Sunday, March 7, 2010

my dino ate my face

te he, I spent the whole day just speaking french and being filmed eating chocolate bunnies. 

My mum bought a ping pong net 

so now I'm a master

at smashing light fitting and chucking pingpong bats at walls. 

And I learnt several things today
One. Phone your Grandma before you visit. She may be naked. And you may be scarred
Two. Epidurals make everything better, and too much air and gas, causes you to be completely off your face
Three. I will never ever drink again. Beause it causes dementia. And then you scar your grandchildren
Four. Giles ss10 rtw has caputered my heart
For ever and ever

dinos for satchels? What a beautiful monstrosity. I could put my lipstick in their tummies! And let my lunch be digested by their little cotton enzymes, te he

Its like my world finally makes sence! 

She's like a pastel pink space cadet. And I love space cadets.

Like Spock, but he's not really a cadet, more like a holy master of all things glorious and is condemded to being badly replicated by Robbie Ray Stewart.

hoopla! hoopla!

Okay usually, I hate 'a little bit of flesh' but here, I feel like tearing up all my clothes just to try and get that silhoette! Its so damn beautiful.

And never before would I say that I would very much like a spider the crawl its way along my neck line, or wander its way through the tuelle.

that's what she said


okay Office Spoilers 

PB + J = Very Very Cute Baby!

Never before did I think I would stay up a whole night just to find out the name of a fictious baby

I love 'The Office' way too much.

Yep I cried at their wedding. Y'all have to watch it!

I so so so badly want this Ashish sequined top. It's like finding nemo mixed mixed in with the beach boys! 

For only like, £405, yeh cause I have that much money! Especially after my parents stopped my allowence. 

meh meh

To all residents fo the British Isles, check out '5 days' on BBC iplayer. Of course not for the faint hearted, but it is such a beatifully exuctued drama, one of Britian's finest

Only 5 epsiodes, and I heartily recomenned all of them. Go on watch em, I garanty that you'll be hooked in 10 minutes.

xox Eve-Rei

your comments are all like little blessed sequined stars falling from up above. te he delightful


  1. Not a fan of Ashish or any of those clotehs but OMG that photo of that pink dress with the clear caging :O love it even though i'm not a fan of metallics! xx

  2. I love the two gold and pink dresses, especiall the one with the caged bottom bit!

    and OMG dinosaur bags! That is pure genius :D

    Meh i was going to do my orals in the car up to my nana's but i fell asleep! :( so sad, i have to learn like all of them tommorrow.

  3. Oh Vicki, how can you not like them? Okay so I dislike everything Ashish, except for that top, but everything else is lovely to the extreme, well except the last dress was worn by a certain someone who I hate and is a media hog. Te he you can probably guess who

    Those dino bags are UHH-MAZING I really want one for my school bag. Tut tut Laura, but I can't really talk, I didn't really do any this weekend, I'm just learning them little by little. Gee damn I hate orals so much, and I need to change my time as well tomorrow


  4. wow, your blog is lovely!
    the dinosaur bags are very cute. :)

  5. How many times do I have to say it--I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I hope you'll check out mine: (and leave a comment. =D)

    I wish I lived in England.

  6. Can I ask why you were being filmed eating chocolate? :P And I'm not a massive fan of the collection, but love the glasses and the pink dresses :)

  7. please say i am not the only one who thought the collection was amaze? dinosaur bags. tops with spiders.
    mr presland is like 'we're doing natural form inspired jewellery' and i'm all 'booyah, i can make a bug necklace which is SO IN.'
    he's like; 'no bugs.'

    congratulations on the jack petchey!

  8. dino bags are pure genius, not too keen on the collection. the bit about enzymes, im pretty sure that your bio teacher will be proud to see you use that word in a fashion blog (-:
    do pics tonight and send to hkim27 please, thankk you. ly bubba.
    beeble xo

  9. I was like..."oo, someone left a comment on my blog." and TA DAH!!! It's from YOU!!! Thanks so much!! I"m such a ditz too. I'll have to watch this wonderful Office episode. Tree pictures are indeed wonderful.

  10. I love these photos :) Cute blog!

  11. Te he thanks Joey, I read your blog and it is so good!

    I was eating rabbit for a video project. I'm filming the rest of it soon and I have a photoshoot for it on Sunday :)

    Omg through the lens he so said the same to me, he shot down every single one of my ideas so rude! And divo bags are just way too cool!


  12. Te he beeble i'm sure mr bell would extremely proud of me for mashing up bio and fashion in a very incorrect manner. Love your post on the dresses!

    Mermaid I am like the ultimate ditz I keep walking into posts! I need an eye check. Te he you so should watch it, it made me cry I was so happy!

    Thank y'all for the lovely comments you guys are too good for me!


  13. Great blog! It's vintage and unique...and the things you discussed are interesting. The pics are superb! Your style is awesome! I'm going to follow you b/c I like your style, really.
    Anyways, I love the whole dino genre. I will defiantly strode the streets with a dino bag in silver! :D
    P.S. I hope you can check out my blog, and tell me what you think. :)

  14. man , this post is full of soo many awesome things ... giles, ashish, grandmas!


  16. I love that first pic, really pretty! French and chocolate, how can you go wrong? :P

  17. oh this post made me smile so much :D
    love it!!
    great blog
    stop by some time xx

  18. i really like your blog <3

    amazing pictures!!! :D

  19. amazing!!! I love your blog, also I like this collection of Ashish, though not always a fan

  20. eve we miss your blog posts! come back! xxx

  21. Oo thankyou all for your comments, your too kind to me. Te he yes Vicki I am back and I've got my typing fingers on