Sunday, April 4, 2010

I have offically lived 19.2% of my life and will die when I am 80

It's true, my dad told me so

He also told my brother that he would die when he was 75 in the same year as me

To which my brother started to cry.

And simply said 

'I know why'

And sulked off, motioning a cigarette to his lips

And such is the life of the Archer family on easter Sunday.

Okay so apart from being told I will die in 24,583 days my life is pretty damn fantastic

do you know why?

Because my sisters presence will be leaving our household tomorrow

to go to Boston

leaving me with 8 blissful days of silence. 

only 25 hours left

Hellz YEAH.

so to celebrate I painted my nails


See it's the American Flag. In a nail polish form

I love holidays

especially when your feet are attached to a pair of the most beautiful shoes in the world




and have literally not left my feet. I did actually sleep in them yesterday

te he

see there they are on my feet. Glowing with awesomeness

That was my outfit to GK's 16th. 

I was a Seadragon

Well actually a seadragon who's bestriend is a seahorse, who's husband is preganant.

But just saying a Seadragon is less of a mouthful.

I made my outfit too, and I litearally put my blood sweat and tears into it.

Well I burnt my fingers and sewed into them a few times

Put on my deoderant whilst I was in the dress so it went all over the place 

And then shoved my finger in my eye and cryed all over it.


Actually it was very, very fun

Amazing actually.

So to continue the high I was on, I decided to go up to Brick Lane to go to the American Apperal Rummage Sale.

But some idiots decided that they didn't  like to queue anymore.

God Sake, we're in bloody England! Queueing is the only thing we're actually good at!

So I go up there, get soaked and then find out its shut.

Big Frickin' Pigs!

But thankfully all the other shops were having their price reductions and sample sales, so I got to run from shop to shop looking at all the vinatge goodies.

And I found in Traffic People they were having a 3 for £20 sale on everything. 

So I perchased these lovelies

Oo Oo For anyone who wants to ask me any questions, I now have a formspring account 
go on ask me anything, it could be the most randomest of questions like, how do you cut your sandwiches, or have you ever seen a floating skull
well maybe not the last one, it would lead to the explanation of a very strange story
te he tummy tums
xox Eve-Rei
your comments are like the smoothing masculinity of the Old Spice man's voice


  1. Aww, I'm sure you love your sister very much ;)
    clogs are incredible! so is your outfit; fabulous!
    Grr, silly american apparel rummage :(
    love you other buys :)
    x x x x

  2. thats well unfair, how come you arent going to boston with her?
    soo need a holiday right now, i loved you at gks, you were hilarious. stupid aa rummage, might go tomorow cause its been extended! but apparently its really shit... xx

  3. Olivia we are literally like chalk and cheese and she always punches me! My arms are all tender and those 8 days will let my bruises heal.
    Te he if there was a way for my clogs to be surgically attached to my feet I would do it. They are the love of my life.
    I'm actually extremely angry at AA now, I refuse to look at any of their socks.

    Tilly's going on the ski trip, with Mr Tiplin. Oh the fun I've got out of teasing her about that, te he he.
    I really can't remember most of GK's, though I do remember giving a hi-five to Laura but having cake in my hand and then also whispering secrets to Mr Jacob the fish and also getting married to Lizzy and Vicki, with Laura being 'our little bit on the side'.


  4. that t-shirt with all those chicks on it are soso cute! i want it :) the clogs are so nice

  5. Te he, my brother had a easter themed day at his school so me and my mum made it for him, we also made little chick glasses.


  6. oh my sweet jehosevah, you have seen the old spice advert? i have perfected the script for that advert, i can say the whole thing in my 'man voice' whilst striding around on my 'boat'.
    i love your costume, and the chicky t-shirt.

    i'm on a horse.

  7. The old spice advert is just beyond words. That man, pardon my English but I just want to lather up his unblinking face. And it's continuous film, just pure awesome.

    The horse, stole the show, facial acting at it's prime


  8. nice blog!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE SHOES?????? I NEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD THEM. you dont understand, i need them. your blog is a very big inspiration to mine!! xoxo

  9. I love your nails, your clogs, your way to live your life, and u have a really nice blog! I like the sea around me! ;D
    Now I'm your follower, I hope u'll follow me too on: . See u soon! Xoxo

  10. i've awarded you with a sunshine award :)

  11. Oh I love the shoes! I went to the sale on monday too! And in true england style it rained. My brogues were stained three shades of brown because of the rain! Aah but I went back to brick lane yesterday and got some nice skirts and dresses so its all good. Your brothers t-shirt is overly cute! And I love your nails! Ha you must have a STEADY hand! I fail at nailpolish with ONE hand :D

  12. That all made my day...the shirt with the mini chicks on it....the pictures from the party (awesome), and I"m starting to like those clogs. Awesome sea dragon costume by the way. I"m glad you posted again...I was beginning to miss it all. =D

  13. I love that t-shirt you made for your brother, it's too cute!!!!! By the way, I've given you a Sunshine Award - you can chexk my blog for details

  14. Maia I got them from Topshop ( and they are UHHMAZING

    Aww thankyou you Coco, I love your blog, the pictures are spectacular. Te he I'm following you too :)

  15. Thankyou Mary and Beni, ooo I do love awards, yay I'll add them to my little collection :) Thankyou

    Aww man Anjelica we should have met up, I haven't seen you in ages! Ooo I found this little market that you would love, Cabbages and Frocks. Its lovely! Well I just didn't show you guys my right hand, its horrific, you can so tell I'm not ambidextrous :) te he

    Yay I glad I made your day Mermaid, I love it when it happens, makes me happy. The clogs are amazing, but they cut off my circulation just a little, but no pain no gain. My costume is dead, I had to hide it from my mum, it has a hell of a lot of stains on it, ooops :)


  16. hia, i thought you would like to know i awarded you with a sunshine award :D
    love your blog, keep up the great stuff ;)

  17. Ohh that market sounds wonderful! We really should have met up!

  18. omgosh, please blog more often, I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG POSTS!
    they are always so amazing.
    i want the chicks tee shirt.
    and the clogs are cute. :)

  19. Thankyou TTL, you're very kind :D

    We'll have to in the summer Anjelica, I haven't seen you in agees!

    Awww thankyou Mariam, well with my gcses in a few weeks I only get to about once a week but as soon as they're over I'll blog loads :D


  20. Wait doesn't ur brother go to St. John's. How come they get an Easter themed day??? I love your seadragon dress!!!