Thursday, March 25, 2010



that's mine and Esme's new swear word 

Its diabolical

Doncha think?

Te he 

Yep I'm back

After three weeks of solid anixety and sleep loss

Okay, so me and my drama group worked like 4 weeks or more steadily on this piece. 

30 bloody minutes.

Every lunch time, after schools,weekends and holidays

And then our teacher watches it and says 'Girls its Crap' 


with only two days till the show case.

So we had to redo, retouch and reorder our whole piece in 8 hours. 

I thought I was going to eat my hand

Which is actually my only party trick 

so my one thought was


but it's over and old news.

And I got to freak half of my year by twisting my arm right back at the start and emboding sin in a very grotesque and gymnastic style


Okay so here's something to make me think lovely thoughts again

Those who have been blessed by page 64 of the lastest Vogue, would have seen the ticklish treat of  Tom Binns' Jewellery Collection.

I could carry tea around my neck! Though those tiny little holes and titchy cracks might prove hazardous to my plan! Damn!

How devishly goregous are they

Tiny delights on golden chains

Tiny little instruments of absolute adoration

Poised to ensnare

golden plated biscuit anyone?

Dont mind if I do

Watching that vinaigrette lovely along to Laura Marling's 'I speak because I can' is pure heaven

Her voice is actually haunting.

I'm so annoyed that I missed her perfromance at Banquet Records the other day. Stupid GCSE exams!

I've been in love with her every since I heard her 'My Manic and I' in 2007. 

And then I found out that she used to go shopping in Kingston. 

Which made me extremely happy.

Just like Goldfrapp's fifth and almost finest album 'Head First'

not as good as Black Cherry, but definetlely some serious bedroom dancing funkey junkey here.

Alison Goldfrapp and Debbie Harry?

My life now makes sence! I am complete!

xox Eve-Rei

your comments and love are like little piggys giving me tiny snuffly kisses


  1. at last a post!
    aw poor babes about the drama, but it all came together at last right?
    those necklaces are really cute! esp the last two.
    i want a small piggy.

  2. Te he, I know finally I've started a'typing again. Yeh it was alright in the end, but so much stress! It was like serious hell to get there. Meh the woes of the wicked.
    The necklaces are lovely, but like £2000! there's this gorgeous white lace beauty, its magnificent, I just couldn't find a picture :(
    I want a small piggy on a leash


  3. omg those piglets are adorable! I want one :)

    Your drama was amazing in the end though, and your crawling bendy stuff was so creepy :D

    I love all the teapots on the first necklace, i really want a little tea set, so cute!


  4. Pigs are very clean as well, so that's an extra!
    Sorry but ours was rubbish in comparison to your mirror freak out, gosh chilled me to the bone! And when the hands came out the mirror, I totally jumped!
    My yaya has a teapot collection it fills up her whole kitchen.
    Ooo don't forget tea and cakes for tomorrow!


  5. YAYAYAY--you're back--happy day. <3 Pigs are so cute. And--awesome new swear word. Chunky necklaces are splendid.

  6. love those adorable piglets! that brown one needs to squeeze a lil bit more in so it won't get cold. i love those vintage adornments for your wrist ! great post!
    i want one too!

  7. Te he, yep I'm back and have actually been going round saying stuff to my sis like 'pig off' and 'go pig your self' so much fun!

    Why thankyou Begoand very true all his sibilings need to shuffle round a bit! I so so badly want one! I might get married in one :)


  8. I take drama AS and we're doing something quite similar - my teacher's lovely but she drives me mad "project from the diagaphragm.... don't talk through your teeth dear"

    The necklaces are adorable btw, very eclectic :)

  9. ooo I'm going to take drama for AS too, but I'm thinking of just doing just costume. I might do one performance, especially as my last one has kinda spurred me on to try and disturb others with my disjointed twisted arms even more. Though I refuse to do any Artaud, its just disgusting.


  10. That jewlerie looks really nice and extremely heavy :)

  11. woo yeah pigs

    pigging exams

    and pigging orals

    and pigging everything


  12. I find your blog so inspiring! I was just wondering, since you make the loveliest clothes, where did you manage to learn? Because I'm taking drama, art + media gcse and just haven't been able to fit textiles in! Do you have any tips? (+I saw those necklaces in Vogue too, the lace one is AMAZING)

  13. hello darling, lovely pics! you have been tagged and awarded from my blog to yours. check out my latest post for more details. xx

  14. love goldfrapp!!!!!! Also checked out ur lookbook it is amaze!!

    Swamped in flowers <3

  15. Yes Esme, pigs. Pigs Pigs Pigs kdseg.fkgh Pigs

    Te he thankyou Anonymous, that has actually made my day. Wait scratch that, whole month. I started sewing a while ago, but only little accessories and plushies. Then I started to branch out into clothes. My mum used to be a designer, but she believes in tough love, so I had to figure out the sewing machine by myself. I haven't ever had the joy of learning textiles, but the most important things is just keeping your interest up. Whether its just design on paper or actually sewing garments, just make sure your always doing it. Its a learning curve, not an instant thing. But if you love it, which I'm sure you do, then it'll come easily :) yay


  16. Ooo Thankyou Ella, I'll be sure to mention in my next post :) Such kindness!

    OMGosh Izzy you have exceedingly good taste! Goldfrapp is my god! Te he thankyou, do you have a lookbook account too?


  17. The necklaces are so pretty! Oh & I really enjoyed watching the Alice film :)

  18. Ooo Ilka, I haven't seen it yet, I'm not too sure if I want to, usually if a film has a load of hype around it, I tend to avoid


  19. Thank-you! That's really encouraging :)

  20. hey! love ur pics! just started a new blog! would mean a lot if you take a look :)