Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the albatross is gone


Te he I'm back! 

Shock Horror, a small post from Eve? What is this? 

Haha, I just wanted to post a little something to say I'm back from the land o'France

And have just received my GCSE results

I'm not going to post what they are, but gosh its such a weight off my chest, once I got them it felt like some large bird had flown off , GCSEs are over! 
I thought I was going to be sick before receiving them, I literally ran up to the school and grabbed them from my teachers hand. But I get to continue all of my chosen subjects so I'm happy, te he

*Air fist pump*

Well done and congrats to all the teen pips who just received their results, and A levels too! We did it!

I felt like giving into my shopaholic needs and that a good ouch of retail therapy would relieve my anxiety induced sleeploss


First up, I finally caved in a bought The Editors album I was hankering after, once I saw it was a fiver in Banquet Records.
Has anyone else noticed the Dharma Initiative/LOST themed bags that their now giving away. I'm sensing a conspiracy!  


I'm a sucker for lovely photos, and I find that Glamour magazine is so wonderfully charming, even if it was just for its little captions it always makes me giggle. And Victoria Justice was on the front of Teen Vogue, now I'm not like a mega fan of her but I really do like her new series Victorious , so it was nice to find out about the girl behind the name.


It was only after buying the diary that I realized that it looked like a Gideons Bible, oops. Paperchase do really lovely little gift bags, and for £2 I thought this little charmer might make a nice little clutch type thing. And that face, so cute!


My mum being the sweetie she is bought me a congrats pressie in the form of Benefits 'Get Even' concealer. Its Mighty fine! I've used it for a year now and its still my favourite. And is like the only concealer to produce an actually pale shade. Sadly I'm beyond 'porcelain' and 'moon' but the brilliant brains behind Benefit created the perfect shade. Benefit, choice of champions!

te he I'm still on a high, maybe that why I dressed as Little Bo Peep. Not the most flattering of photos, but its one of the vintage pieces I picked up in Paris, and I thought it might be correct result receiving attire.


I'm going to dip dye my hair, to add to my already eclectic look, and I'm stuck between the colours of lilac, blush pink and bleached. What colour would you like to see me go?

I have a post lined up and ready to rumble, all about Paris, so I'll post that tomorrow, I just had the urge to post....

te he 

xox Eve-Rei

your comments and love make the clouds change colour

p.s Do y'all prefer shorter posts? I usually roll a few days into one post to give it length and make it a bit more chatty, but if you'd like I could do more like daily ones, which would be a lot shorter, but more regular. 


  1. love the lace blouse at the end!
    benefit concealer is amazing :)
    just got that teen vogue too, still need to look through it..

  2. It doubles as a waistcoat as it has buttons at the back, and then is reversible too!
    Oh isn't it just? I've experimented with loads of others, but Benefits really is the best.
    Its a really good issue, sometimes I find Teen Vogue slightly lacking as it lists only expensive clothes, but I really loved the content this time, and they have a good shoot of boots, which I'm thinking of investing in.


  3. Hello! Well done on your gcse's my dear!
    Dipdye your hair? Also on my to-do list! did a post on the colour dilemma (have decided to bleach the ends and put dark blue at the tips)- great minds think alike, eh?

  4. Your kitten is beautiful!
    Well done on your GCSEs :)
    Lovely blouse, love your blog.


  5. Aww thankyou Zo. Gosh great idea! I'm thinking I might bleach it, and then do a pink, and then wash it loads so it fades, though I'm not sure what school would think, but I get I could always cut it off! Post photos when you do, I'd love to see!

    Thanks Ella, shes a bit stinky now, we defleaed her so she smells of chemicals :(


  6. Thank you for following my blog! I was actually so excited when I saw that you have. I jumped up and was said " MOM! eve- rei is following my blog!!" And she said " who is what?" Oh well... haha. I love the blouse... so much. Dip dying your hair... that sounds so cool. I really want to do it too,, but my mom is opposed to anything chemical. Ugh.

  7. I really love your posts Louise, your photos are gorgeous may I say! Tehehe, my mum is really up for it, she keeps going, eeeevvveee please can we do it today. Actually she's the one thats going to do it for me, though I'm a bit wary of bleach, I don't really like chemicals either...


  8. congrats for your gcse results, hope you did well! doing mine this coming year, and i'm terrified...
    i love the blouse, it's incredibly gorgeous.
    good luck on the dip dying, hope it goes well. I love the whole look of it, but on my black/incredibly dark brown hair it just wouldn't look as good :(

  9. OOO. BLUSH. It'd go with your complexion perfectly! <3 <3 you make such a cute bo-peep. =) I still haven't decided how to do mine hair ends. but I did have cornrows last week--did you see the photos on my blog? (that was something fun and different.) =D(I'm sure you're fairly busy.)

  10. well done on your gcses! really love your tops your wearing in the last pic.

    Vintage Stop at www.vickileestyle.blogspot.com

  11. I love this, it's so so cute.


  12. i REALLY want to dip dye my hair. really.
    i would go for blush pink/peachy.
    twould look amaze. i am totally stuck for colour. and parental permisson XD

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  15. Oh Joey, I'm sure you'll do fine, its hard but such a relief when its over!
    I think having darker hair would work really well, like with an amber or reddy colour, that would look lovely!

    I just bought the dye Hannah, but its kinda neon, ah well, it'll wash out to a paler colour eventually. I hope. I did see your cornrows, how did you do that? I bet your hair was super curly afterwards!

    High five Vicki, we did it! Tehe I haven't seen you in ages, we should go up to London some time this week, I've got a hankering for a vintage cheerleader uniform...


  16. Thankyou Becca, your blog is very cute :)

    You so should TTL! I don't know how school will react, but hey. My mum's really up for it, it's be nice it get some mother-daughter-hair-dying bonding time, especially as she's already had hours of it with Tilly and her blondness.

    Te he, thankyou Jinx, my blog is pretty damn truthful, no crazy mishap is left out :D

    And The Fighter, I shall never know what you had to say....