Thursday, April 8, 2010

frol·icked, frol·ick·ing, frol·ics

There is a man outside my window with a blowtorch

should I be alarmed?

yes, yes indeed

summer is almost here. 

Like actually near, as in I had to wear sun-cream today. 

Factor 50 of course, if you want to be pale you have to prepared to get sticky

And also Irish, which helps  greatly.

So seeing as my sister is on the other side of the planet, instead of act mopey, we went up to London

And instead of going Brick Lane or Portobello or Oxford Street 

We went to Marylebone

And walked out of the station to be swept into a testorterone filled sea of blue clad Chelsea fans.

Gosh, I though I was going to be eaten by those footie chanting men

it was literally like a choir of dinosaurs.

Narrowly avoiding being devoured I naturally directed my family in the wrong direction.

And ended up in front of a church

Now this is the point where I say I was wearing a jumper and a knee length skirt, modest.

haha, yes right. Well actually I was wearing a khaki body con skirt, a cream lace vest and a vinatge bolero.

A dressed down salute to my sister former modelling days, yep still thinking of you, you lucky skiing git.

So we passed into an alley beside the church and into the most adorable little market.

The Cabbage and Frocks Market to be precise

my face is so hideous it gone and pixilated. Thankyou mum's phone, thankyou

emerald bolero vintage 
elephant broch vintage and then futher cumstomisation
lace vest primark - £3
brown buckle belt sisters
khaki body con skirt topshop - £25
white socks
pilmsoles L.K.Bennet
peacock print bag Paul's Boutique

How awesome was this little market? Vintage beauties, Handmade delights, and a selection of High Fashion stars (*cough* Chanel *cough, cough*)
It was like a divine apparition. 

Sadly moving on we  found Marylebone's high street, which was wow

even the charity shops had Jimmy Choos.
I was in heaven. 

Until my delightful dream ended and I was back in bustling London. 

yep the Tweed Run in all its glory. 

I'm hoping to do it next year, as its on my 101 things to do before I die. 

right next to swiming in a bioluminescent lagoon. 

for real.

Okay so there four lovely ladies awarded me with the Sunshine award. Thankyou Mary, Beni, Jess and Vicki.


1) Post this logo within your blog or post

2) Pass the award onto 6 fellow bloggers

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so 4 awards means I tag 24 people

ha ha ah. no

well seeing as everyone in the Tiffin Bubble has been tagged, so huuuza!

Anjelica, I've known her since forever and her way with words is out of this planet. Tiny little delights in a literary form. Her words make me feel a bit teary, so beutifully written and accompanied by such gorgeous photos

The mermaid in blue, Hannah is probably the sweetest person upon this earth. Her posts are a joy to read, and her photos, well you know I'm a sucker for photos, but hers are absolutlely lovely. 

Be Nice to the Queen Dear Her photography is extrodinary. Actually mind blowingly awesomely godlike. She is so nice and her blog is a wonder to watch,read and gape in awe.

Reve de la Mode, Ella's blog is perfect. It looks perfect and is perfect. I just love sitting there starting at her wonderful array of photos, te he, yes she has shown me that bears can do ballet.

FO※Y GAMINE , her clothing is exquist. Summery and sweet, her taste is amazing. 

Bizzaro, okay so I stepped back into the Tiffin bubble, but Aashna is a dear friend of mine and her musing are so funny. Completely different to every other blog, its a breath of fresh air from the forest of fashion blogs. Keep on writing Aashna, I'm in need of a good giggle.


 okay so I got my allowance on monday, and I had a little left over from easter, basically £20 burning a hole in my pocket

so I spent it naturally on this summer frock

I feel like frolicking around in this and drink cranberry tea.

okay so it's a definite now.

summer is a'coming

xox Eve-Rei

your comments and love are like little tweed clad krill in a bioluminescent lagoon.Tummy ticklingly delightful


  1. LOVEEEEEEE that first photo! so so so so beautiful!
    omg i went to london today as well and saw loads of blue painted shouting men running down the streets and got scared. they were scary and it ws after ages when i realised it was some kind of sporting event.
    that place you went to looks so pretty! omg, i passed cos and i thought of you! lol.
    why didn't you go on the skiing trip! it's the one with school right>?

  2. oh also, love your wrinkly, textured skirt. was about to get the lilac one but then opted for a velvet leotard instead.

  3. Really? It's my 'crap at being curtains' curtains :)
    Oh my blue men? Wow the crazy sorts you get in london, I am so moving there when I'm older.
    OMG Cos! I went there too, you should have gone in, it's amazing! the tailoring is perfect
    I'm a spend thrift, so I could never save up the money and also I need to revise, and I so wouldn't have in America, sad but true ;o
    Oo I was thinking of the lilac too, but I thought that khaki would go with more of my wardrobe, and less people would have it. Omg was that the leotard you wore to GK's, that was so cool!


  4. I think I nearly died when I saw my name--THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love reading your blog too. I"m glad you enjoy my's nice to know that someone does. =P

  5. Oh, and I love the pictures of your curtains. <3

  6. I love you blog! I can't usually comment as my itouch is a poop, so I thought the award would justly show my adoration of your blogging :D


  7. Aww--I'm glad you said so. =D Is it fair for me to award YOU back? =P And nice flowery frock. *giant heart* Ok, and I have a strange question for you. (don't freak, though) I think I'll have to send you a note somehow....

  8. oh wow, i went to marylebone yesterday and was amongst the shouting men- are you sure they weren't portsmouth fans? that's where i spent my day, cringing in a football stadium but then eventually getting into it and enjoying it ;)
    i want to go to that vintage market. so bad.

  9. man o man that is a nice dress :) and the tweed thing sounds awesome. i see that you didn't mention the disaster that was doctor who :| hopefully next week it will be better

  10. Oh thank you ever so much for the award <3 <3

    ohmigoodness that market is AMAZING. tehe I could LIVE there. I love your new dress, it's very pretty. The weather is FINALLY nice! I was actually warm! ahh thank you for the award again xxx

  11. Why eve... thank you. That dress that you bought (go primark!) is very cute . Also, loving the knee high socks, there !

  12. I love all pics!!!!SO CUTE!!

  13. oh words cannot even express how much this means to me! thank you very much! kindess galore. i appreciate your kind description :) you are absolutley lovely, and that frock is adorable. thank you again, i am honoured! xx

  14. ooo TTL my sister seems to effected my whole space time continuum (she often has that effect), the Chelsea game I think was on Saturday, my dad was sadly one of that crowd. I think I went to a sleep over that night, so I might of posted the next day, but for the love of me I can't remember, this holiday has just splurged together in a most undelightful way

    Basia I was so so unhappy about that episode, but after you see it again for about three times (which I have a perfectly good reason for) it sort of improves. A little. Especially when wearing that dress.

    I know Anjelica isn't it just? and they also have dog mingling days! And all the dogs in that area are cute and small. ooo the sweetness. And the weather is lovely, though not today sadly, I was hoping to wear my dress out, but it looks like english weather has again reared its ugly head.


  15. Whoot whoot go Primark! Love that shop, though not its unethical ethcial lie, it makes me deeply sad. Oh Aashna, I read your post, but no matter how many times I try, I just can't post on your blog! Urg I could scream

    Why thankyou Anyana, love your blog by the way, but I'll comment on it there :)

    Aww thankyou Ella that is so extremely kind of you, you so most definitely deserve it and I absolutely adore your blog. Ooo Kindness galore, what a wonderful way of putting it, te he he :)


  16. Awww thanks so much for the Sunshine Award! I'm very flattered.
    The floral dress is gorgeous btw, the pattern and blue colour has a lovely spring feel.

  17. your blog is beautiful <3

  18. The pattern on the frock is lovely! Congrats on making it on the TeenVogue website, too. :)