, the style being deconstructed and injected into the high street brands. 

And yet all we have really is shorts and tights. And okay those shorts may be river island and absolutely gorgeous. But there's no justice in pairing them with modest black tights. 
Black tights are there for contrast, and not comfort. At least try berry colours, which are always so gorgeous in comparison to the tumbling leaves of autumn.

Hopefully the trend is over, for winter at least. Though I still spy a saddening number of 10 denier lycra clad legs.

Okay I will not offend the tights and shorts look any longer. Because i do admit to combining shorts and tight occasionally. But only if the shorts are a acid washed pair in the pinkest pastel. 

mmm, hotpants

xox Eve-Rei


  1. yay for my mention!
    i agree, street style is boring nowadays and i HATE boring outfits. it annoys me.

  2. I know same, sometimes I feel like going out wearing a piñata on my head just to shake things up. Actually I might

  3. lol that would be crazy cool. maybe like a hairband? omg a unicorn!

  4. I do have a piñata head lying around I may have to fashion a hat from it