Monday, January 25, 2010

where the wool things are

te he guess where I went yesterday?

yay. It was Tilly's birthday so we went up to London so we could get lost in Topshop.
Fun... She tried on 18 things, only got three. 

One of a kind. One of a kind
We didn't even get to go to any vintage shops because Tilly's scared of them.
Flubber Nuggets!
I really loved the waistcoat I tried on. But really £28? Mum just looked at it and said 'make it instead'. And so I will

Oooh I made a playsuit this weekend. Te he I love prancing around in it. I'll upload pictures when I'm completely happy with it. But the crotchal area just needs a little bit more attention. To the seems. Not anything else you naughty people.

I could live in Liberty's. I could learn the harp and play it eternally in their delicates section
That would be cool. But not as cool as this bejeweled duck!

Yep that is some hard core duckage. Te he look what was in my drink

lalala food. yom yom yom.

te he I love my Yaya. She's so cool. She also has dementia,  so we have the same conversation three times. But each time it gets that little bit more interesting. She has a very wicked sence of humor. Not like cranky old 'in my day we had skirts down to our ankles' person. More 'when I was younger I wore an oatmeal crop-top, how'd you like me now?' kinda thing

She also has very  cluttered closets if you'd like to know. So I took it upon myself to help her organize her wardrobe. Deluge through the crap. And find her amazing collection of vintage pieces.

I could squeal I'm so happy. I now have three jackets, several shirts, a skirt, a couple of cardigans, two belts and a pair of braces sitting snugly in my wardrobe. All vintage. Hellz bloody yes.

here is what I wore yesterday. Curtsey of Yaya

checked coat *squeal 80's*  vintage 
yellow scarf vintage
skinny jeans  topshop - £35
rabbit tee
braces  vintage 

I could go squeal some more but I have some tailoring to do, a playsuit crotchal area to finish and a nouveau surprise to finish


xox Eve-Rei


  1. I love your posts, you take some pretty awesome pics! That outfit is great, how cool that you have some new vintage clothing? :)

  2. Loved your outfit....
    Loved it!
    Loved it!
    Loved it!
    I really really loved it!

    It's really inspiring for me!!!

  3. Mariska - why thankyou >∆< mwha te he

    Sara Lynn - vintage clothing is so fun, I have a lot of purple now, so I'll be rocking those jewel hues this spring. But saying that I have a hell of a lot of tailoring to do, as my grandma's a medium and I'm quite a lot smaller than her.

    Devina - thankyou thankyou thankyou te he oo well I'm glad I could inspire you


  4. te


  5. Aaah liberty, I actually could die in there it's so perfect. Especially that duck! Wish Tilly a belated happy birthday from me <3

  6. its gorgeous inside, and I love their displays! they are a-mazing
    Te he I will


  7. i just wanted to tell you that i was recently tagged in a favorite blog award, and i tagged you in mine. go to my blog to recieve it, congrats!

  8. j'adore ton blog :)

    come and check out mine!

    love, the aesthet

  9. cecilia www.stockholmandsouth.blogspot.comJanuary 29, 2010 at 8:41 PM

    Hey! I really like your way of clothing especially toe colors you have chosen it match perfect!

  10. tiny quirks- thankyou so so much! I've got to put it into a post, I still have some others I have to post about, thankyou!

    rkm - why thankyou, sadly I can't access your blog, I'm restricted

    Cecilia - thankies, te he, I have so much fun choosing my outfits, it is literally my day and why I get up in the morning


  11. OMGG I absolutely loovee the coat!it is AWESOOMEEE :D


  12. The insides all golden, I fell like a rich leprechaun in it. Dunno why, maybe the combination of irish blood and gold, all I need is some green...