Wednesday, August 11, 2010

au revoir lovelies


The summer is being lovely, and when night falls its always pleasant, no matter what weather preceded it.

I think that twilight hour is my favourite. Where you feel the heat wrap round you like a hug. Its like summer is a belt, and you can feel the weight round your stomach  

Or maybe I'm just getting fat


'I want you to say hello to my little friend'

tehe, I love that line, it always makes me fall into giggles.

but in all seriousness now I do actually want to introduce you to someone


haha, my little luchador 'El Scorpio

My mum let me get him at B&Q cause I didn't object loudly to slug killer. I also got a Hybrid Victoria plant and another little desert plant, who are both named after my two favourite leading ladies, te he see if you can guess who they are. 

Cacti with a Mexican wrestling namesakes, an interesting concept, I might have a collection a'brewing



My fingers are horribly contorted in some kind of crossed hope that the weather in Paris will be nice. 

We might also travel to Versailles, to see Marie Antoinette, so I becoming so giddy with the prospect of leaving. 

I've packed my bag, (i.e my whole wardrobe in a travel form) and created my holiday play list.

The Shins · A Comet Appears

Brothers Martin · The Missionary

The New Pornographers · Challengers

The National · Slow Show

Rouge Wave · Lake Michigan

Editors · The Weight of the World

The Eels · Fresh Feeling

Finley Quaye & William Orbit · Dice 

Of course a little longer than that, but these are my favourites. I just got the Editors 'An End Has a Start' album, mindblowing.

I haven't been that entranced by a whole album since the Howling Bells. Te he, there's a youtube link on each song, so give em a listen. Or does anyone have any other musical suggestions? 


Seeing as Sherlock is no longer gracing my screen (Oh I adore Benedict Cumberbatch) I have nothing to do than plague my time by talking to cacti and finishing my biology work. Seriously one of the questions is, what organelle looks like a stack of pitta bread.

I hate pitta bread

Aside from my carbohydrate hate I decided to make something from my two fish print handkerchief, from my previous post.


Its kinda crap, well not kinda, it is, and not even wearable. Te he Paris does not approve!

Ignore the cycling shorts, I got some tights from Gap kids a couple of years ago, but my legs were too long, so I decided to cut them to make some cute pastel shorties.

Te he, my legs being long? Thats a foreign concept!


Sadly this will be my last post for a bit. Hopefully there's wi-fi in our apartment en Paris, and I'll also have my camera, so I be sure to take stacks of photos, just for all you lovelies. Ooo maybe, I'll have like a two parter holiday post. How does that sound?

 te he 

xox Eve-Rei

your comments and love are like little French wrestling poodles, out of this world and magical

p.s 150 followers? Hellz Feckin' Yeah!

Hi-five to each and every one of you, gosh I have the urge to bake and send cookies to all you gorgeous people!


  1. Hey there :)Thanks for follwing my beauty blog^^
    Loving your outfit!
    and the cactus is cute :]


  2. the cactus i love!
    have a super duper time in paris and meet gorgeous french people!

  3. Thankyou Eli, oo I adore beauty blogs, so I'm really looking forward to even more posts from you :)

    Tehe, ole' Scorpio is feeling very special now, gosh I am actually going crazy, hehe. I'm really worried now about Paris, I've forgotten all my french, as soon as I finished all the exams, all the french just left my head, I'm not going to be able to buy anything! Ahhh


  4. I would like cookies. =) and I like the handkerchiefs.

  5. Last year our form had a class plant and we got to spray water on it. But then it died because we left it during the half term and it died. But then we got a new one. haha. Have a nice time in Paris :)

  6. hello to El Scorpio.. adorable!

  7. I have a cactus!! I named him Stubble and he lives on my windowsill... but I never made a big poster thing like that for him.

    The only thing I know about Howling Bells is that Brandon Flowers said that the main singer is really hot, and that he liked them.

    Have a great time in Paris, I've only been once and that was with school D: You'll fit right in, with all your lovely clothes!!

  8. Oh Hannah, if only I could make cookies in the microwaves, but currently some very lovely virtual cookies are a'coming your way!

    Tehe, we had class plants as well, Mary I sat next to them so I got the joy of watering them from time to time, I got so much exercise walking from my form room to the cantine!

    El Scorpio say hello to you too, he is quite the gentleman.

    Omg Mim, maybe they might be like hidden cousins! That would be amazing. Oh my you have to listen to them, completely different to any other band, and Juanita, the lovely lady in question has a voice which is out of this world, it give me shivers. You should definitely listen to them, try Low Happening, its magic.
    I'm really scared for Paris, I'm going to be such a hobo there.


  9. Sherlock was (I mean IS) brilliant. Benedict was just amazing!! :)
    Hope you have a fashion filled time in Paris, I am very envious as I have returned to school today! :(
    Loving the blog and the cactus! I wish I had one but my mum thinks I'd kill it. So I'm the aunty of my friend's cactus instead...

  10. ha! I have a freind who collects cactuses and names them..I have decided I should do the same... my windowsill is lookign rather bare... the only issue is that my cat would probobly hate me considering she loves sitting on the wondowsill and she can't exactly put her bum on a cactus. I love your blog by the way. I saw a shirt somewhat like this in Anthopologie and I was trying relly hard to figure out how to make it.... great blog. Feel free to drop by/follow.
    much blogger love,

  11. Oh Charlotte you're a girl after my own heart. It was beyond this planet, I think ole'Benny might be my new crush, is voice....
    Eesh I have to go back next friday, Where did the summer go?
    You only have to water them twice a year, their kinda indestructible!

    Louise you should, its so fun, I also have a collection of plants, named after the hollywood greats. My cat Ryuu go poked when he decided to sniff it, silly old thing.
    Thankyou very much dear, I'll take a look at your too :D

    Thanks Amy, your taste in music is impeccable!