Saturday, January 16, 2010

going gaga

All I ever did with my Barbies was cut off all their hair. Not like the tomboy 'I hate Barbies' way. No, I just wanted to subject them to the same barbaric hair cut as me. The 'I'm so cool' block fringe.
You know how Misty from Pok√©mon had a short side bunchy? Well in one episode she  it out and she has very long flowing hair. 
I didn't quite understand it wasn't real life. 
So I cut off all of my Barbie's hair
Tied it back up
And let it out
Yep you can imagen how much I cried. 
Ooh Ooh!
I finally plucked up the courage to use my art nouveau vintage fabric. 
My yaya gave me some lovely fabric with has floral nouveau prints on and I've finally decided to put it to good use.
I've drawn out the pattern so I'm going to pin it all up tomorrow. 
Ooo pictures will be a'coming soon. 
I have so much stuff that I've made an haven't put up or worn. I really really should.
When it comes to arty stuff I'm too much of a perfectionist.
I'm not saying that in a 'oo how good am I, I'm a perefectionist' way, its just see fault in everything I do.
So I never want to wear my stuff in case I spot something wrong or people hate it
So please don't hate the Nouveau. 
te he, I using a lot of, in a 'blah blah blah' way today.
xox Eve-Rei
comments and lurve make my erratic heart thump those few more beeming beats


  1. those barbies might be the greatest thing ever!

  2. they so beat sliced bread!
    I'm tempted to style my hair in Gaga's disc shape. It's long enough so I might give it a go! Te he


  3. awesome!!!! i might even have to buy one ;)

    love the fabric!! i'm the complete opposite when it comes to my clothes, i usually feel a sudden creative feeling come on, then find an item to hack at & think i've done an amazing job, so i wear it out that night, then come home & realise it actually looks supremely ugly :P

    i'd love to have your talent!

  4. VERY cool barbies! love it!
    i actually never cut my dolls' hair...though they always looked ragged after i played with them.
    xox alison

  5. Erryn - if only I had know in about them when I was younger, my childhood would have been complete!

    Te he, when I get those burst of inspiration I''ll usually draw it down, and then make it straight after depending on the state of my overlocker. Its just with this fabric its like mega special to my mum, I'm making a type waist coat out of it.

    Mademoiselle Frou-Frou - love the name, te he, I loved cutting their hair and colouring it in with marker pen, abit badly. Barbies with pink and orange mohicans are so very very cool.


  6. Thanks for the truly lovely comment, completely made my day! Those Lady Gaga Barbies are ah-mazing. I wish I had them growing up.

    The Heartbreak

  7. Connie, I love love love your blog, all your pictures are so so great, I love reading your blog, so fun, te he
    I think the gaga dolls have captured everybody's heart, there is even one with the bad romance eyes, but it freaked me out a little too much


  8. Hey girl! I've found you on lookbook and I love your style!
    Perhaps It'll interest you, I make jewelry since more than a year so if you could take a peek it would be lovely. Thanks!

    Ps: and I love what you do with ur barbies!

  9. Ann-Kathrin Kuhn - I love your jewelry, so gorgeous, especially your latest post, my gosh so lovely

    Te he if only those Barbies were of my making, nah it's veik11' genius which made them, mine were just kinda ugly.


  10. Wow, I think Lady Gaga will dominate the world!
    I'm a perfectinonist as you are!God, I take yeaaarrss to draw something, cause I always see something that is crooked, something too much here or there. I think we have the same disease haha
    Recent Emma?? Noo I didn't :O . The only Emma I watched was the one with Gwyneth Paltrow. Of what year is this Emma and the Jane Eyre?
    I will seek on internet. Now that you've said, I'm really curious.
    Ohhh I saw in your lookbook that you are from UK. Yo're so lucky, you must be watching the new season of "Lark Rise to Candleford" *.*
    I'm jealous.
    And you have such a charming blog too. Thanks for your visit and your comment :D


  11. Bruna I understand you completely! It takes me ages to do a single drawing, I just can't get a crooked edge out of my head until I fix it! Ahhh

    The Emma was the year just gone so 2009 and the Jane Eyre was a 2006 mini-series. Some seriously good stuff!
    OMGosh I love Lark Rise to Candleford, it is so so sweet and daft


  12. lol how cute are those Gaga Barbies!!!

  13. I never want Barbie more then now. So cute!

  14. These are just very cute pictures of GAGA! lol. btw, followed you if u don't mind :)

  15. I never had a barbie :S

    Those GaGa dolls are very cool though, especially the first one :)


  16. te he the barbies are of course uber, especially by the fact that they have been Gagafide

    Omg, Laura you never had a Barbie! Well if you want you can always have some of mine, I have loads, me and mum used to make little toilet paper outfits, so they are all naked. Sorry

    Te he, the first one is my favorite too! The glasses do it for me.


  17. Hey,

    I've left you a little award on my blog <3

  18. Oo Anjelica thankyou thankyou, I would give you the award, but you've already got it, godness me! te he, thankyou very veyr much, I am delighted

  19. I am giving you an award, please se my blog :)

  20. Ooooh love them Lady Gaga dolls! Yeah, I was pretty boring with my Barbies too. 2: The best thing I ever did was glueing all my barbie's hair up into a mohawkish style!

    Can't wait to see your creation! The fabric looks so unique and lovely! I just discovered your blog too! It's pretty awesome :D