Friday, April 16, 2010

jumpsuit sailors

I was  ever so productive today

like seriously I have never seen so much productivity ever.

it was mind blowing

here are the products of my labors

eve being productive = 2 hours spent making blue tack rabbits

see I made the first one, but he said he was lonely.

And I do not think it is right or physically possible to make little blue-tack rabbits cry

so I made him a brother.

and that was my day.

te he 

I despise exams. I hate their very essence and wish to banish them to some far off tundra of loneliness

urg, but there is a light on the horizon

my birthday

yep the 1st of May is in sight 

and thus I made a list 

1. Johann Animal Button Playsuit - £50 - Urban Outfitters
My mum says that I look good in pastels and pales hues. Probably because I'm a deathly irish pale, actually almost lavender, so bright colours wash me out. I don't know why but I really love the print of the lower half, I don't have much beige in my wardrobe (I organized it into a rainbow the other day) so this will make a lovely addition. Also it will go well with my clogs, which is a must.

2. Kimchi & Blue Tipped Wrap Front Playsuit - £48 - Urban Outfitters

I love playsuits. I don't know why but they make me look taller especially with heels, so this is perfect, espcially with nautical making a come back. I do love nautical, though not ancors. I like it when it's almost preppy. Well I do adit that I took the next step and changed my facebook language to pirate. Te he, ahoy me harties.  

3. Button Detail Bodysuit - £18 - Asos

I feel like getting a bodysuit. Though my mam said wear it at your peril. Mainly due to the fact that it is almost impossible to go to the toilet, in a dignified manner.  Though this 0ne is sweet, the blue suits me, and also is in size 6, I swear after asos's sale like everything is gone in my size! Though this lovely was kind to me, thankyou body suit for tailoring to my size, thankyou. Oo and a body suit will mean that I won't have any problem's with having to tuck it in constantly. I rejoice :D

4. '80's Fabulous Belt - £18 - Urban Outfitters
I basically decided to get my whole list from the Urban Outfitters site, before hand it was entirely from K Shoppers and Yes Style, but I'm now out of the shipping time. I do have a penchant for decked out belts, as they do so wonderfully tie together an outfit. This one works fantastically, with it's chain detail, so fancy. Te he, though I might have to punch some more holes in it, I've become quite skilled at it, using all my mum old surgical tools, I feel like I could be in Grey's Anatomy.

5. Metal Clip Frame Box Bag - £15 - Asos
Oh I do love my bags, the shape of this one is gorgeous, and the stextured finish is lovely, like insect skin, almost but not quite. I could fit my purse and oyster card in quite snugly. Lovely, and it has a clasp too, ooo goody. And its very slim and neat, that is a needed quality in a bag.

6. Nude Lace Gloves - £4 - Asos
I saw these delights, and just had to ask for them, they're lovely. The nude colour is lovely, and the lace pattern is different to anything else I have. Though hopefully they'll fit. I have builders hands, so that means I have very stubby fingers, they're disgusting, so these little angels should cover my fat sausages right up in their lacy love.

the total being £153 hopefully I might get some of them. My dad seems quite set on convincing me to get a camera, but I might dabble into my savings for that, I do have my eye on a panasonic lumix, as it is ever so small and cute. 

I went to the Grace Kelly Exhibition yesterday. She is my favorite actress and my ultimate style icon. So you can guess I was bubbling with excitement, clutching my  hermes style bag, complete in sun dress and stockings, channeling as much Kelly as I could. Until we got up the desk to pay for tickets, and they put up a sign saying 'Grace Kelly is sold out'


I could have cried.

So to quench my fashion needs, I sat by the Alexander McQueen case, wondering how if I was a master thief, I might swoop into it's glass perimeter and steal is insectine delightfulness

She is too beautiful. Oh I think I need to go watch 'Rear Window' again.

well after I've been to Wagamama's with my yaya

sadly I think it may end in being thoroughly embarrassed by my brother playing 'Charlie the Unicorn' at full volume and trying to catch people with his tongue.


he he

xox Eve-Rei

your comments and love are like tickets to the Grace Kelly exhibition strapped to little juice cartons, sweet and stylish


    1. poop, not happy that nautical making a comeback, not a fan. i love winter and spring clothes over summer clothes if im perfectly honest. nice to know that youre making little rabbits instead of revising, love them (: see you tomorow at school *sniffles* x

    2. which items do you want us to get you?

      that top part of the first jumpsuit is beautiful, i'm not really fond of leopard print though :/

      hehe second one is like sailor moon!

      you can get leotards with the clip on bits at the fanny area! it's a lifesaver! esp as i went to the toilet more than ten times at gks!

      those lace gloves are so beautiful! ahh <3

      mm wagamamas <3

    3. The first playsuit is gorgeous (and the leopard print is the best part Vicki :D ) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the belt! Lovely choices! You will have a very happy birthday if you get any of them ;)

    4. that belt is gorgeooousss.
      and charlie the unicorn is one of the best things ever, my brothers are addicted to it too...
      "charlie. charlie. charlie. charlie."
      "we're on a bridge, charlie."

      that is usually said at the dinner table. most days.


    5. the little rabbits are the cutest things ever!! i want to keep them :P
      i loove the top half of the first play suit and not very fond of the bottom :/ ooh and i like the second one too :) i hope you get what you want

    6. Agreed Beeble, I don't mind navys and whites but some people go a little overboard, though like vicki says it's more sailor moon, which I love.
      Oo I prefer spring and summer wear, less clothing and you can rock the pastels with out looking chipper.

      I'll talk to you at school about la pressie, I just have to check my mum's email to see if she's already bought stuff.
      Okay I never thought I'd say it but they need a fanny patch, how embrassing would stripping be!
      Oo the gloves are love! All lacy te he


    7. Oo Olivia if I could get any one of them I would be so happy! Yay you like them, I think the print will be good, a little bit of a mix up.

      TTL as always you have very good taste in Internet sensations. Now if only we could do a mashup with the old spice man riding Charlie, now that would be fabulous!

      My rabbits thankyou Mary, my brother made another little one, but his had bits of croissant in it. Oo I'm so looking forward to may day now


      i looked at your tumblr. I am now astounded, once again, why you don't have flickr...
      Really like the leopard print playsuit. I don't usually like animal print that much, but that is so NICE.
      Another pale person here! I can wear pastels too... ish

      Zo x x x

    9. your blog is lovely, m'dear. that is such a shame about the grace kelly exhibition, i heard that the first weekend was sold out! have you gone back yet? it's a beautiful exhibition, the displays are lovely! as a member of the v&a i was lucky enough to attend the preview a day before it was open to the public. maybe you should ask for a v&a membership for your birthday, my mum bought me one for my birthday last year, and it's the best investment ever. you get loads of benefits, plus it's only £23 for students plus £15 extra for a guest :)

      have a wonderful birthday!

      love, jazzabelle xxx

    10. this is so cute! I love your rabbits!
      I love nautical clothes! the playsuit is very nice from UO. The price is okay, i expected it to be more expensive. wow.

      I follow you! :)


    11. gaah i didn't know the Grace Kelly exibition was sold out... I really wanted to go to that sometime this week...
      Nice wishlist, the playsuits are pretty xxx

    12. LOVE number 6 :)

      something magical could happen

    13. ohhh the second one is so lovely :) the playsuits are rather wonderful. x

    14. I love the second playsuit, so adorable! I also like those lace gloves, I might get myself a pair. :)

    15. This sounds a little odd, but I follow your blog, and I went to the cinema in the Rotunda this evening and I thought I saw you! I did a double take! You were wearing clogs and your green skirt. sorry to sound strange, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going mad. :)

    16. hey I discovered your blog through teen vogue snapshot :)
      check out mine?

    17. Great blog! I love the Urban Outfitters nautical playsuit! So cute and perfect for summer!! I am now following your blog :)