Saturday, July 17, 2010

summer madness


I think its rather unfair that a single magpie has taken up residence in my garden 

I usually wake up at 3/4, look out the window blearily a bit to find my bearings, but seeing as I have the compulsion of saluting at Mr Lonely Wings, I often thwack my head.

So thankyou my dearest feathered friend, but seriously mate go out and get a lady friend and stop bestowing bad luck upon me!

Haha, as you can see the 'holiday' effect has already taken a hold of me, and I am going slightly insane with boredom. I can no longer tell what day it is, what month we are in, but have gained the ability to tell when a microwave is within 3 seconds of going off. Handy!

So  to amuse myself I've been trying to do as much as possible with my new found freedom. For one, I've begun to save up (omg!) started swimming and have try to dress up every day, whether or not I'm going out. 

It was on one of my many lonely shopping trips, which I spied this long, pale beauty. Ignore the disgusting fat faced loser inside it, and rather avert your eyes to my lovely £10 topshop maxi.


white maxi dress topshop - £10  

chain necklace m&s 

belt   primark 

ollie clogs topshop, £65

 cream lace vest primark - £3


I thought I should just blast you all with loads of photos, another product of my boredom, thousands of photos. 

But the weather has been lovely, sunny, with a light breeze but not to much heat, i.e just about bearable for us vampires. 

So to counter act the nocturnal effect, I cracked out all of my summer dresses


You remember this dress? 

blue flower summer dress primark

flower bracket  topshop - £10

vintage clip on earringskingston antique market - £3

ollie clogs topshop, £65

white knit socks topshop - £3


I have a new found addiction to clip on earrings! By the end of the summer my earlobes will be nearly as long as my hair!

This will be my last post until, I think next monday, as I'm leaving on wednesday to go back to Belfast.  

Of course thats when the streets of Belfast decided to erupt into riots with pipe bombs and bricks. Fun.

But never fear,  I will be armed with my camera, so expect a torrent of concrete filled photos coming your way this time next week

wish me luck!

xox Eve-Rei

Your love and comments are like little whispery kitten whiskers, utterly ticklish and a remedy to everything.

P.s 143 followers! Oh my gosh. Guys! Seriously wow. The support you have given me since November, has been amazing, and if it weren;t for all of you I'd have no reason to blog, so thankyou. Hopefully by the end of this summer I'll have even more to thank!

P.p.s Due to the heat also, my insomnia is roaring its ugly head, and now is progressing from transient to chronic, does anyone have any sleep remedies, really anything, I'm allergic to lavender and my weight doesn't let me have enough sleeping pills, so I ready to try anything now, I finally thinking that after 12 years its just not going to go away.

Though did you know there's a rabbit on the moon?

te he


  1. the belt goes nicely with your clogs! but what does your maxi say?
    love your clipons, you should get your ears pierced!

  2. Gosh, i absolutely love your maxi dress and clogs and practically everything in that outfit! I could never pull it off without looking like a garden gnome or Dobby the elf. haha. you look as lovely as usual :)

  3. I like your belt!!
    dress = lucky find :D

  4. Your blog is so inspiring <3

  5. Hey Eve - I stumbled across your blog and love it - I actually made my own. I would be very grateful if you could follow me, I'm new and need followers! haha :)

  6. Oh dear. Please do not tell me you bought yet another pair of clogs- or did you rename the old nes ? Clip on earring hurt :( But those ones are very beautiful. I am so jealous of how insanely pretty your garden is...

  7. pretty much everything is perfect <3

  8. Te he, Vicki, I don't actually, ha I should probably find out in case it actually says a string of profanities! Oo gosh I don't think I could, and also all vintage earrings are clip ons, so I might just stick to those :D

    Ella, you're too kind, but really I'm sure you could pull it off a lot better than me, I get a bit swapped in that dress and have to wear heels, or I end up stepping on it and face planting!

    The belt is actually my sisters Ros, but she steals my shorts so its only fair. Oh I do love lucky finds, my wardrobe is filled with them, which is probably why I have a hard time matching anything :)


  9. Oh wow Chloë, thankyou! I am so a'following! I look forward too seeing your future posts, as your current ones are tiptop standard! And loving the photos, gorgeous :D

    Don't worry Aashna I didn't, though I did have to restrain myself in the airport's KG, sale + no tax = a lusting eve. Lol that sounded so wrong! They hurt like hell, but I love them so much!

    Aww thankyou Leather and Lace!

    And you too Kirsty B <3


  10. melatonin and magnesium are great for insomnia!
    also i find that doing a lot of school work helps, which is a bit annoying, during the summer. but if, like me, you find yourself awake at 7 am (after going to bed around 1...) and unable to sleep, schoolwork doesnt seem to bad.
    but really, magnesium and melatonin!! you need to take some every day, and its a couple of weeks before you see any effect, but they work really well. and there is scientific evidence to prove this (i promise im not crazy).