Thursday, January 21, 2010


I got tagged by the ver ver stylish Vicki 

who's tagging requires me to give a top 10 list of the things that makes you happy

so I'll do eight cause I'm lazy

1. Dancing so much I get dizzy and a headache.

2.  rabbits are my favourite, they make my heart flutter, in the same way a fox makes theirs flutter too.

3. The sweeter side to life, those little things that just make your heart skip. Like an old couple still giving warm glances.

4. my family, we row a lot, but I know that when we go to bed and wake up again, everything is refreshed. thats something I don't have in any of my other relationships. Also we're slightly like the wizards of waverly place. that makes me giggle 

5. clothes are an outlet. weither you saying **** the world, or hello there. your still saying something silently. I respect that greatly

6. my friends are there for me. everyone is different, we are all so different, but so similar too, its nice to converse

7. having a good nights sleep. seeing as that's so rare, its greatly apreciated 

8. cutting up paper, don't ask

can I tag people later?

I got two awards, and that means a hell of a lot of tagging

and I'm having a pastel obbsession

lace dress primark - £6
skinny jeans
topshop - £35
zara kids - £7
my brother


my two favourtie girls, sitting in proximity to each other.

how bloody fantastic


xox Eve-Rei


  1. i am in love with alexa chung.
    it's unhealthy.
    and i have a rabbit. wehey.
    and cutting up paper into tiny bits if funfun, but bit of a messy cleanup.

  2. Te he well I love selena gomez, she is too pretty and so good at acting!
    Omg lucky ducky! I have two cats one who is fat and the other has half a face
    Yep I'm currently clearing up a rooms worth of tiny paper shreads not good!


  3. love love love alexa chung, she's beautiful. and so is selena gomex, she's so cute.
    i'm having a candyfloss obsession it's crazy. i have a huge desire to make a collection of clothes in candyfloss colours but i know that will never happen :(
    love the cute chanel pic, so so tiny and cute!

  4. Te he nearly of my waredrobe is pastel very pink baby blue and cream yum yum
    Tiny little bejeweled bugs are cute

  5. I'm likin the sneaker boots :D

  6. They're my space booties but they kill my feet

  7. awesome post! I love my crazy fam too. I like the pastels, I am so ready for spring!

  8. crazy families are the best familyies. they also mean that you'll always have lots to talk about at christmas dinner. Asking your grandmother how was puerto rican jail, is a great ice breaker
    te he spring here I come, that also means my birthday, extra! lala


  9. oh that sucks :P
    i have the most worn out fringe booties ever but they're sooo comfy

  10. my ankles keeping on bleeding. I have massive scabs there
    ver ver sore.
    Ooo I had some llama shoes like that but they died :(