Saturday, August 7, 2010

humble pie


Grace Kelly is my ultimate style crush 

There is no competition

My mother is a big Hitchcock fan, and I always relished in sitting with her, sipping tea and watching old horrors on the VCR, so I was first introduce to the late Ms Kelly through Rear Window, which still sits at number five in my all time favorite films.

So what better than a day, still sitting sipping tea with my mum and watching her elegance, but rather than an old shed, the V&A?


So after eating lush my fish pie and the remains of  my mum's chicken pie, we decided to wonder over to the fashion section.

 I must have been to that section way to many times, but it still enthralls me each time. 


After starting at Mr McQueen for what could have easily been half an hour my mum dragged me off to the shop, to see if we could buy any more pattern booklets. Sadly they were too expensive, but I did find a lovely pink kimono for the very generous price of £140, hehe.

We then went to see the theatrical costumes and set, which is my second favorite exhibit and then after that the fabric archives


At 2 o'clock we we then allowed into the Grace Kelly exhibit, which did not disappoint. Though the collection was small it was still perfect, showcasing some of my favorite outfits, such as her famous Hermes bag, a collection of her hats, and a short film, including scenes from Rear Window. I really wish there was more of her outfits and ensembles, but it was still a pleasure to stand less than a foot away from them, and there were a lot of photos and lovely little information points. I really would recommend it, even if you're not a fan, she really was a breath taking woman, and the collection really does display that.

Of course being the camera happy person I am, I completely missed the no photography sign, but successfully captured half of the collection before being tapped on the shoulder by an angry looking attendant. I won't post any, as I'd rather not piss of the V&A. 


te he, I've decided to turn over a new leaf and try and spend less. So it was off to the Monday market  on a bargain hunt. And a bargain I did find, bagging a little crop top number for only a pound, yipee!

I then traveled to the menswear section of M&S looking for a suit for my dad, when I spied a fishy beauty, again for only a pound. And whilst at home, watching Gok coach several naked women, I fashioned a neck feature from my pillow handles. Yes pillows have handles! 

And finally after a luxurious trip to London avec mes amis I picked up a new pair of  maroon pumps from urban outfitters for £28, now named Nigella and Phillip


And such has been my week. I've been hurriedly trying to finish all of my holiday coursework, which is a lot, but that what you get by taking 5  A levels. But I have to get it done as  my family and I are planning to go to the city of romance, Paris!

I am so so so so so so so so excited, like my brain is going to burst! 

I've got to get together 11 outfits, so any suggestions, past outfits you've liked? Any ideas for new combinations or just certain pieces you think might impress the french fashion crowds? Also any places I should go? I've been before but to different districts, but mum's decided to try out Northern Paris this time.

te he, yip yip yipee!

xox Eve-Rei

p.s I'm currently sitting here, cutting up the latest Vogue to go on my wall, but sadly cannot go in my room due to sheer terror and fear for me life

The largest, most poisonous looking spider has taken up residence in my room, so I've slept in my sisters room for the past few days, only to wake up at 6:30 this morning, to find Meme sitting next to my arm taking a good 'ole piss. Thanks babe, way to go and comfort my arachnid fears


  1. what a wonderful post, eve-rei! i'm so glad you finally got the see the grace kelly exhib after going last time and the tickets being sold out! i've been about seven times so far, oh my. but as i'm a member i don't have to pay, so i just tend to stroll past and end up popping inside. plus as i can bring a guest in so it lovely to be able to take my friends, family and bloggers (claire from jazzpad and iris from a fashion diary of a frenchie in london) in there for free :) we should perhaps go together sometime, though i just know that i will feel somewhat hideous standing next to you. you are just too BEAUTIFUL for words, you really are :) i do wish the exhib was slightly bigger, but many of her clothes couldn't be flown over because they where just too delicate, which is a shame really. but the exhibition is beautiful nevertheless. it's quite funny because i'm drawn to audrey, you are drawn to grace ad my friend is drawn to marilyn. it's seems that most people have one person from that era who they consider their style icon.

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  2. Tehe thankyou Jazzabelle, my life is now pretty much complete now I've been, the whole time I was in the queue I was really jumpy, almost expecting them to put up that dreaded sign again, but thankfully not.
    That would be a lovely idea, but don't be silly, you are way more beautiful and I'm a just hobo, a clumsy hobo at that, I fell over 3 times today, embarrassing!
    The clothes made up for the size of it, they were so lovely, though I did think that they might have been recreations, they just seemed to be larger than I thought she was.
    Oo Audrey is lovely, but Grace has always been my favourite, I'm just drawn to princesses, its the same with Diana, I was severely depressed when she died, which is strange for a three year old, hehe


  3. Ah, I cannot wait to go to the exhibition... It seems to have taken over the London blog-o-sphere!
    I was going to get those gorgeous maroon loaferish shoes, but they did not fit my feet properly at all! Love your buys and the neck piece.
    UO x

  4. Oliva you have to go! Its exquisite, really worth the travel, and the V&A is just such a lovely place, they make great cups of tea.
    The backs of my feet have been ripped to shreds by them, there's little blood stains on the heels. I have to get them stretched, I might sand paper the backs, though my heels are made of tissue paper. No wonder Lulu is looking at them in horror, behind the horsey fasade, is a pair of torture machines!


  5. No need to worry about impressing Parisians, all your ensembles are perfect! I love the neck feature, how creative :) Despite being small I really enjoyed the exhibition as well, especially the hats for some reason, I seem to be drawn to hats like no other item of clothing. Enjoy your holiday!

  6. all your photos are so clear, mine are so pixilated and blurry :/ i really love your pumps :) your cat is so adorable! i hate spiders, i always throw something at it to kill it. haha

  7. Lovely post! I love your photographs and the Grace Kelly exhibition sounds like a must! Love the crop top and your loafers, good job on bargain hunting!

    Ella Jasmine

  8. Ooh I adore the Grace Kelly exhibition! I went a few months ago and got told off for taking photos too, tehe.
    I litrually screamed at the top of my lungs when I saw the McQueen dress!
    ...people thought I was insane :S
    Hope you have an amazing time in France!

  9. wow, looks very cool :D that neck piece is incred!
    and i must say, as weird as this sounds, your bellybutton is an abnormal yet very cool shape...
    AAAH the spider thing made me shiver. yuk.

    don't hesitate to check out my blog :)

  10. really Anna? Well you're very kind, I'm going to think long and hard about Parisian chic before I go :) And I think I might bring along my red spider, maybe Paris might like it a little more than Surbiton. Oh the hats were delightful!

    I decided to buckle in and buy a flickr membership, so I have an unlimited upload allowance each month, which lets me make my pics huge. Lulu's getting so big now, but mum said that she thinks that I might be mummy cat as both kittens follow and talk to me all the time. Oo throwing something at it is a good idea!

    You must go Ella! really you must! Tehe, getting a bargain makes me feels so giddy, its wonderful!


  11. I got really scared they would boot me out, but its nice to know it happened to someone too Spence, tehe. Omg I had the exact same reaction when I first saw it, but mum gave me a knowing look and I had to reduce it to a whisper scream.

    Haha my belly button thanks you Mariam, though I was stretching upwards to keep the camera out of shot, so it looks a little weird :D


  12. Yay for the post! :D Good work Eve xxx

  13. dEaR eVe rEi~

    I completely adore your blog! It is the sweetest, most beautiful blog! :D and how dare you not think you are pretty? looking at past posts i have decided that you do not own a mirror. love it! you inspire me! :)

    dRoP bY sOmEtImE.

  14. Te he, I feel all happy now Anonymous, high five! :D

    Thankyou so much for your kind words Skye, you're very sweet. Oh Skye, I live in a house of mirrors, its very sad, my bathroom is made of mirrored walls, its very uncomfortable living in my house. But thankyou none the less, and I'll be sure to check out your blog!


  15. 5 A Levels?! :O
    What are you taking?

  16. Art, Drama, Biology, English Literature and Critical Thinking, the last one isn't really counted by universities as ones, but it still has a tonne of holiday homework! Meh unfair!


  17. hehe i kinda want to be grace kelly, even though it might as well be physically impossible! i'm working at it though ;)