Wednesday, January 13, 2010

wedding bell whites

Exams will be the death of me
I have like 13 left to go 
I hate mocks so so so much
OMGosh, my brother threw up in his exams 
And then swallowed it back down 
And then told the joke that Tilly taught him in his interview
What do you call a zoo with no animals?
A Shitzoo
Jokes Inigo Jokes

Anyhow , I was searching for my wedding dress, as one does at 10 o'clock at night. But to tell you the truth that kinda thing is therapeutic for my insomnia, so bear with me. Just to put it straight I'm not getting married, I just need to have this in place for my life plan. If someone suddenly says, would you like to get married, and I'll buy you any dress you want, I have to be prepared!

Of course I got drawn back into the Alexander McQueen runway archive and found all these little beauties

This dress is so delicately fine. Did Mcqueen get a hoard of tiny skilled spiders to create that web of gorgeous detail. Seriously, when did human hands get so good that they could create such utter beauty. The neckline is so beautifully undulating, nothing to bold, but softly complimenting the contours of the natural collar bone. 

I can't stop staring at that detail, it's like a tattoo. Okay I think I may have just been tempted to get one like that, must resist.

Don't get me started on the skirt. I would dutifully allow that hem to wrap around me and create a wonderful chrysalis around me. I could be ready to wear pupa by spring time

oops and sorry model for cutting you in half. I wish I was a proper magician.

I have died and gone to a floral heaven. Oh I wish I could become moss and snuggle up in those shoulders. Or better yet become one of those precious flowers in its glorious gardenia colour scheme

bra? nah. my flowers have been carefully maneuvered to my needs!

scrap the bouquet, I'm wearing it on my head. Wait that may prove a little hard to throw into the crowd of adoring singles... way to precious.

Balenciaga, McQueen

Oh Vegas, I hurry towards your lurid lights

xox Eve-Rei


  1. Lol, ew at the Inigo puking story but lol at his joke. Swearing at his age? Tut tut.

    I absolutely love the floral dress worn by Tanya, so beautiful!

    Btw, I just realised that you added me as a friend on Blogspot, how do you do that!?!

  2. alexander mcqueen dress!!

  3. Vicki - ha ha, I think it was mainly tilly's fault, I just got told that that wasn't the joke he told, instead it was the one I told him, which is awesome. What did batman say to robin before they got in the batmobile? Get in the batmobile robin!
    I laughed my sockies off!

    Its structure is actually to die for, like a garden wall, the flower ladder, oh that I could be a wall flower upon it.

    Umm I don't know how, te he


  4. mariska you have great great taste! Oo and I lurve your blog, its so lovely to read


  5. i shall actually have to snaffle away that little gaga dolly with her adorable, deadly spoon.

  6. the spoon is the most deadly of all the cutlery. Whilst the spoon could gauge out a heart, never ever underestimate the butter knife!