Thursday, July 29, 2010

windows in the sky


te he, well I'm back from Ireland, with a few more freckles and all the more better

gosh London was getting really claustrophobic, so it was nice to escape into another country, see my family, and say hello to my great uncle Lawrence, who is sadly in hospital.

If you are ever looking for a cheap weekend away, I really would recommend Belfast, its basically London, but so so so much cheaper. And whilst the history of the city is horrific, but also extremely interesting. My dad took me round the city, showing the key places of 'The Troubles', which was quite scary as he used to live almost in the heart of it all. Not many people know about 'the Troubles' so I would recommend wiking it (or doing a kassy, te he)

My yaya being the amazing charity shop shopper she is gave me a tour of the city's vintage and charity shops, and wow. 


Embelished top, £10; Tennis skirt, £4; Heels, £2


Gold chain necklace, £2; Topaz and pearl clip ons, £3; Pearl clip ons, £2


Crocodile skin bag, £10

that bag is amazing, seriously I can fit in so much stuff! Like un-physically possible amounts, take a wallet, phone, fan, sun glasses, a green tea and a whole katsu curry! Trust me, I've tried.

Frida, my lovely crocodile skinned beauty has redefined the meaning of tardis bag.

Seriously the vintage shops are well worth the travel, I visited two, and they were both really cheap, and with lovely owners. The first, Bang Vintage, had a rack of various 80's snazzy jackets, and I'm talking intricate beading and amazing embellishing, each for only £10. The other had a barrel filled with various shoes, each for just £2. Belfast is my true home.

Okay so as I promised, here is a shed load of pictures from around the city


The glass roof was the Victoria center, which housed many different brands, like Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Kurt Geiger along with an observation level, showing a panoramic view of the city. From there you could see the two yellow cranes at the docks, named David and Goliath, also the City Hall (1 & 3) and many other historical buildings.

It was really amazing to see the city which half of me belongs too, I'd visited my grandparents a lot before but had never see the actually city center, so it was lovely, te he, I feel complete. And truly Irish, of course after visiting several different pubs (don't worry I stuck to coke)

It was saddening to leave, but I promised yaya I'd be back so we could travel to Dublin.

He he, so when you mix me, a camera and several different cloud formations,  what do you get? 55 different photos and videos of course! Sorry I couldn't resist.


So I'm back, abit with a faulty internet, but still back on English soil and with another post in  the wings ready and a'waiting, about my trip to see the lovely Grace Kelly and eating two delicious V&A pies. Yum.

te he

xox Eve-Rei

your comments and love are like  beautiful cumulonimbus clouds, supportive and wonderfully uplifting, actually that sounds a bit like a wonder bra, oops

p.s, Also I have recently acquired a flickr account, which you can find here, so if you want to take a look, or comment on a picture individually, please feel free to do so, you know I love it


  1. Such pretty clothes! The shopping centre roof looks amazing, this has all made me want to go to Belfast :) One day...Cloud formations, you can't beat 'em.

  2. seriously, love every single item you bought <3 i need to go to belfast some day, take me with you!
    love all your pretty cloud photos!

  3. The clouds are mesmerizing, thus I am adding air-hostess to my list of professions I'd like to be, just so I could stare out at them as a job... that would be perfection. Belfast really is a beautiful city, though quite shocking to see modern buildings and to have my dad point at them and list of the date on which they were bombed.

    I'm literally going to pile on everything for our shopping trip tomorrow Vicki, I love it all so much! We shoudl so go there someday, maybe even this holiday, flights are cheap on easyjet, even if we just make a weekend of it, it would be very fun.


  4. brill brill photos, always like to see ones taken from a plane window :)

  5. Great photography, I love clouds (:
    Also, your bag is beautiful!

    Ella Jasmine

  6. I <3 the bag! I have one in the exact same shade of brown crocodile, literally the same, but yours is nicer :) love your purchases as well. Belfast looks like a beaautiful city!

  7. I'm irish and i completely agree with you, Belfast is a really cool city! I live in Dublin and i have been up to see it a couple of times, everything is so much cheaper there! If you want a could send you a list of places you should visit in Dublin for when you visit here? The vintage shops are a bit more expensive but there is some really pretty stuff to look at! Oh, and i would also just like to say i LOVE your blog!

  8. Eve! You totally scored on those items at those charity shops! :)

  9. Beautiful pictures, and beautiful STUFF!

  10. Aww thankyou Annie, I love them too! I was looking out of the window, and I suddenly thought, hang on a second I have a camera! Though it was really hard to get it to focus on them, quite strange.

    Frida thanks you Ella Jasmine, te he, she is the most beautiful bag in the whole wide world, and surprisingly very on trend for the autumn, hehe, I've never been on trend, tehe I feel quite special :D

    And you too Claudia, though I'm quite sure yours is equally beautiful, crocodile skin has that quality to it with just beatifies anything.You should really go sometimes, its a lovely city


  11. Anonymous, that would be absolutely delightful, and so, so, very helpful. I'd love to live in Ireland, mainly because I need to perfect my accent, its northern, but not irish, so when ever I say, yep I'm Irish, people look at me expecting an accent, hehe. Even if they're a bit more expensive, I'm sure their still very cheap, and thankyou you are very kind.

    Oh Ella, I'm still on such a high from getting them all, tehe I'll have to use 'scored' a lot more, as it justifies it perfectly :D

    Te he, thankyou Ros :)


  12. We are super glad you had fun here in Ireland. Belfast is so much cheaper than here in the South so we love going up to do our shopping!! Victoria Square S/C is definitely the best place to go - isn't the roof just amaing. Everytime we go we get the lift up and just stare out at the sky - it never gets boring!
    Fifi & Niamh - take a look if you get a chance, we'd love your feedback - follow if you like what you see.

  13. haha thank you for the comment! oh your poor brother! but i guess you are right....being mistaken for the opposite sex must have some perks. i am looking forward to scoring some free brownies :) hehe


    loving the charity shop buys :)

    i'm Abi BTW.
    I am Abimarvel.

  15. Wardrobe Wars you are so lucky to live in Ireland! I so wish I could, then maybe I could stare at that gorgeous skyline all day long. My visit was made all the more lovely by the weather, its always rained when I've visited, so it was nice to get some sun :D

    Ella I would recommend Pret a Manger, as they are terrible gender confusers, and make lovely brownies. And don't get me started on wagamamas, if you look any bit youthful they'll give you crayons, which is extremely embarrassing!

    Tehe, thankyou Abi


  16. Eve when are you going to post next? Don't leave us all in anticipation, xox <3 your blog honey!

  17. Te he, I've just posted another one, nice and chunky and absolutely filled with photos just for you, thanks lovely