Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 a tad late

instead of listing my new years resolutions in list order, I am rather, going to tell tell mine in the lyrical form of a story.

Once Upon A Time

There was a little gamine heightened girl. She wished she could be 5'6", but decided that rather than waste her time wistful thinking, she would accept her faulty genes, and focus on the other rubbish genetics that had been passed on to her. Instead of incessant moaning she would accept that she was small, and focus on the fact that she was petite (may I just interrupt to point out that I am so throughly annoyed when people call me petite, and also when people say they are petite and aren't, petite is when you are short, so clothes are fitted to your height proportions.)

She had also been given a gymnastic frame by her mother so she decided to buck up her ideas and think of thinking of finding some ballet lessons before she got arthritis and her clumsiness confided her to a bubble. As she was growing up, and taking into account her height, she was buying many more pairs of high healed shoes, she set upon the task of actually learning how to walk in those cloud heightened shoes that she had splurged on, no matter how much altitude sickness they gave her.

Her exams were nearing at a frightening pace, and though she had revised, she still needed to go the extract mile, and actually give up procrastinating. She needed to realize that though she was dreaming of going to Central Saint Martins (I will go, I will!) she still needed proof that she could add 2 and 2 together, in the form of a gcse. If she truly wanted to achieve her dream of being a fashion designer she needed to be making many many more clothes than what she was already doing. She also had to get her butt round to contacting Aquascutum.

The young girl was slightly over whelmed by all this, so then decided to revert back to normality


You enjoy that?
Of course, I hope

Okay instead of a list of things I want to be I decided to do a list of things that I already am. 7 facticles about me

♥ I'm named after the one and only Rei Kawakubo, though for her architecture, but still Comme de Garçons is kick-ass

♥ I like to have my coffee extremely sweet. I have seven sugars and then a spoon of hot chocolate. I invest a lot in toothpaste.

♥ I made a horse's rib-cage for my art project, everyone else made flowers.

♥ I usually don't sleep. I get about 4 hours a night, mainly due to the fact that I have a strange erratic heart which once went 190 whilst walking. My body just can't truly relax, which is sad because it means I have a sleep debt of about 2 weeks. Saying that I can only properly sleep on buses and sitting up.

♥ When I was little I was going to call my children Snow White and Cinderella. I wanted to be a good princess so much that I had my mum pick me up by the feet and shake me, so all the bad things would fall out of me.

♥ My Yaya, taught me how to lie and how to gamble. At age 6.

♥ I have to many dreams. Each star in the sky is another one of my fantasies. I'm going to reach them all. If not I'll work in a vintage tea shop and dress like a princess everyday.

xox Eve-Rei


  1. I enjoyed reading that :) Meh I'm so bored so going through as many blogs as I can since revision is non-existant tonight.

  2. Hello. I'm truly petite, I'm only
    4'10 :)

  3. vicki - omg, french test! I haven't done any revision, I'm kinda stuffed. And art too, lucky aashna getting the day off!

    miche - te he petite hi five! I hate it when people tower over me, I'm the shortest of my friends and like joint second shortest in my class, probably my year. But guys do prefer shorter girls
    oh and I love your blog! your post on anne hathaway and on fashion tats, so so so good! I'm a'following


  4. haha
    i laughed so much reading that :P
    we have quite a lot in common!
    -I am an insomniac
    -I TOO want to go to certral st martins
    -I am currently creating sheep skulls for my art, and everyone else is doing butterflies


    anyhoo, what camera do you use? i love that photo!

  5. te he, glad I did :)
    Yay, well not yay, but someone else who doesn't sleep. I haven't been able to since I was like, 4
    Central St Martins, rocks my sock, OMGosh their fashion. To die for!
    I'm doing magic mushrooms this time, fun fun, those I think psychedelic colours might not be appropriate.

    Sadly I am not the master of that wonderful picture, it came from tumbler, god kudos to them.
    For my others though, I use a nikon D70, its my fat ass baby